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Audition for WeSNL!

From the hilarious Jessica Wolinsky ’17:

Want to have your first kiss? This isn’t the place for that.

Wesleyan’s OLDEST and ONLY video sketch comedy group, WeSNL, is looking for new actors, writers, filmmakers, editors, and lap dancers. No need to have experience in any/one of these categories—we would love for you to come out no matter what!!

NICS LOUNGE (Fishbowl-looking lounge next to the Nics).
WEDNESDAY, September 10th.
FRIDAY, September 12th.
5-7 PM.

Check out our vids here. SEE YOU SOON!

Date: Wednesday, September 10th and Friday, September 12th
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: Nics Lounge

Music and Public Life Class Produces Video Supporting “Equal Access To Higher Education”

Remember when Antonin Scalia Ross Gormley ’13 asked you to send in pictures and videos that communicated your perspective of the Wesleyan campus? If you sent any in, you just might see them below.  The following video was produced as a final project for the class Music Movements in a Capitalist Democracy, which you might know as Music and Public Life, or perhaps the class Dar Williams ’89 teaches when she’s not busy tearing up Wesleyan Thinks Big. Edit: Actually it’s for Music and Public Life, which is its own course and was taught by Mark Slobin. Sorry for the error.

Marissa Schnitman ’14 explains the video’s motivations:

For their final project, Wesleyan’s Music and Public Life class has produced a video to express their support of equal access to higher education. In response to the confusion, controversy, and divisiveness surrounding the shift in need blind policy on campus and in the media, the class created this video to remind alumni to preserve a commitment to support the Wesleyan community unconditionally. The video encourages us to set aside politics and perspectives about University decisions. This is about helping the Wesleyan community move forward. This is about our shared dedication to equal access to higher education. Help keep Wesleyan accessible to everyone. Help “Keep Wesleyan Weird.”

Video Evidence: The Mash, According to Benjamin Travers

“Wesleyan National Convention!”

After two months, The Mash, otherwise known as that thing with all the bands in all the different places that was sort of like Spring Fling except not, has finally gotten the Ben Travers treatment. (Travers, the Wesleyan videographer, is the guy behind this MRoth Meets Elaine clip and this MRoth meets Carter Bays ’97 clip.) (The president appears in this clip, too—there’s a shot of him playing the keys at 00:41.) (Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t capture his dancing with A-Batte during Bear Hands.)

Set to Bear Hands’ “Belonging,” the video offers a bite-size overview of the dizzying array of music and public life (woah!) on display, with an admirable focus on all the groovy dancing happening during Bear Hands’ set, which somehow never manages to fall in sync with the “Belongings” soundtrack. It was screened for your parents at the unexpectedly political Parents’ Assembly during Homecoming Weekend, and now it’s floating around the Wesleyan main page and Connection, with this blurb attached to it: 

Photos: Peter Yarrow Singalong in Zelnick

Yesterday, legendary folk singer and political activist Peter Yarrow, along with professor and celebrated folk performer Dar Williams ’89, led a happening singalong in the Zelnick Pavilion.After a discussion with William’s “Music Movements in a Capital Democracy” class Yarrow and a group of about 60 students and guests headed to Zelnick for an afternoon of activist-themed songs.  Lyric sheets were passed around, and the singing began with the classic “This Little Light of Mine.”   Next came “Eyes on the Prize” and “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round.” Between selections, Yarrow shared stories of protesting in the 1960s and facing arrest for rallying against apartheid before everyone joined hands and sang “We Shall Overcome.”

Other songs included “If I Had a Hammer” and a beautiful finale of “Blowin’ in the Wind” (which wasn’t included in the lyric booklet, but people seemed to know all the words anyway).  Everyone in the room left with a big smile, if not tears of joy and inspiration.  

Photos and a couple of short videos are included after the jump. 

New Teen Force Auditions

Please watch this video from Stephan Stansfield ’13. It might change your life, or it might just tell you where and when you should audition for New Teen Force. It’s the least important video since KONY. I haven’t seen either one, but it’s what I’ve heard.

Senior Week Surprise: Fort Lean, Bear Hands Crash Eclectic House Party

“Hey, Wesleyan. We used to go here. Now we don’t.”

Are you there USA Today? It’s me, Zach.

