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“The one thing that would change Wesleyan for the better” -rant section

work.icecream.400What is it?
Honestly, everybody take a breath from your various blackout/caffeinated and stressed beyond all reason agendas and come up with something productive that could be implemented next semester.

My Ideas:
1. This Green Fund seems like a great idea (especially the part about not including the administration), but what about some simpler things? A friend of mine puts bricks in hir toilet-tank and bottles of frozen water in hir freezer to conserve water and energy.

My proposal: let’s make Wesleyan a safe place to piss on trees. Honestly, pissing in toilets wastes both water and the most valuable underutilized nitrogenous fertilizer! It’s plant magic, all we have to do is create a safe and approving social climate in which pissing in pseudo-public is seen as a civic duty rather than something drunk assholes do on other people’s houses at 3am.

2. The ACB is using University resources, namely BANDWIDTH. I am in favor of an IP ban. I’m surprised at the extent to which troll-bait is not risen to, but I would estimate that hate speech occurs there about once every hour. (and, I might add, is almost NEVER deleted–I click the report button so often my hand is sore.) When I was little, if someone chalked a swastika on Clark, dropped the N-bomb on a bathroom mirror with a sharpie, or referred vehemently and pejoratively to bundles of sticks, that was a Big Deal–one that probably involved Diversity Deans having workshops and generally making a much-deserved fuss over a few drunken assholes who wanted to provoke that kind of response.

This is three orders of magnitude more frequent, blatant, obviously mean spirited and hurtful- people asking for help who are in one post directed to go to OBHS are in the next told to off themselves QUICK—> this in and of itself is nothing new, exceptional, or exceptionally deserving of administrative or student attention, but it happens almost almost every time. Middletown residents are routinely shit on, baited and likened to slaves– the demise of slavery is lamented! This isn’t the “subconscious” of Wesleyan, it is a malevolent vector for 5 trolls to pollute campus discourse with haterade. Fuck this thing. Kill it with fire. Either mandate that (whoever the fuck) get off his ass and delete posts when people report them, or boycott.