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Get Your Copy of Headspace in Usdan Tomorrow

Headspace Pic

Hot off the press from Faisal Kirdar ’14:
In case you haven’t noticed, Headspace is out and about!
For those unfamiliar, Headspace is an NS&B sponsored student publication created by the MINDS foundation. It examines all topics related to the mind and brain, featuring art, science writing, creative fiction and nonfiction, and more!
Come by Usdan from 12-2 tomorrow for what is likely your last chance to pick one up!
What: Headspace handouts
Where: The tables in Usdan
When: 12-2pm
Cost: None!


10003502_240043622845428_1477974558_nCome to Usdan and show off your skills!

So here’s the deal:
-1 Beat
-16 Bars
-2 MCs
-1 Winner

It’s a rap battle and you are the MC!

It’s a Freeform Performance Night.

There will be free prizes for all performers!

The stage is open to anyone who wishes to sing, slam, rap or perform anything!

Of course, battles are always welcome!

Facebook event here.

When: Thursday, April 3rd, 9pm-11pm
Where: Usdan Cafe

UCAB: Massage and Spa Night


The grand Mary Diaz ’14:

Feeling a little stressed? Need to relax some muscles, get a mani, or even shape your brows? Then you do not want to miss this awesome UCAB event on Thursday, March 27th from 8pm-12am in the Usdan Cafe.

**NOTE: First come, first served. Massage sign-ups at lunch on the 27th, and on a walk-in basis. Eyebrow threading on a walk-in basis and DIY manicures on a walk-in basis.

Date: Thursday, March 27th
Time: 8pm-Midnight
Place: Usdan Cafe
FB Event: here
Cost: FREE

French Table


Wanna pick up more girls and boys at parties? Come practice the
language of love at the French table every Wednesday @ USDAN from 12
to 1pm, with the two TAs from Paris, Manon & Ameline. For a fun time
filled with food and conversation! Beret optional.

Where: Usdan dining hall on the right side
When: 12-1pm every Wednesday

Stephanie’s Vegan Apple Crisp

Just my average serving size.

It’s Sunday, so naturally I’m already thinking ahead to next Friday…  Not because it marks the start of the weekend, and not even because I don’t have class. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that on Friday I’ll be at lunch in Usdan, no matter what,  all because of the delicious gift from heaven that is vegan apple crisp.

Dreaming of its smell gets me out of bed in the morning. It motivates me to make the trek from LoRise all the way to Usdan without even considering what the lunch specials are at WesWings. From the moment I get into the cafeteria, I can feel its presence.  Many times I can’t even contain myself enough to put my bag down before getting a table. I just have the immediate need to rush to the vegan station, grab a bowl, take the serving spoon, and slowly pass through the layer of crumb topping to get to the fresh warm apples that await to satisfy my cravings. As I scoop the apple crisp into my mouth, I make sure to get the perfect ratio of topping to apple in order to get the full sensational experience.

Many of you might not be able to understand my extreme infatuation, but I’m sure we can all agree that without apple crisp, Fridays at Wesleyan just wouldn’t be the same. And to thank for such a wonderful creation, we have Stephanie Zinowski, our Vegan lunch chief.

Chunks of Wesleyan History Experienced by Sharon Wade, Bon Appetit Employee


Not too long ago, Sharon Wade – one of the Bon Appetit employees that we all know and love –  agreed to meet me in Usdan for an interview. She greeted me with kind blue eyes and a genuine smile. I knew she had been here a very long time and I wanted to pick her brain about her experiences at Wesleyan. She had warned me in advance, the week before at work, about how she’s prone to going on and on and reassured me that I shouldn’t be afraid to cut her off if necessary. As we got into the flow of the interview, which was not very difficult with Sharon’s enthusiasm, I certainly knew what she meant, but by no means was I going to stop her. Sharon sat with me in Usdan for approximately an hour, during which she told me about what she’s learned during her time at Wesleyan, expressed both her loves and her qualms with campus issues, and shared some wonderful anecdotes about students. The following is a transcript of our conversation, edited for clarity.

How long have you been working at Wesleyan?

Probably… around 29 years. A long time – flown by, just like that. It has flown by!

Has it been at Weshop the whole time?

No, this is my second time at Weshop. Because we can move all around. We just have to bid on jobs, awarded by seniority, throughout the campus. We’ve all done probably most everything. I’ve been a cook. For overtime, I did tons of utility. That took me around the world… I’ve done register at the old campus center, I’ve done it [at Usdan], I’ve done at Weshop, so everybody has really moved around, which is a great part of the job because [you can say,] ‘you know what, I think I’ll do that.’ As long as you’re qualified and you’re the most senior person signing – and everybody signs – you get to the job.

Free Hot Cocoa for Sweater Days!

From Ari Lewenstein ’16 and Isabel Stern ’14:

We want to help you stay warm AND sustainable as the weather gets chillier. Turning down the heat and putting on layers is a great way to save energy. The money saved on energy will help fund financial aid efforts too! What more could you want? Hot cocoa you say? We’ve got you covered! Come to Usdan on December 4th between 12pm-1pm layered in a sweater and we’ll give you hot cocoa in a reusable travel mug! AND IT’S FREE! What an amazing excuse to wear that ugly sweater you love to hate all week long.

Heat down. Layer up. Sweater days.

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Place: Usdan
Cost: FREE!

Meals and Points: a Portrait of a Hungry Freshman


I left for Thanksgiving Break with exactly one meal and 23 points to my name. On the car ride home, I made some careful calculations:

Because one bottle of Naked Juice costs roughly three points, I’ll be able to average one Naked Juice every other day for the rest of the semester! And hey, I can even visit Usdan once!

But this isn’t all fun and games. With the arrival of finals, I’m pretty much screwed.

Thus, over Thanksgiving break, instead of wasting my time studying, I decided to formulate a plan to avoid being hungry. After hearing about my friends’ frequent hunger pangs, I thought it was best to publicly document my quest to remain properly fed.

But before I could lay out a plan of attack, I knew I had to address this problem strategically. I quickly hopped on WesAdmits to consult my fellow students about their experiences with year-end hunger.

“I managed to obtain a Bon Appetit uniform and snuck into Usdan one or two times last year,” Anonymous Cardinal ’16 confided to me in a Facebook message. “I felt terrible about it, but I didn’t want to die of starvation.”

Wes Joulebug Clothing Swap


From the Wes Joulebug contest coordinators:

Do you have extra clothes? Do you want to get new clothes? Do you want to swap your extra clothes for other clothes? Stop by the Usdan alcove (under the big staircase) for the Wes Joulebug clothing swap! If you’re participating in the contest, you’ll be able to earn extra points for your team just by participating.

Date: Thursday, November 21
Time: 3-5 p.m.
Place: Usdan Alcove
Cost: Free, but bring an article of clothing (or more) to swap

Student-Food Worker Coalition Meeting

rfrjAlways making the world a better place, Manon Lefevre ’14 is here again with an important message:


Frustrated with the way Bon Appétit employees are treated by students?

Interested in trading recipes, food sustainability ideas, and chances to work with the Usdan chefs and dining hall employees themselves?

Do you want to begin a dialogue and forge an alliance with the very people who make, serve, and sell your food?

Then YOU should come to the STUDENT-FOOD WORKER COALITION MEETING! Come build bridges, forge alliances, start a dialogue.

Date: November 6, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: Usdan Multi-Purpose Room (by the package room)
Cost: Free