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Multiplayer Madness @ ADP


Come this Thursday to the Alpha Delt living room for Multiplayer Madness. There will be a number of TVs set up with some of your favorite games.

Want to be a Rock star? We’ve got a Band for you to join.

Want to Smash some Bros? We’ve got that too.

Don’t like having many pixels? Come play Atari.

What: Multiplayer Madness
When: Thursday, October 1st, from 8-10
Where: Alpha Delt Living Room

Sign-up for Video Game Workshop with Alum

Jeremy Bernstein, a Wesleyan Alum, will be offering a hands on Video Game Workshop for students on Nov. 7th, 9AM -12 Noon.

He is the designer and creator of Truth Invaders, an on-line game exposing untrue statements made by politicians.

Graduating from Wesleyan University a BA and MA in biochemistry, he left the sciences to pursue a MFA in screenwriting at USC. There his life-long interest in games led him to get involved with the Interactive Media program and with the Electronic Arts funded Game Innovation Lab.

He has since written and designed multiple “serious” and educational games, ranging from the on-line political call-to-action puzzle The Redistricting Game to the NSF funded first-person-shooter/high-school-immunology-textbook Immune Attack. He has also designed and written training games for groups ranging from intelligence analysts at the National Counter-Terrorism Center to emergency pediatric specialists at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Contact Lea Carlson at lcarlson@wesleyan.edu to reserve one of the few openings.

Date: Friday, November 7
Time: 9 am – 12 noon

Guitar Hero 3 competition: today!

Rock out with your… guitar… out? The Cardinal Technology Center (located in Usdan) is hosting a Guitar Hero 3 competition! It’s sponsored by Skull Candy, and there will be prizes. You can drop in and practice on their sweet 42” HDTV and Sony Playstation 3!

Sign up by 3:30 this afternoon to get in on the action.

Date: Today, May 8
Time: 4:00 – 6:00 PM
Location: Cardinal Technology Center

Superimposed Super Mario

Hey Wesleyan, it’s me Isaac. Yeah I’m abroad in Scotland but I’m still going to post random, awesome videos on Wesleying.

Normally when somebody uses an emulator to produce a video from a game, the emulator just shows their final trial. If they mess up and have to rewind 2 seconds and try a part over and over to get a jump right, all you see is the perfect jump in the video. However in this clip, you see every trial superimposed. The creator compares this to quantum mechanics, because eventually the 140 trials collapse into one successful run.

The video comes from Kaizo Mario World, a hacked version of super mario world made incredibly difficult. For more information or to create your own videos, check out this link. Even if you don’t care about the science, this video is really, really cool!

Bonus: Videos that I enjoyed recently:
James Bond Crocodile Jump Stunt Attempts (and success)
200 People Freezing in Place at Grand Central Station
Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon revenge music video [NSFW]Tips for Yahoo to negotiate

The Week in Now

  • Ironically, Joe Newman ’09‘s comic dissing Gawker ended up on Gawker and hence legitimized Wesleyan’s place as the most annoying, pretentious, “privelledged” liberal arts college. (But really, who among us did not see this coming?)
  • In other news, as if Bob Allen’s racist wordvomit wasn’t enough to leave skidmarks in the GOP’s panties this month (with Daily Show coverage, of course), recently-elected president of the Young Republican National Federation, Glenn Murphy Jr. burns an unfortunate legacy for himself as that creepy dude who tries to perform unwanted sex acts on sleeping college guys. I like this article because it paints the Young Republican National Federation in my mind as an organization led by fat, closeted vampires.
  • Got Health Insurance? Young adults between 19 and 29 make up the largest group of the uninsured. Incoming froshies and rising sophies, if you’re on your parents’ health insurance, you might want to have them check their policy to see how much longer it’ll cover you. I have had a couple of friends this year get dropped from their parents’ coverage or state coverage without notice.
  • And a related warning to incoming frosh: the default plan Wesleyan puts you on if you’re uninsured *sucks* (I know because I’m on it and it alone). Covers pretty much nothing short of getting your arms ripped off by a rampaging chimpanzee. But it’s coverage, you know, still, in case you do get your arms ripped off by a rampaging chimpanzee.
  • In New Haven, two computers stolen from Yale last month contained the social security numbers of over 10,000 students, faculty and staff, jeopardizing their financial records. Well, I’d say that trumps our Ambien Hackgate 2007, don’t you?
  • Lastly, this will probably affect very, very few people, but in VIDEO GAME NEWS, I just read that Beautiful Katamari will be coming out on the wii now and not on the PS3 or 360 (which just dropped its price a pitiful $20). But, Guitar Hero III is still coming out on my dinky, yet awesomely cheap PS2, so I’m good on systems I think for another year since realistically, I shouldn’t be playing video games this year anyway with the, what, six billion things I need to do before I graduate.
  • Edit: A commenter informs us that BK will be coming out on the 360. Because I have no 360, I did not pay attention because I’m horrible. I’m sorry :(.

The Curse of Monkey Island Radio Drama!

A grog-swillin’, side-splittin’ radio drama based on the immortal LucasArts adventure game, on this its 10th anniversary!

Join ‘Mighty Pirate’ Guybrush Threepwood on an epic quest to save his beloved Elaine from a terrible voodoo curse! Ghosts, cannibals, zombie pirates…and El Pollo Diablo – this week on the Waterpipe Theatre.

The Curse of Monkey Island…Part One!

Date: Saturday, April 14th
Time: 2 pm – 3 pm
Place: 88.1 FM or Streaming from wesufm.org/listen.html

Friday’s Smashing Good Time!

Following the success of last week’s Rocking Good time, we’ll be holding another event this Friday afternoon:


Yes, come to Fauver Frosh lounge from 4-6 p.m. for this Smashing good time. I’ll be making coffee for everybody*, so bring your caffeine addiction!

Date: Friday, February 16th
Time: 4-6
Place: Fauver Frosh Lounge

Bang on the window downstairs if you need to get in.

Holly, i’m not sure who’s bringing the gamecube, but we have lots of controllers.

*By making coffee, i mean putting my 4-cup coffee maker at full capacity while also “borrowing” coffee from Mocon.

Enormous video games

Alpha Delt is projecting video games onto a wall and…well…playing them…projected…onto a wall…tomorrow night. No word as to what games will actually be played, but Laina has requested Katamari, so who knows?

Name: Enormous video games
Date: Tuesday, September 26th
Time: 8pm-11pm
Venue: Alpha Delt