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Unofficial Orientation Series: Middletown Eateries, Part 2


You’re probably stuffed full after beccahope’s list of Middletown Eateries, but that was only Part One. Only amateurs stop eating after Part One, because obviously Part Two is more delicious and has funnier pictures. By the time this list is done with you, you’re going to be an expert on Middletown, CT’s wonderful array of om nom nommeries. Check out the glorious Part Two after the jump!

Unofficial Orientation Series: What to Pack


This will probably be the most straight forward of the Unofficial Orientation Series posts. You’re going to college; you’re packing your important life stuff into boxes and suitcases; you want the whole process to be as least stressful as possible. So don’t forget your shower flip-flops.

Everyone needs the basics: toiletries, bedding, school supplies, clothes, etc. This is a comprehensive list that includes more specific items and is inherently subjective. It’s served me well since freshman year, even though I don’t actually end up using/buying many of the things on it. If anything, it can help you cover the important things you’ll need, while reminding you of the less important but still nice stuff, like chocolate acai berries.

If you haven’t started packing/buying important stuff yet you still have time. Like two weeks. So maybe get on it! If you don’t like this list, there are a bunch of other ones on the Internet. Here is just one.

The list (broken down by general categories):