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Unofficial Orientation 2021: Dorm Living FAQ

Holly and Xue wrote the first version of this post in 2006 and it has been reposted every year since then. Dorm Life never changes much. Unless Fauver becomes Bennett (wow this joke is old). [Or unless Clark goes on fire a few times]

Pictured: A bright-eyed young freshman shakes his groove thang, eager to impress his lofty peers. Taken by Rachel Pincus '13.

Pictured: A bright-eyed young freshman shakes his groove thang, eager to impress his lofty peers. Taken by Rachel Pincus ’13.

This is part of our 2021 Unofficial Orientation Series. A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here and past years’ series here.

Dear frosh of 2025,

As you are probably fretting about your first day of college, a sense of melancholy (or jittery excitement and increased WesAdmits activity, if you hated high school) has creeped up on you. Are you making lists of toiletries and getting boxes from Staples to pack your life into? Wondering how much action your soon-to-be bed has gotten in the past? A lot, probably.

But don’t be too frazzled. Before you finish your housing form, get your roommate(s) assignment, and make dorm Facebook groups that no one will check after October, Wesleying‘s here to answer your 40ish most pressing questions related to waking-up-and-instantly-having-200-or-so-of-your-peers-to-hang-out-with.

The pertinent FAQ doesn’t change much from year to year, so we tend to update/repost much of the original guide by Norse Goddess Holly-and-Xue ’08 (cuz it’s still damn good and we’re still damn lazy) every year. This re-vamped guide is up to date and full of Wesleyan lingo:

Unofficial Orientation 2021: Welcome!

Hiya Class of 2025!

We’ve hit the point in August where it’s really starting to set in: you’re going to college. How to describe this feeling you’re feeling? Is it happiness? Exhilaration? Fear? Indigestion? Looming sense of dread about your impending adulthood and nostalgia for a childhood that slipped through your fingers without you even noticing?

Whether you feel excited or anxious or somewhere in between, Wesleying is here to help! This year, just like every year, we’re posting our Unofficial Orientation to get you up to speed on everything Wesleyan and college-related. And because we’re the cool kids, we’ll tell you all the juicy details that they don’t want you to hear at orientation. Hopefully this year COVID will be less of a menace than it was the last time around (Right? Please? PLEASE???), but no matter what, these articles will include info on any relevant protocols that stand at the start of the semester. All articles will be linked here for easy access as they are posted:

You can also look at our Unofficial Orientation 2021 tag, and if you’d like you can look back at past Unofficial Orientations.

Have any specific questions? Post them as comments to this page or email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. And if you like what you see and are interested in writing for Wesleying in the future, we’ll be having an interest meeting soon after the semester starts. Stay tuned for the deets! From all of us here at Wesleying, welcome to Wesleyan! We’re so glad you’re here!