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Update: Women’s Cross Country Speaks Out (Made its way to the New York Times)

Five months have passed since we published a three-part article alongside alumnae from the women’s cross country team exposing the toxic culture they experienced during their time with Head Coach John Crooke. Today the story was brought to new attention when it was published in the New York Times.

Immediately after our article was published on March 2nd an investigation was opened and Crooke was placed on leave. Michael Roth ’78 sent out the following all-campus email:

What’s Up and Stuff

  • Weshop is back open and thriving, though its meat and dairy fridges aren’t quite up to speed, as you can imagine. Better than selling the spoiled stuff. The update above says it all, because nothing says “Bear with us” like a quirky MGMT shout-out.
  • Woodframes, program houses, frat row, 200 Church—it’s all still dark as sin. Cold, too, I imagine. How’s everyone holding out? SciLi sleepover, part 5?
  • Usdan seems to be running full throttle and, from what I saw at lunch today, fully accommodating the extra traffic from upperclassmen sans other food options.
  • New update from M. Roth on the blogamajig. Key assurance: “Connecticut Light and Power states on its website that power will be restored to all of Middletown by the end of the day Sunday; we’ve been told that power along Church and High streets may be restored as early as tomorrow.” In other news, Freeman is back up and running and “now offers the Wes community the possibility of really getting warm by getting some exercise.” Nothing tops off a night on the Clark Lounge floor like hitting the elliptical machine, amiright?
  • Also, Roth says, Homecoming will proceed as planned, Amos Oz will proceed as planned, Election Day will proceed as planned, even though the mayor has vowed to stop campaigning until power is fully restored to Middletown, which is mighty nice of him.
  • Roth: “I do look forward to blogging about China, liberal education, theater and athletics. Anything but electricity.”
  • Another link to the CTLight+Power Outage Map, cuz, yknow, why not. Middletown is in the greyish purplish shade: 42% of CL&P customers affected. 

Take Back the Night Raffle Update

Brenna Galvin ’11 writes in with an update on the Take Back the Night Raffle:

Hey Everyone! Thanks for those who entered the raffle, we raised $85 dollars for a great cause! The winners have been picked and contacted. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who generously donated and entered the raffle!