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VIDEO: Wes Students Comment on Trump’s Election

Katie Shewfelt ’20 and Daniel Osofsky ’20 posted a film of student reactions to the election of the presidential candidate who I will refuse to name, in the tactical vein of Michelle Obama. The video features students commenting on the very disturbing realities that the most marginalized in this country are experiencing in the current moment. Give it a watch:

Submit to the Subway Ride: TIME

From Haenah Kwon ’17:

tsrIT’S ABOUT TIME. The Subway Ride, the all-inclusive human expression magazine, is accepting submissions for our Fall’16 magazine and blog, and it is, indeed, about TIME. You know the rules, submit any work (anonymously or not) you have as long as you think it is respectful to others and is vaguely- or closely- related to our theme. Be creative!

We accept videos and sounds/music in addition to printable works.
We will also have boxes traveling around campus (related to ‘REGRETS’ and ‘TIME TRAVEL) (especially near bathrooms and cafes) where you can submit anonymous short pieces, so watch out for those.

Email everything to thesubwayride[at]gmail[dot]com.
More info: thesubwayride.weebly.com

We are, after all, cans of pine-apples (points for you if you get the reference).

Eclectic in the 90s (feat. An Electric Chair)

“A place where strange people can come together and do strange things,” says radical (but still chill) dudebro Benjy while sitting on a giant red velvet chair. Benjy is a member of Eclectic duh.

A friend showed me this video today, and I couldn’t help but think that this is some ridic Wesleyan episode of MTV’s The Real World from 1994. The first 2 minutes of this random ass video are dedicated to 90s Eclectic for some reason. But, anyways, this has inspired me to “let my freak flag fly” and will thus be adopting this aesthetic for the next 2 weeks:

Opening and Gallery Talk: “Light of the East” Exhibition

light of the east exhibitionFrom the CFA and the Center for East Asian Studies:

Prominent Korean digital artists Youngho Kim and Jisong Lee examine the “beauty of movement in silence” through photography and video in their first exhibition outside Korea. Both artists build on their long careers in fashion and commercial work to create works that examine the core principals hiding behind what we see, and provide an opening to re-explore, in a contemporary light, the topic of whether the world that we are living in is a dream.

A luncheon buffet will be served following the gallery talk by Curator Patrick Dowdey.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 12-1 PM
Place: College of East Asian Studies Gallery

More info on the CEAS website.

Student and Alum Testimonial Video: “Mahurin Is Why”

The students, advisees, mentees, and friends of Professor Sarah Mahurin invite you to watch this testimonial video where they explain how she has shaped their Wesleyan careers and why they think she should stay at Wesleyan University. For further reading and research, check out the profusion of WesSpeaks (there are many, click on all these links), or the article previously posted on Wesleying.

If you have questions, comments, or want to get involved, email Melody Oliphant ’13 and Elsa Hardy ’14 at moliphant[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and ehardy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

The petition can be found here.

The video was filmed and produced by the talented Jonathan Hardy P’14.

WeSNL YouTube Launch

wesnl photo

Straight from the cast and crew over at WeSNL:

Are you a fan of funny? Well guess, what, we’ve got it and we’re ready to show you!

Wesleyan’s one and only video sketch comedy troupe is now LIVE on the interwebs! We’re so excited for you to see what we’ve been working on – and you can do it right from the comfort of your own home!

Check us out on YouTube and Facebook RIGHT NOW. Seriously, right now. Stop reading this. You should be there, not here. Go. Now. Go.

WeSNL is:
Peter Cornillie ’15
Jesse Brooks ’16
Peter Hazel ’16
Charlie Martin ’16
Adi Slepack ’16
Emma Hagemann ’17
Paola Maseda ’17
Alexandra Spirtes ’17
Sofia Taylor ’17
Jessica Wolinsky ’17

Date: Saturday, March 29th
Time: Now ’til forever!
Place: The Internet
Cost: Priceless

New Stop Motion Movie from Raphael Linden ’15

Almost a year since he wowed audiences with his mind-bending hit “Homonucleus with Milk“, the deft, stop-motion hand of Raphael Linden ’15 has struck again with yet another short video that is as beautiful as it is terrifying. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see serveral close-ups of Linden’s open orifices.

We at Wesleying have been honored to watch Linden’s evolution as an aspiring animator. One thing’s for sure the kid’s come a long way since his upbeat, 2012 masterpiece “Threshold Dances“.

Oh and just a heads up – this one is decidedly strobey so epileptics be warned. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.30.17 PM

Video: The Bea’les Make WestCo Skybridge a Thing Again

Here’s some shoddy video footage from The Bea’les‘ now annual (and sadly under-advertised) performance yesterday afternoon on the WestCo Skybridge, a venue that could always use more love. That’s John Ryan ’14 screaming the McCartney vocals on “Oh! Darling,” and if you squint pretty hard, you can sort of see Mickey Capper ’13 climbing over the fence thing. The image quality is terrible because I had to reduce it in order to be able to upload this video on Wesleyan Internet speed, but on the bright side the sound is pretty good.

The band broke away from its typical one-Beatles-album-in-its-entirety format to perform various highlights from The White Album, Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s, and Rubber Soul. Here’s “I’m So Tired”:

Harlem Shake Wesleyan-Style

Update: This event has been postponed for reasons explained in the comments section.

Katey Spinner ’15 invites you to Foss:

Here’s what’s going to happen (you know the drill)- a few people will be dancing, then cut to all of us dancing NAKED (or in underwear whatevs) or wearing something brightly colored. ok cool wesleyan style.

Date:Today, April 5
Time:3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.
Place: Foss Hill
Facebook: Event link

Complete Video: Panel on Guns and Gun Violence

Back in February, just before winter storm Nemo crippled most of campus, the CFA Hall hosted “Guns and Gun Violence: Crisis, Policy and Politics,” a panel discussion featuring various visiting scholars. Chaired by Wesleyan’s own Professor of History and African-American Studies Leah Wright, the discussion involved professors Saul Cornell, Kristin A. Goss, and Matthew Miller from Fordham, Duke, and Harvard, respectively—a rather stacked lineup of experts. The room was packed, but in his reflection on the discussion that ensued, Wesleying’s justice described it as an echo chamber of predominantly left-leaning views:

While I will happily advocate for the liberal solution for many issues (with appropriate data as backup), I would also like to hear what people with “non-traditionally-Wesleyan” opinions have to say, especially with an issue as explosive as gun control. And this event would have been a perfect opportunity to bring in a panelist with a non-liberal perspective. But we didn’t. And we can tell ourselves all we want that this was because the “other side” simply isn’t correct, but in the end, that’s the real problem—we’re just talking to ourselves.

If you missed the event but remain interested, the Allbritton Center for Building Names That Sound Like Robots has only recently managed to post the entire thing on YouTube. Judge for yourself—watch it below, or at this link.