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The interweb is defining our world

Did you know that Wesleyan and other Wes-related terms are listed on Urban Dictionary? Well, now you do.

Someone gave the name “Wesleying” a rather unflattering definition:Wesbian” has also been defined, though there appears to be some dispute over what it actually means. And “Wesleyan” is listed, too, but Ohio Wesleyan is the first entry. And apparently Wesleyan exists as both a proper noun and a verb. The former:

A prestigious university in Connecticut known for its activist student body and left-leaning political tenor. Often criticized for being precious and single-minded, it gets most of its attention in the New York Times with articles relating to naked dorms and demonstrations. In recent times the school has become known for its Hollywood connections and film student graduates. In general, the school’s reputation for protests, piercings and an active LBGT scene occludes its stature as a traditional and well-regarded northeastern university.

(Precious?) And the latter:

To make a bathroom unisex by a woman going into the men’s bathroom.