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Very Wesleyan Valentine’s Cards

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you may be scouting for a last-minute date for the Bon Appetit Valentine’s dinner. In the tradition of crappy (read: great) meme Valentine’s Day e-cards, here are some Wesleyan-specific Valentine’s Day cards (complete with comic sans) for all of your Wesleyan-specific Valentine’s Day needs.

If you use any of these as pickup lines and they actually work for you (or if you fail miserably?), please let us know via the tipbox or by emailing us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.

FEB ? Love Actually — No, Like Actually ? [ social experiment with free froyo ]

vdayloveNina Stender ’16 wants YOU!

? 36 Questions to Fall in Love ?
Brought to you by the Social Experiment Group (aka SEGWAY)

Hoping to find love just in time for Valentine’s Day? Sign up to participate in a social experiment activity on Sat, Feb 13th at 430pm.



Participants will be paired up and given a set of 36 questions, divided into three sets which scientists believe “foster closeness”. This is based on the idea that the best way for you to get close to your partner is for you to share with them and for them to share with you. After answering the questions, participants will sit and look into one another’s eyes for four minutes.

There will be FREE FROYO provided to help break the ice ;) –courtesy of the Adelphic Educational Fund

We are hoping to examine whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions. This experiment is based on a published psychological study by the psychologist Arthur Aron. (http://psp.sagepub.com/content/23/4/363.full.pdf+html )

Participants will be asked to fill in a follow-up survey (anonymous!) so we can find out if you guys developed any kind of friendship/relationship/ hookupship etc. We will write up the results and share them :)

Pls let us know if you have any questions/comments/concerns or if you want to get involved.

Date: Saturday, February 13
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PM
Place: Exley 150 Tishler Hall
Cost: FREE LOVE!!!!!!

Eat Your Heart Out: Russian Tea and Cupcake Decorating

Zoe Thrasher ’16 writes in:

It’s v close to V-Day, but no one likes dat sappy puppy love or commodifying/commercializing intimacy, so we’re gonna celebrate by decorating sweets with ironic intentions and AMAZING sprinkles, edible pearls and frosting. This feminine event is for everyone (duh). Indulge your stomach and your bitterness for February.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1116378338373233/

Date: Friday, February 12
Time: 3:00-5:00 PM
Place: ADP
Cost: Spoiling your dinner appetite

Reserve Your Spot Red Wolf’s Exclusive Valentine’s Day Event


From sous chefs Abby Gruppuso ’16 and Wolfi Jorde ’16:

Don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Never fear! Red Wolf is here to help you find love. We will be serving a Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac buffet. What’s the catch? Well, each guest must bring a date from Tinder/Bumble/Friendsy or any dating app of your choice.

This is a Valentine’s Day celebration for the adventurous type, so get ready for a date you will never forget.  Plenty of Valentine’s Day surprises are coming your way. So get swiping!! Reserve one ticket, then send us the name of your date. The price for this specific event will be $25/person to cover the cost of ~red wine~.  Feel free to keep chivalry alive and pay for your date or have them pay for themselves. (Venmo @Abby-Gruppuso) Dress code is formal/date attire or sexy underwear. Whatever floats your boat.

Date: Sunday, February 14th
Time: 7pm
Place: 24 Fountain
Cost: $25

Wes to Wed: A Valentine’s Day Special II


Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! Here’s the second and final installment of “Wes to Wed.” The overwhelming positive feedback this series has gotten makes me hopeful that our Wesleying readers are not so cynical after all. Hopefully this feature series can continue in future years as we cast our net wider and can share the stories of many different kinds of WesCouples.

For a WesCouples overload, you can check out this “Wes-Side story” on Wesconnect that includes pictures from this feature series, a ’98 Alumni Magazine article, and pictures from this flickr stream. Check out the stories of more lovely couples after the jump: 

From the Argives: Valentine’s Day Boycott

While some of us look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day each year, others among us see February 14th as just another ordinary day. But, for some people, this romantic day is a holiday worth actively avoiding.

On Valentine’s Day in 1989, The Wesleyan Argus printed a column whose author had decided to boycott Valentine’s Day that year. The author, Adam “Sheep” Long, declared, “I am boycotting Valentine’s Day for reasons of my own.” When I read this, I was curious about these reasons. Was he frustrated by his own romantic difficulties? Angry about American consumerism? Convinced that romantic love is merely a social construct?

The author explained his reasoning like this:

     Every year I like to boycott at least one holiday (I never boycott Christmas). Recently, I have decided to start boycotting St. Patrick’s day (and I’m part Irish) and for a long time now I have boycotted Halloween. Halloween has never been a very good time for me: I generally associate it with things scary, gross, and violent. I can only remember one Halloween that I really enjoyed. When I was five, I went as Batman, which in retrospect doesn’t make a lot of sense, because I wasn’t old enough to read the comic book, and I was terrified of the TV show. I used to watch the cartoon part of the introduction and then leave the room. Only my immediate family knew about this strange behavior. With the kids at school, I just pretended I watched the whole show…

Okay, but why boycott Valentine’s Day? More after the jump:

Ronald Ebrecht – Be Mine

ebrecht550A special v-day treat from Andrew Chatfield:

Artist in Residence and University Organist Ronald Ebrecht shares a Romantic fifth: the famous Fifth Symphony of Charles-Marie Widor, schmaltz by Franz Liszt, and other works in an afternoon intermezzo for Valentine’s Day.

Date: Saturday, February 14
Time: 4 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: Free!

Mitski @ Earth House


From Ophelia Benedetti ’17:

MITSKI is coming to Earth House this Friday night (the 13th!!!!!) Protect your heart at this pre-valentines derby of tunes. NO SWEETHEARTS ALLOWED.

MITSKI is a 23 y.o. singer-songwriter/rock-n-roller from Brooklyn. MITSKI’s music is “like an aging racetrack greyhound; graceful, but still kind of sad.” Listen here. You won’t regret it.

With WISHBONE (nice boys from loss angeles playing wobbly, sludge rock)
& CHAMPAGNE POPPY (Ann & Blaise – pretty cool chicks who will chew up your bean boots and spit them out)

Date: Friday, February 13 – Today!
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Place: Earth House
Cost: Free!
Facebook event

Wes to Wed: A Valentine’s Day Special


Wesleyan alums go on to do many things, one of which is to marry their college sweethearts. For a Valentine’s Day special, I reached out to these WesCouples to briefly get their stories on how they met and transitioned to the “real world” post-college. Some of them are now parents to current Wes students (and are worried this post will be embarrassing), or hope that their newborns will be someday. Their first meetings (hallmates in the Butts; SOC pre-frosh orientation) and frequent date spots (WesWings..) will be familiar and heartwarming for most of us.

Look forward to a second installment of WesCouples on Valentine’s Day. Read about their lovely stories after the jump:

Rho Ep & DKE present Cupid’s Crush Cans


PSA from Alessandra Cervera ’16:

I’ve got a crush on you.

If you have a crush on me too, you’ll buy me a Crush can.

Rho Epsilon Pi and Delta Kappa Epsilon are teaming up this week to bring you Crush can Valentines grams. There’s no better way to tell that special someone in your life that you think they’ve got a great personality (plus orange soda!!).

Cans cost $1 each and come with a label so you can ~*personalize*~ it to your liking (maybe a lil love note?). All proceeds will then go to the North End Action Team, right here in Middletown. If you want to find out more about their community projects, click here.

Here’s how the grams will work: