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Apply to Coach with Let’s Get Ready

Chloe Rinehart ’14 and Lucy Britt ’14 are ready for you to get ready for Let’s Get Ready:

Did you love the SAT? Probably not. Do you love college? We’re guessing so. Want to help local high school students prepare for the SAT so that they can get into and love college too??

Apply to be a coach—a tutor, mentor, role-model—with Let’s Get Ready!, a non-profit organization that provides free SAT preparation and college admissions counseling to socioeconomically disadvantaged and otherwise under-served high school students. The Wesleyan program of LGR partners with Upward Bound to work with rising high school seniors from Middletown, Platt, and Maloney High Schools on the SAT, college applications, and financial aid information.

As a coach, you will be committing to volunteer with us once a week for 2.5 hours, teaching a group of 4-5 students either the Math or Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT.

Come volunteer with LGR! Applications can be found at this link, and are tentatively due Friday, January 25th!

Deadline: January 25
Contact: crinehart(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Wesleyan’s Upward Bound Receives 10K

This year, Wesleyan lost its funding from the U.S. Department of Education to run Upward Bound, a program that seeks to offer low-income students weekly mentoring, tutoring, and other college preparatory services. Thankfully, AT&T came to the rescue with a $10,000 donation to keep the program running, complemented by smaller donations from local stakeholders. As Middletown Patch reports:

The biggest donor, AT&T presented a $10,000 check to Wesleyan on Friday to help run the program. State Sen. Paul Doyle helped secure the funding.

Sonia Manjon, Wesleyan’s Vice President for Institutional Partnerships and Chief Diversity Officer, took part in the presentation.

Upward Bound will serve 100 local high school students from low-income families about college application process, such as writing personal essays, preparing for SAT, and tutoring. Congratulations to Wes’s Upward Bound team for getting a big fat check from AT&T. You can read more about the grant here and here.

Upward Teaching Student Forum

Who?  Does he go here?Looks like teaching is in season this fall.  Not only can you pursue the newly created “The Study of Education” certificate (note the forceful “The” in WesMaps), or take other classes such as Henry James and the Giant Peach, but here’s yet another opportunity from Leah Temes ’13 via Caryn Canalia of the Mathematics Department: 

Interested in teaching? The Upward Teaching student forum offers Wesleyan students the chance to try their hand at teaching local high school students.

The goal of this forum is to create an academic link between the Wesleyan studentbody and the students of Middletown. By partnering with Upward Bound Math & Science, students will develop a curriculum and teach monthly Saturday sessionsto Upward Bound students. Additionally, Wesleyan students will run after school academic sessions twice a week for Middletown and Prospect High students.  Wesleyan students will create lesson plans and tutoring material based oncurriculum from high school math teachers, and will meet weekly to debrief, prepare lesson plans, and receive teaching training from teachers and upwardbound staff.

All Wesleyan students are welcome to join; the math background need not bemore extensive than high school algebra, geometry, and calculus. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ltemes[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.