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420 Eco Stage Show featuring 3D Printed Vegan Snax

From Phoebe Bodkin ’17:

Scott Beibin’s eco stage show– a bicycle-powered show — is a cross between Bill Nye and Whose Line is it Anyway. It features a home-built 3D printer that prints vegan snacks for the audience. His hope is to expose students to the vanguard of independent science research communities and to encryption and cyber security. The show features wearable technologies, like a gauntlet with screen/keyboard that controls the projections. Perfect for your 420 celebrations!
Funded by the Green Fund and WSA :D

Date: Thursday, April 20
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Place: Lawn beside CFA if nice out, Crowell Hall if raining

S&C Menu Week of April 8

starandcrescentMonday, April 8th
Dinner- Greens w/ Charred Tomato vin, Moroccan Spice Rubbed Chiken/Tofu, Couscous, Grilled Cauliflower, Tomato and Cucumber Salad. VEGAN
Dessert- Berry Crisp

Tuesday, April 9th
Lunch- Grilled Chicken/ Portabella Burrito Supreme
Dessert- Mango Yogurt

Dinner- Greens w/ Curry Dressing, Channa Masala w/ Basmati Rice. VEGAN
Dessert- Banana Cake

Wednesday, April 10th
Lunch- Hummus, Cheddar, Avocado Melts w/ Bacon or Soy Bacon
Dessert- Fresh Fruit

Dinner- Greens w/ Tomato Saffron vin, Paella w/ Grilled Salmon, Chicken, and Shrimp or Veggie w/ Tofu. VEGAN
Dessert- Carrot Cake

Thursday, April 11th
Lunch- New England Clam Chowder
Dessert- Brownies

Dinner- Greens w/ Balsamic vin, Broccoli and Rigatoni w/ Grilled Chicken or Tofu. Dressed w/ Toasted Garlic Oil, Oven Roasted Tomato, Parmesan and Lemon Zest
Dessert- Triple Chocolate Cake

Dear Commonwealth at BuHo

Dear Commonwealth

Need a break after the first Monday classes of the semester? The band Dear Commonwealth, hailing from the less-vegan-friendly-than-us Oberlin College, will be playing at BuHo for your de-stressing pleasure, opened by Wes band Blackbird & The Cherry Tree. Noah Rush ’14 has specifics for you detail-oriented readers. Note that this event is part of an effort to preserve Buddhist House and other Washington Street houses:

Dear Commonwealth, made up of some of the finest musicians from Oberlin College, the Wesleyan of Ohio that is not Ohio Wesleyan, will be bringing their well-crafted minimalist folk songs to the Buddhist House library, a truly wonderful place that few ever get to view.

Blackbird & The Cherry Tree (Mel Hsu ’13 and Jess Best ’14) will be opening.

This event is the inaugural event of WeSad :( (Wesleyan Students Against Divestment), an organization dedicated to the preservation of Buddhist House and other Washington Street houses as a part of the Wesleyan community.

Come over, enjoy some music, sign our petition (if you like us).

Date: Monday, January 28th.
Time: 9 –11:30pm
Place: Buddhist House library
Cost: $0.00

Wesleyan Crowned Most Vegan-Friendly College in U.S.

Good ol’ Wesleyan was crowned Most Vegan-Friendly College in the United States by Peta2, beating out 32 other “small U.S. schools” for the prize. Oberlin finished second and Warren Wilson College snatched up third in the competition. On the “big U.S. schools” side, UC-San Diego took home the gold as Cornell and University of North Texas nabbed silver and bronze respectively.

The description on Peta2 about Wesleyan’s vegan-friendliness reads as follows:

When a school has chefs who specialize in vegan desserts on staff, you know you’re in for a treat. Last year’s edible Halloween vegan display was a “graveyard” with tombstones of vegan chocolate and hills of vegan cake. This year’s theme, Gotham City, even included a vegan chocolate-molded Batmobile! If you’re not in the mood for sweets, have no fear. With innovative entrées, including vegan fettuccine Alfredo, Aloo gobi, and Mongolian seitan with wild rice salad and cranberries, students can always find a cruelty-free meal anywhere on campus.

