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Unlocked Magazine Accepting Submissions

Unlocked wants you (to write about sex). Ella Dawson ’14 writes:

Unlocked Magazine, Wesleyan’s art and sexuality magazine, is accepting submissions for its spring issue! Interested in writing about sex? Send your erotic fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, or articles to unlockedmag(at)gmail(dot)com. Submissions are due by April 20th!


Unlocked Seeks Assistant Writing Editor

Since 2008, thanks to fondling founding fathers Yannick Bindert ’10 (right, not naked) and Ben Kuller ’10 (not right, also not naked),  Unlocked Magazine has been livening up the not-so-sexy world of Wesleyan publications with an unbridled glimpse at college sexuality. The popular sexzine, according to the Hartford Courant, “treads between artful and graphic.” (“‘This is not your sketchy uncle’s wank rag,’ the editorial board warned in the debut issue.”) It even made the local news that one time (and yeah, of course there was the obligatory Gawker-has-some-weird-grudge-against-Wesleyan-and-no-one-really-knows-or-cares-why post).

But I still think Wesleying’s Adam summed it up best, noting that Unlocked really just “falls into the category of ‘another student magazine that focuses on things students like to do’ . . . in this case, each other.”

Its founders have graduated (PSYCHE), and Gawker’s editors have apparently moved on with their lives, but Unlocked’s still going strong—and seeking a writing-savvy (and preferably not genophobic) underclassman to take on the role of Assistant Writing Editor. Details after the jump, via Elizabeth S. ’12:

Unlocked Submissions Deadline Coming UP!!

An announcement from Yannick Bindert ’11:

The deadline for submissions to UNLOCKED MAGAZINE, Wesleyan’s one and only art and sexuality magazine, is coming up fast: the due date for any and all submissions is Monday April 12th! So if you would like to submit any work pertaining to sex or sexuality, the time to do it is now!

Where? Send your submissions to unlockedmag(at)gmail.com

What? Any 2d work or articles/essays pertinent to sex and sexuality.