Because the Douglas freaking Cannon isn’t enough surprise excitement for one twenty-four-hour span, Eclectic held its own alumni reunion of sorts in the ballroom last night, starring such notables as acclaimed indie-poppers Bear Hands (Dylan Rau ’07, Ted Feldman ’09, others) and Fort Lean (Keenan Mitchell ’09, Zach Fried ’08Jake Aron ’08Will Runge ’09, and Sam Ubl’ 08) alongside recent Spring Fling appetizer Peace Museum. As Pitchfork put it in 2010:

Does Wesleyan, the arty Connecticut liberal arts university, attract boys with raw, nasal voices and penchants for shimmering keyboards and huge waves of overdubbed psychedelic guitars to its halls, or does the school simply turn its students into those sorts of musicians?

Either way, it’s quite the way to network with alumni. Back in the day, Bear Hands was opening for MGMT in Beckham Hall. Today the band is a year-and-a-half removed from debut LP Burning Bush Supper Club—and about as far past its triumphant homecoming gig in Eclectic in January, 2011. The members remained just as invigorating live last night, merging shimmering indie psychedelia with propulsive post-punk rhythms while running through most of BBSC and about four or five new tracks.

Scroll on for video of “Crime Pays” and a full gallery of Bear Hands and Fort Lean. More (much more) on Bear Hands’ 2011 show here.

The Rooks Drops New Songs; Remains Indomitably Sexy

Alright, folks – listen up. Garth “Slutty Babies” Taylor ’12 just sent a delightful piece of news over to us here at the Wesleying offices. Lemme break it down for you point-by-point:

  • They have just released three new singles (Nothing Wrong, Sleepwalkin‘, and Hold On). You can find them on their Bandcamp Website, and you can taste them from the players after the jump. According to Garth, “The tracks were recorded by best bud and alum, Jared Paul ’11, during February.”
  • Also, they made a music video for Nothing Wrong. Directed by fluffy bunny Zach Valenti ’12, and stars a bunch of knick-nacks, and a fish named, “Wayne Proudfins.”
  • One more thing. Garth writes: “We’ve got a lot of great new original material that we’ll be debuting for this performance. For instance, be performing a full band version of Prince’s ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore.'” The cover can also be found after the jump.
  • He wraps up: “I think that’s all. Let me know if you need any more info (provided that I just shat a bunch of things on you).”

Random Plug: AoFC Dance Troupe

So there’s this kid, Sam “Pull Up Your Damn Pants” Choi ’12who I’m inclined to call a friend but really I owe a lot of poker money to so I’m partially paying back by doing this post but anyway:

Hi everyone,
We are AoFC and we are a group of students from Wesleyan University who love to dance!
The members in our group are Samuel Choi ’12, Rachel Lim ’14, Cole Mcnamee ’15, Jillian Roberts ’15, Sukhbat Seed ’15 and Leo Enverga ’14.
Please enjoy our dance covers and our own choreography! (Also……pls subscribe!)
Thank you so much for your support and views!
Follow us on Twitter @AoFCrew!
Peace & Love,
Seriously, bro. Getting tighter pants.

Shit Wesleyan Students Say: “Someone Should Make a ‘Shit Wesleyan Students Say’ Video”

This meme is old as shit, so consider this the obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” video to end all semi-amusing obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” videos, or something like that. Thank Jay Benedith ’14 for the cinematic project itself, and while you’re at it, thank A-Batte for the tip—thank God someone on staff here spends his nights scrolling through the “Wesleyan” tag on Tumblr instead of doing work. (Also thank me for not making another fecal/oral joke while writing about “SHIT” videos. Believe me, I tried.)

I would be remiss not to mention that The Ampersand has already produced its own illuminating collection of “shit” Wesleyan “students” “say.” Its items include, but are not limited to: 1) “We should go chill on Foss”; 2) “Look, there’s Michael Roth!”; and 3) “Wesleyan is located in Middletown, Connecticut.” On point, guys.

Ty Segall Breaks Hearts, Bass Drums, Vocal Mics, More Hearts

Three cheers for Ty Segall, the San Fran-based one-man-band garage-rocker who, despite a broken bass drum pedal and myriad other technical difficulties, brought love, sweat, and Black Sabbath covers to the Eclectic dining room last night.

Forget Segall’s latest, 2011’s sludgy if uncharacteristically restrained Goodbye Bread. Even without a backing band, Segall’s live show is a hell of a lot less hinged, cycling—unaccompanied—through solo originals, Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid,” and that one screaming blues cover that I think maybe is in Goodfellas (help, guys?) with equal abandon. Ty’s bass drum crashed, but the audience filled in graciously. All in all, way to kick off 2012’s freakish concert lineup. (More on this soon.) (Sadly, I missed Featherwood Bee, but post your impressions/photographs/videofilms/love notes/ransom letters in the comments.)

Images below—click on for an appropriately dark and muddy video clip, so you too can party like it’s 2001.

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