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Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2018: WELCOME

Heyo Class of 2022,

It’s that time of the year: last-minute house parties where you make regrettable decisions with people you forget you’ll see over breaks, the last couple trips of the summer to the coffee shops and diners around the corner, getting the first onslaught of questions by your stressed senior friends with questions about the Common App, family vacations to visit relatives you haven’t seen ever but have to pretend to remember, or maybe just staring at old YouTube videos while listening to some angsty jazz while hoping that maybe college will be better than high school.

The Unofficial Guide to Managing Your Internet Self

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Spring semester is now fully underway – and with that comes the renewed efforts to get a job because never have you been in as much debt as you are in this moment.  A seventh of the population of Wesleyan is now probably transfers, and all the cushy year long job positions are full. It’s too cold and wet for potential employers to post flyers with information you need; and so you turn to the internet to get hired…. and face it, the internet turns back at you and gives you the judgemental once over, looking at the literal and metaphorical sweatpants you have inhabited since the snow started.

So, let’s be honest here – we’ve all ignored the “you must be over thirteen to join this site” clause and have been on social media since the grim days of Myspace and AIM chat. Ahhh, the internet.

But, more seriously, we have ourselves spread extremely thin – you Snapchat™ your best friend so they will respond to you on Facebook™, only so you can link them to your Instagram™ post – which is, of course, a screenshot of you vaguely being salty and calling someone out on Twitter™. Oh, that’s only me? Anyway, we’ve got a lot of places where we speak, and, while that’s great for fostering self-expression – it might not be the expression you choose to share with your bosses/professors/anyone who has access to $$$. Because we all want that $$$ – [insert broke college student joke here].

Without further ado, here is an Unofficial Guide to Managing Your Internet Self

The Unofficial Guide to CAPS

Been thinking about going to CAPS but unsure of what to expect out of your first appointment?

Active Minds at Wesleyan has created this handy unofficial guide to CAPS to help you out…

Why make an appointment? Everyone can benefit from therapy, and at Wesleyan it’s free. Whether you are barely holding it together or finding college to be “the best years of your life” talking to a professional can be cathartic and very constructive. Last year approximately 1 out of every 5  Wesleyan students used CAPS.

How to make an appointment? Call CAPS at 860-685-2910 Monday-Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM. If you have an after hours emergency call the same number and you will be connected to the on-call therapist. CAPS tries to keep the wait time for your first appointment to under a week. If you are really in distress, there are drop in hours in the afternoons. These hours vary so call to find out when they are.

What to expect during your first appointment? CAPS shares a waiting room and a receptionist with the Davison Health Center, ensuring anonymity. There is no way for anyone to know whether you are there for CAPS or for the health center. When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be given some paperwork to fill out that asks about your general mental health history. Your therapist will look over the paperwork and then will likely allow the session to take whatever form you want.