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Wes Blood Drives – First Drive of the Year

Jackie Freed ’15 is a vampire:

Did you know: One pint of blood can save up to three lives? Every two seconds, someone in the US needs a blood transfusion? The Red Cross supplies approx. 40% of the nation’s blood supply?

This is where you come in! The first blood drive of the year is this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00-4:45 in Beckham Hall. Sign up for an appointment in Usdan on Monday and Tuesday or go to www.redcrossblood.org and find the drive using sponsor code WesleyanU to make your own appointment. Walk-ins will be welcomed but the wait time is much shorter with an appointment.

Join 8-to-8

Want to be part of the bad-ass band of anonymous samaritans who only walk compassionately answer phones at night?

Then attend an 8-to-8 info session:

Founded in 1977, 8-to-8 is a student-run, confidential and anonymous listening service, which operates 7 PM-7 Am 7 days of the week. (editorial note: no one has given me a sufficiently convincing answer as to why they don’t run from 8-to-8, but I digress)

Date: Monday September 17th or Friday September 21st
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
Place: PAC 136 (Monday Session) or Usdan B25/Multipurpose Room (Friday Session)

Questions? Contact eight2eight(at)gmail(dot)com.

Vampires don’t get old, unless you date one

From Jacob Fleisher ’99:

For all of you with Vampire Fever, or Twilight Flu or New Moon H1N1 virus, 3 Wes alums got together and made this vampire web series about all things fangish. Study hard so one day you can graduate and go poor making internet content.


Jacob Fleisher ’99, Jenessa Joffe ’00 and Carl Hampe ’00 think Vampires are a bit stupid, except for their hair. My God they have beautiful hair.

Intercourse With A Vampire, Episode 1

Have to admit, I enjoyed this.

The Week in Now

  • Ironically, Joe Newman ’09‘s comic dissing Gawker ended up on Gawker and hence legitimized Wesleyan’s place as the most annoying, pretentious, “privelledged” liberal arts college. (But really, who among us did not see this coming?)
  • In other news, as if Bob Allen’s racist wordvomit wasn’t enough to leave skidmarks in the GOP’s panties this month (with Daily Show coverage, of course), recently-elected president of the Young Republican National Federation, Glenn Murphy Jr. burns an unfortunate legacy for himself as that creepy dude who tries to perform unwanted sex acts on sleeping college guys. I like this article because it paints the Young Republican National Federation in my mind as an organization led by fat, closeted vampires.
  • Got Health Insurance? Young adults between 19 and 29 make up the largest group of the uninsured. Incoming froshies and rising sophies, if you’re on your parents’ health insurance, you might want to have them check their policy to see how much longer it’ll cover you. I have had a couple of friends this year get dropped from their parents’ coverage or state coverage without notice.
  • And a related warning to incoming frosh: the default plan Wesleyan puts you on if you’re uninsured *sucks* (I know because I’m on it and it alone). Covers pretty much nothing short of getting your arms ripped off by a rampaging chimpanzee. But it’s coverage, you know, still, in case you do get your arms ripped off by a rampaging chimpanzee.
  • In New Haven, two computers stolen from Yale last month contained the social security numbers of over 10,000 students, faculty and staff, jeopardizing their financial records. Well, I’d say that trumps our Ambien Hackgate 2007, don’t you?
  • Lastly, this will probably affect very, very few people, but in VIDEO GAME NEWS, I just read that Beautiful Katamari will be coming out on the wii now and not on the PS3 or 360 (which just dropped its price a pitiful $20). But, Guitar Hero III is still coming out on my dinky, yet awesomely cheap PS2, so I’m good on systems I think for another year since realistically, I shouldn’t be playing video games this year anyway with the, what, six billion things I need to do before I graduate.
  • Edit: A commenter informs us that BK will be coming out on the 360. Because I have no 360, I did not pay attention because I’m horrible. I’m sorry :(.