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The Fall 2013 Study Abrog Collection

Super awkward misunderstandings, beautiful sunsets, getting lost, delicious food, weird food, really weird food, astounding historical sites, new friends, new language, cathedrals/temples/churches/mosques, legally drinking (and then sadly returning home to realize you’re still 20….), self exploration, art, culture, life outside the Wes bubble.


Dear Wesleyan friends, it’s time now to take a break from your midterms and spend some time musing over the blogged adventures of your peers studying abroad.  There’s currently a couple hundred juniors scattered across the globe covering all continents except, well do people study abroad to Antarctica? If so let me know, that’s awesome.

While it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with Facebook, e-mail, sexy Viber messages, and even snap chat, these students have decided to share their experiences with you by way of blog. And I must say, of the very long history of Wesleying collecting abrogs (abloags?), this fall 2013 collection is particularly nice.  From poetry to breathtaking photos, life changing moments and really silly stories, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  So read on for a little vicarious living from your friends, acquaintances, that kid you had class with once, or maybe just a random person you’ve never met at all. Besides, maybe you’ll find a cute junior to crush on, stalk their blog all semester and then actually meet them once they return in January. There’s no pick up line creepier and more fantastic than “I loved what you wrote about cultural differences on your blog, I totally agree. Wanna make out?”

Also! if you too are abroad this semester and have a blog to share, or perhaps have a friend with an abrog, by all means send us an email to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link and a subject line reading “Study Abroad Blog”. Then we will add it to this post and you too will receive Wesleying abrog fame and glory…

Abroad This Spring? Submit Your Abrog


Sunny in Sydney? Balmy in Barcelona? Death in Venice?

Let’s face it: between the media firestorm that Senior Praguetails incited and the dozens of incredible concerts week in and week out, Wesleyan has been a pretty boring place this semester.

So, to all the students abroad this spring: Won’t you fill us in? If you’re keeping a blog of your experiences, give us a shout. We’ll advertise for you here on Wesleying.

Many abroad-in-the-fall students responded to our call last semester, checking in from such disparate places as Copenhagen, Haifa, and Taipei. Let’s keep the abrog tradition alive.

Email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link to your blog. Be sure to make the subject header “Study Abroad Blog” so we don’t think it’s spam. Feel free to attach a brief explanation of the circumstances of your semester abroad: name of your program, places you’ve visited, koalas you’ve hugged, etc. You can also let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous when we post it.

Help Us Help You Help Us Learn about the World

Your best excuse for not seeing Kitty Pryde tonight? You’re on a study abroad program! (Right?)

While the Wesleyan campus is busy not auditioning for New Teen Force, muscling each other out of the Danny Brown line, and pairing voyeurism with disorderly conduct, you study abroad kids are out discovering the world beyond our red-and-black-colored Sol Moscots. Buenos Aires is pretty different from Hewitt 9, isn’t it? Pari$ and We$hop are pretty similar, aren’t they?

How should we know? We’re in the Cardinal cave. But you, you have seen things — things that we can’t describe. So save us the hassle: if you’re keeping a blog of your study abroad experiences, and you’d like to up those page view numbers, give us a shout and Wesleying will advertise for you.

I can attest to the Wesleying Effect: my study abroad blog (abrog?) started out at a pokey three hits per week, or whenever I could trick people into opening a link disguised as an album leak. But thanks to Zach, this Wesleying post boosted my page views well into the hundreds, eventually topping out at 4,596 — but who’s counting?

So don’t be shy; email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link to your blog. Be sure to make the subject header “Study Abroad Blog” so we don’t think it’s spam.

Thanks in advance,

The whole student body and your parents who read Wesleying, by way of tuna