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Video: Precision Dance Flash Mobs Board of Trustees

For the second time this year, a determined group of Wesleyan students has disturbed a Board of Trustees gathering. And for the second time, President Roth ’78 has written about it on his blog. This instance wasn’t an activist effort to draw attention to lack of student input in trustee affairs (and I’m guessing it won’t result in any SJB charges). It was a flash mob by Precision Dance Troupe. As the University’s official YouTube channel explains:

On March 1, Wesleyan University announced at a dinner for trustees a $400M campaign to support access, inquiry, and impact. Wesleyan’s Precision Dance Troupe surprised the audience with music and dance. This Is Why.

Here’s the video footage. Watch closely at 1:56, when Bradley Whitford ’81 recites the entire Decathlon scene from Billy Madison on the spot. Just kidding, that doesn’t happen.

Amanda Palmer ’98 on “The Art of Asking”

A lot has happened to Amanda Palmer ’98 in the past few years: she formed a new band, told a major label company to fuck off, raised $1.2 million with a crowdfunding campaign, and released a new album (which, if you haven’t listened to, is available for free/with donations on her website).

Most recently, she gave a speech to TED on her crowdfunding campaign, titled “The Art of Asking”:

The speech itself is both informative and inspirational. It’s  idealistic, yet it has also proven itself to be pragmatic. It is the true spirit of the arts that we would like to see replicated by all. How many times have we passed on an exhibition because we didn’t want to pay $25 dollars for an admission ticket? How many concerts have we missed because the tickets were too expensive? How many of us has felt guilty for downloading music instead of buying it?

Call for Video Editor for Brighter Dawns

Brighter DawnsDo you have video editing experience without any projects to work on? Alex Irace ’15 wants to fix that:

Brighter Dawns is looking for an experienced video editor to create a video about our mission: to improve health and sanitation in the impoverished communities of Bangladesh. We will provide all the information and media to be included in the video. It’s a great opportunity for anyone pursuing film production and you’ll be supporting a great cause!

Check out the Brighter Dawns website for more information.

If you’re interested, email Alex Irace at airace(at)wes(dot)edu.

Video: Columbia Prof Strips in Front of Class, Assumes Fetal Position

Note to Wes: here’s how to make NSM credits less of a chore.

Because Quantum Mechanics and dadaist performance art go together like peas and carrots, Columbia University Professor of Physics, Emlyn Hughes, was spotted yesterday stripping to his boxers, donning a hoodie and sunglasses, attacking a stuffed animal with a samurai sword, and assuming the fetal position to the tune of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”—all in front of a full lecture class.  Oh, and apparently ninjas and puppets were involved in the harrowing display, too. At any rate, it turns out the only effective way to learn Quantum Mechanics is to “strip to your raw, erase all the garbage from your brain, and start over again.”

Students Take on High Weshop Prices in New Video

Here’s a fun one from my dude Jacky Coyne ’13, along with Chris Lee ’13 and Kieran Coyne ’16. Annoyed by the inflated Weshop price of Jack and Chris’ beloved Frosted Flakes, the boys hop over to Price Chopper to see if they can do better with an assortment of groceries. The results may or may not surprise you.

Check out the sweet video above, featuring the instrumental from Clique and a guest text message from El Presidente Roth. Exciting stuff.

Photos: Wesleyan Braves Ice Age For Iceage, Literally (Almost)

Sorry I couldn’t find a way to incorporate the movie Ice Age into the headline.

And we’re back. Just an hour or two after Christopher Owens romanced the Chapel, Danish punks Iceage stormed the newly constructed side stage at Eclectic, topping off what must be the best Chapel/Eclectic double feature since My Brightest Diamond vs. Bear Hands nearly two years ago to the date. Perhaps because it’s the first concert night of the semester and no one has homework (or maybe because of the dearth of punk shows last semester), a surprisingly substantial population of WesKids braved the arctic temperatures for an aptly named headliner. There was moshing and crowdsurfing and all that hooligan stuff, and the acclaimed Danish quartet held their own, alternating between 2011’s New Brigade and the upcoming You’re Nothing for a satisfying 40 minutes of punishing, rhythm-heavy noise-punk. In the words of energetic frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, “Shout-out to all the frat boys. This song is not about you.”

Here is some shoddily filmed footage from Iceage’s set. If you squint hard near the end, you can sort of make out the singer grabbing Jesse Ross-Silverman ’13 by the hair:

The Rooks Go Pro, Reflect on 2012

Ahoy! It’s been a good while since we’ve last heard of the long lost band The Rooks since they left Wes to the real world AKA “beyond the outer-rim,” but dry your eyes, don’t you cry, I come bearing good news and sugar treats! Above is a brand new video the Rooks released on New Years to reflect on 2012. It’s a Stevie Wonder medley the band performed at their live show in the ’92 in April, and it features the Mad Wow horn section and guests vocalists Claire Randall and Bridget Read.

The Rooks’ own Garth Taylor ’12, who says the Rooks will be releasing more material from that show in the coming months, comes bearing word:

We’ve performed pretty steadily in New York since we left M-town in May. We opened up for Talib Kweli at the Highline Ballroom in September, which was a total blast, and performed at the Bitter End and other NY hot spots. Gabe Gordon ’11 (keys) and I actually took a day trip today to perform an acoustic-y set at Midnight on Main, and took a little stroll around College Row. Our last live full band show was in October—we took three months off to prepare new material for an EP we’re going to be recording in January.

Music and Public Life Class Produces Video Supporting “Equal Access To Higher Education”

Remember when Antonin Scalia Ross Gormley ’13 asked you to send in pictures and videos that communicated your perspective of the Wesleyan campus? If you sent any in, you just might see them below.  The following video was produced as a final project for the class Music Movements in a Capitalist Democracy, which you might know as Music and Public Life, or perhaps the class Dar Williams ’89 teaches when she’s not busy tearing up Wesleyan Thinks Big. Edit: Actually it’s for Music and Public Life, which is its own course and was taught by Mark Slobin. Sorry for the error.

Marissa Schnitman ’14 explains the video’s motivations:

For their final project, Wesleyan’s Music and Public Life class has produced a video to express their support of equal access to higher education. In response to the confusion, controversy, and divisiveness surrounding the shift in need blind policy on campus and in the media, the class created this video to remind alumni to preserve a commitment to support the Wesleyan community unconditionally. The video encourages us to set aside politics and perspectives about University decisions. This is about helping the Wesleyan community move forward. This is about our shared dedication to equal access to higher education. Help keep Wesleyan accessible to everyone. Help “Keep Wesleyan Weird.”

Finals Week Fireworks Outside Olin

No one’s quite sure why members of the classes of 2014 and 2015 just set off fireworks outside Olin, but who’s complaining? As Syed just reported from Wesleying’s Olin Liveblog, Olin seems to be collapsing into chaos in general:

The first floor of Olin is quickly devolving. Fireworks bursting just outside seem to have disrupted the collective focus. Now, a toy mini-football is being thrown around. Lots of chatter, laughter.

An anonymous tipster sent Wesleying the above video, which captures the fiery spectacle above Andrus. Shortly after I received a text consisting of “Did You See The Fireworks?”, which is like a mash-up of two Animal Collective songs, which is dope. Happy Finals Week!