However, Wes dining’s winning streak has not been without its disputes. Controversy struck Wesleyan’s 2009 win for most vegetarian-friendly college when several students had issues with voting practice and procedures. First, people asked how we can compare ourselves to other schools in terms of ‘vegan-ness’. Most of us haven’t eaten the vegan dining options at our own university let alone other universities. The question of who actually eats vegan food at Wesleyan was also brought into question (hint: many people who frequent the vegan section in the ‘Dan aren’t vegan). In addition, there were some suspicious bribery tactics from the dining staff back in ’09 (apparently they gave out free candy to anyone who voted for Wes, regardless of if they were vegan eaters or not).

Despite what seems to be a burgeoning black market for Wesleyan in Peta2 contests, kudos guys, we’re the most vegan-happy.

Gangnam Style Comes to the Vegan Section

Guys. Think of Gangnam Style. Now think of the Usdan vegan section. Now think of Gangnam Style. Now think of the Usdan vegan section. Now imagine both at the same time. With a bunch of Bon Appetit staffers dancing.

Thanks to the noble efforts of Jacob Santos ’14, now you can. I have no further comments, but I’m glad this exists.

Because of privacy settings, I can’t embed the video in question, so watch it for yourself here.

S&C Menu week of April 25th

Monday April 25th
Dinner –Green Salad w/ Honey Thyme Vinaigrette, BBQ Chicken/ Tofu, Red BlissPotato Salad, Sautéed Garlic Green Beans
Dessert – Strawberry Cheese Cake

Tuesday April 26th
Lunch – Flank Steak or Tofu Thai Basil Fried Rice
Dessert – Strawberry Banana Yogurt

Dinner –Green Salad w/ Sherry Vinaigrette. Chili w/Beef & Pork or Veg. w/Corn Bread,Cheddar, Sour Cream & Scallions – VEGAN w/out garnish
Dessert – Carrot Cake

Wednesday April 27th
Lunch- Hummus, Avocado, Cheddar Melt w/ Bacon or Soy Bacon on Focaccia
Dessert- Fresh Fruit

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette, Spaghetti w/ or w/o Turkey Meat Balls
Dessert- Tiramisu
^^ New Menu Item!! Never Before at the S&C

Thursday April 28th
Lunch- Minted Spring Pea Bisque w/ Focaccia
Dessert- Brownies

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Red Wine Vinaigrette, Broccoli and Rigatoni dressed w/Roasted Garlic Oil, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Lemon Zest and Parmesan w/Chicken or Tofu
Dessert- Berry Crisp

Vote For Wes, Get Free Pizza?

Once again, Wesleyan made it to Round Two of PETA2’s Most Vegan-Friendly College 2010 competition.We’re up against Smith College (“a formidable opponent, to be sure”). (Recall that we won the competition last year, beating out Oberlin and American University.)

And once again, the voting process makes no sense: students are encouraged to vote for their own school, with little or no basis for thoughtful comparison, while Bon Appetit staff find creative ways to sway the vote: last year, free candy; this year, the chance to enter a drawing for a Pizza Party for you and twenty friends. No word on whether it’ll be special vegan pizza.

But anyway, I digress. Last year I questioned whether or not the process by which this contest is run and judged completely, or at least partially, delegitimatized the results. I also quoted from an anonymous ACB commenter:

Can someone explain to me how having students vote for their own schools without ever having seen any of the other schools’ options is at all a valid way to judge this? What happened to a contest with actual judging? You know, where actual experts or people with unbiased authority would go and sample and look, and then decide.

Seitan at WesWings is permanent!

Vegans and vegetarians: remember how awesome those seitan wings were, that night they had them at Weswings? Well, now they’re permanent! For $8.95 at any lunch or dinner, you can get wings with mild, medium, or hot Buffalo or Rochester sauce, or honey glaze (not vegan). It also comes with celery and blue cheese (obviously not vegan). Check it out!

WesWings works to placate vegans

Tired of avoiding WesWings and its menu of delicious wings, juicy burgers, and sausage-laden pasta? Hope may be on the way. In a move that may both appeal to vegans and make the Vegan Death Squad a little less choleric, WesWings is planning to serve vegan seitan wings at dinner on Tuesday night:

Tomorrow, Tuesday night, WesWings will be serving vegan seitan wings. You’ll have the option of having them coated in buffalo sauce (vegan) or honey ginger sauce (contains honey). It’s served with a side of celery and bleu cheese (not vegan). We’re testing the veg-friendly waters, so if this is a success we may be able to make this a regular happening. Tell all your veg (and non-veg!) friends, and see you tomorrow night.