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Bon Appetit Workers Camped Out during Storm So We Could Have Food


We got this “event” in our inbox after midnight Tuesday while Juno was happening:

Three Bon Appetit workers, Ryan, Peter, and Mike, plus managers, all camp out in the Usdan Center overnight during Juggernaut Juno so as to cook all of us motherfuckers food tomorrow. Party! Be sure to lay them down your thanks!

Place: Daniel Family Commons

Turns out that not only did eight Bon Appetit employees and managers stay overnight, but 20 others either walked to work or ignored the driving ban to get to Wes so that Usdan could open in time on Tuesday morning after the storm. Add in Ed Thorndike ’89 and Karen Kaffen-Polascik of WesWings and their whole staff who also fed us, and the grounds crew that plowed/shoveled snow through the night and early morning (even shoveling some individual senior house walkways). That is serious dedication and we are really lucky to have such great people working at Wes.

(kitab edit:) Some PSafe officers also stayed at Wes Monday night, making rounds and closing university buildings, until 3:30 in the morning, at which point they slept here. We’ll try to get their names, but if anyone has any information, please let us know!

Here’s an update on the Bon Appetit sleepover from our original tipster:

I talked to a couple. One slept real well on his blow-up bed, said the wind was howling though. One of them got an half-hour of sleep! He was on the floor. He kept texting and posting to his daughter, watched the kids sled at 3am.


The full list of Bon Appetit employees who stayed overnight or trudged through the snow to get to Usdan early, courtesy of Resident District Manager of Bon Appétit, Michael Strumpf, after the jump:

SCUTE Bakesale

From Arden Feil ’18:

SCUTE (Students’ Conservation Union for Turtles on Earth) is a new club working to spread awareness about the need for turtle conservation and to raise money for conservation projects around the world. Come support us in saving the turtles at our first fundraiser this Tuesday, December 2nd in Usdan from 11am-2pm!

Date: Tomorrow
Time: 11 AM-2 PM
Place: Usdan Downstairs
Cost: $1-2

#BlackLivesMatter: Students Respond to Ferguson Verdict

2014-11-25 11.59.29
Beginning at 11AM today, students have gathered in Usdan to push back against the verdict of no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson given last night in Ferguson. Wilson shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown months ago, leading to protests in Ferguson and across the country. Signs are being held and banners have been dropped in Usdan right before the campus leaves for Thanksgiving break tomorrow.

There have also been messages written around campus, including on Foss Hill and in front of Olin. More images of the movement in Usdan after the break.

Mysterious Happenings Around Usdan Unveiled


Justin Gitlin ’15 having his fortune told by the Oracle of Middletown aka Ron Shalom GRAD.

If you haven’t been around the Usdan courtyard lately, you may have missed a couple fun and mysterious happenings in the last week. A bodysuit-clad individual serenaded people outside of Usdan on November 3, and last Friday the Oracle of Middletown appeared to tell people their fortunes for 25 cents or a few points (an old cassette tape was used for swiping purposes). The person behind both of these incidents is Ron Shalom, a graduate student in Music Composition. He was kind enough to answer some of my questions on his experiences as an Oracle and his inspiration for these events.

What motivated you to sit on the ground on what was a cold afternoon and tell fortunes?
Deep anxieties about life in the academy, the absurdity of living in dystopia, having too much energy, the everyday urge to open irruptions in everyday life, como excusa para hacer florecer la intimidad, to cradle love and support, to touch and hold people’s hands for a long time, an attraction to being blind in public.

Rockstar for the Night

Rajaa Elidrissi ’16 writes in:

Come to Usdan Cafe for Rockstar for the Night! We will have a music box, where you will have the opportunity to perform and receive a DVD of your performance. There will also be airbrush tattoos!

Find the event on Facebook.

Date: November 6
Time: 8PM – 12AM
Place: Usdan Cafe

Bodysuit-clad Person Serenades Passerby Outside Usdan

This afternoon, someone in a nude-colored bodysuit and red onesies (?) was outside Usdan with a portable boombox playing a list of 80s music. Said person had slow movements, occasionally spun around in circles, and was maybe taking selfies with their camera. I originally suspected that this performance was for Faye Driscoll’s performance theory/research class Thank You for Coming (there’s a showing tonight at 8 pm in Schoenberg), but apparently it’s not. Clearly I read too much into the course description, part of which is: “How do we perceive ourselves as participants in the co-creation of our reality, and through performance can we collectively, in some small way, create a new vision of society?” 

La Boca hosts Trivia Night with UCAB


From UCAB:

La Boca’s very own Matt is coming to host Trivia Night!

Featuring live music by Bryan Farb & The Raisin Band, with opener Andrew Hove (8 PM)!

Come join us! There will be food :)

Date: Today
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Usdan Cafe

Cookies for a Cure

Gavriella Wolf ’15 writes in:

Like boobs? Like supporting a good cause and keeping boobs around the world healthy and cancer free? Relay For Life of Wesleyan University is selling boob cookies in Usdan this week for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Come by our table at lunchtime and buy a delicious cookie that happens to look like a boob for only a dollar each.

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Date: Thursday, October 23 & Friday, October 24
Time: 11 AM-1 PM
Place: Usdan
Cost: $1 per cookie

Unofficial Orientation Series ’14: Eating and Drinking at Wes

*This post is an updated version of the Eating and Drinking installment of last year’s Orientation Series*

https://i1.wp.com/www.wesleyan.edu/dining/gallery/images/dining_header5.jpg?resize=625%2C125Eating and drinking is a necessity for all living beings, even during your hazy college days. While we all have to adjust our food standards from delicious home-cooked meals to university food, trust me, it could be worse. Wesleyan has many options for dining that you can enjoy regardless of your dietary orientation. Wesleyan was chosen the most vegan-friendly small US school by PETA, and our friends at the Mongolian Grill are always willing to cook-up a chicken tortilla topped with cheese if it’s protein that you want.

This is a part of the Unofficial Orientation Series 2014 to remind you to eat your veggies.

Traffic Jam Outside Usdan


Some breaking news from aspiring student reporter Tim Tim ’16:

Earlier today, beginning at approximately 12:30pm, a multi-car traffic jam on the path between Albritton and Usdan left drivers and pedestrians alike stranded. While the sound of honking car horns and road rage fueled argumentation was easily audible from Foss Hill, the cause of the unusual jam remains unclear. Public Safety reportedly moved to open extra pedestrian lanes on College Row in order to ease traffic flow, but the office was unavailable for direct comment. One student bystander observed, “Man, these kids are going to be really late for brunch if this traffic doesn’t clear out soon!”