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Multiplayer Madness

super smash characters lolI like video games and so does Zoe Thrasher ’16:

Join ADP for multiple videogames being played at once. Expect Smash. Expect Food. Expect Fun.

come demonstrate your skillzzzz

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Alpha Delt Grotto
facebook event

Red&Black Ops:WesWIG’s First Meeting

ae27339816bf786f72ca0dd7f6aea17cFrom Camille Casareno ’15:

Do you identify as female? Do you play video games? Want to meet other female-identifying gamers?


If you don’t identify as female: Think Assassin’s Creed should have had that lady assassin? Tired of the bust, scantily-clad lady warrior stereotype?

Think video games in general lack gender diversity?

Come to Red&Black Ops: Wesleyan Women in Gaming’s first meeting this Thursday at 4:45PM in Usdan 108! This will be a general meeting to gauge further interest, to discuss goals and needs, and even reevaluate the name of this female-friendly gaming group that we’re trying to create. Come meet other similarly-minded video game connoisseurs and maybe even meet a new friend for your Halo 4
Legendary campaign run.

Time: 4:45 PM
Place: Usdan 108

Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament


Courtesy of the appropriately-named Jordan Feingold-Link ’16:

AEPi is hosting a SSBM tournament to raise money for charity. Prizes start at $50 for first and $25 for second, however they will increase as more people enter. Matches will be held evenings in the Butterfield A lounge.

For more information on rules, please visit here.

Date: April 15th – April 22nd
Time: 7PM – 9PM
Place: Butts A Lounge
Cost: $5

“Cardinal Con” Inaugural Planning Meeting

From Sarah Marmon ’14:

Interested in nerdy stuff? Want to see that stuff come to Wesleyan in the form of a convention? Come to the first Cardinal Con (name is tentative) planning meeting at 9 pm on Wednesday (March 6th) in Wyllys room 114.

Students interested in any level of contribution are encouraged to attend. The convention is going to be a general nerd culture con including, but not limited to:

Video games
Fantasy and sci-fi
Film and TV
Especially the kind directed by Joss Whedon
RPGs (tabletop and LARP)

We will be discussing logistics and developing committees to deal with specifics such as locations, events, etc. smarmon(at)wes or btreto(at)wes with any questions or comments.

Multiplayer Madness @ ADP

Rush-tastic Charming Yu ’13 has an awesome event y’all should go to:

Want to just dance the night away? Perhaps smash some bros? Maybe you want experience the samurai lifestyle? All your dreams will come true at Multiplayer Madness. You’d be mad if you missed it.

What: Multiplayer Madness
Date: Friday, September 7
Time: 8-10PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.)

It’s On: Pokemon Battle Night

Eric Edelman ’12, I choose you:

Wesabi will be holding a pokemon battle night this Saturday!

We will be using an online battle simulator called Pokemon Online and Pokemon will be prepared for everyone to use. The battle tiers we will be Overused, Underused, and Little Cup. If you don’t have much experience or aren’t in touch with the newer generations of Pokemon, consider trying Little Cup, where you’ll be able to use all the cutest unevolved Pokemon.

Even if you aren’t into battling, consider coming to spectate. This will be running from the end of the dinner hours and into Late Night, so you can have dinner and a show!

Date: Saturday, April 21
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Place: Usdan 108
Cost: $22 nonrefundable entry fe— it’s free, guys.

VKS DotA Tournament

Yeah, so this is happening. PAC Lab, meet Defense of the Ancients. From Brandon Swan, biology grad student:

Join the Wesleyan DotA club for their annual tournament. All levels of experience and skill are welcome. Email bswan@wes to register or ask questions. GL HF!

Date: Saturday, February 18
Time: 8:00 pm – 7:00 am (yes, you read that correctly)
Place: PAC Lab (PAC 100)
Cost: $0

Super Mario musical auditions

Audition for the senior thesis musical project of Anthony Martello ’10, based on Super Mario:

The story takes place in the original 2D Mario Brothers setting. In short, Mario becomes tired of his monotonous life in the Mushroom Kingdom. He wishes he could escape it all and move far away. In a freak accident, he gets transported to the “real world” as we see it, and soon learns that life outside of the video game world is not as easy as he thought. Now he just needs to get back home.

If you’re interested in auditioning, auditions will be held next week from Wednesday through Friday (Feb. 3 – 5). The auditions will be happening from 4:20 – 6:20 each of the three days, and will be held in the Usdan Basement Multipurpose Room. Sign-up sheets will be located in the Music Studios lobby. The parts in the musical are: Mario (Tenor); Toad (Baritone); Peach (Soprano); Bowser (Bass); Luigi; and the Koopas [either male or female].

Come prepared with something to sing that will showcase your vocal presence, range, technique, and style. Feel free to bring a monologue to perform as well (memorization is not required). Get excited – this is going to be a buttload of fun!!

Date: Wednesday- Friday, February 3-5
Time: 4:20 – 6:20 pm
Place: Usdan MPR room

Super Mario musical seeks crew members

piranha plantAnthony Martello ’10 is looking for some key crew members to help manage his senior thesis musical about Super Mario this spring. That’s right – a live-action musical about Super Mario. Are you gonna miss your chance to tell people you helped produce a musical about Super Mario in college?

Only at Wesleyan. Details:

It has bits of all of the classic tunes that everyone loves!

I need a stage manager, an assistant stage manager, and a few set designers. The stage managers keep track of the actors, keep notes during rehearsals, run tech week, call cues during the play, and organize & generally coordinate all technical aspects of the play including the designers. The set designers help plan and build the set.

Auditions will be held near the beginning of the semester, and the musical will go on the weekend of April 2 – April 4 at the ’92 Theater with the help of Second Stage.

Anyone who is interested in any of these positions or helping out with any aspect of the musical should email me as soon as possible at amartello@wes. Thanks so much for all of the help!

Imagine this, with actual instruments and higher production values: