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View with a Room: The Nics Room That Reminds Me I Can’t Even Draw Stick Figures

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.34.41 PM

Welp, as if I weren’t already insecure about my inability to draw even the simplest two-dimensional shapes, Justin Liew ’18 is making it worse. He’s basically created his own version of The Louvre in his Nics dorm room.

Here’s something awesome: Justin had never sketched until coming to The Tech. “I’ve never drawn anything in my life before, so I jumped at the chance to take a Drawing I class in my first semester here!” he says. “Most of the drawings in my room were from that class. The focus of the class were nudes, so that’s what I mostly have.”

View with a Room: Call for Submissions


Got a great space to call your own? Have you transcended the limits of the cinder brick wall, plastic mattress and fluorescent light? We want views of your room. Not the view of a parking lot,  High Street, or that Rear Window- style, invasive view into someone else’s life. The inside.

It’s been almost a week.  The Ikea furniture has been assembled in a thirty-six-step-Swedish-diagram-style-process, the shower shoes are in their appropriate place, and it’s starting to feel like home. Let us see it. Send your pictures of your room, house, apartment, closet, kitchen…whatever space you think is worth sharing to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the subject line “view with a room.”Include some captions, or leave those to me. If you don’t have a camera, or have somehow avoided the iPhone, my camera and I will come attempt to capture that place you call home.

View with a Room: The Bennet Baseball Bungalow

“But then [people] always say something to the effect of, ‘it’s going to suck to take this down’…”

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.41.54 AM

Seriously, the frosh this year have truly outdone themselves. Behold the sports-clad fortress in Fauver/Bennet belonging to Chris Caines ’16 and Tim Israel ’16 (yes, that is his last name). Their room has become quite the legend amongst 2016ers. The space has 2,500 baseball cards lining the walls (and another thousand to be added this semester) and a blowup penguin named Sebastian as its centerpiece (the product of a two-hour trip to Walgreens).

“Chris decided to put some cards up one day and it looked extremely cool,” Tim explains. “We started talking about the idea of doing all of the walls and told our parents to send us all of our cards from home.”

“People usually are very surprised and amazed,” Chris adds. “But then they always say something to the effect of ‘it’s going to suck to take this down’.”

View With A Room: Buttloads of Space, Sunlight and Style in the Butts

Wardrobe View

Despite living in the “not-newly-renovated second floor of Butts C,” Rachel Fox ’16 has a kick-ass dorm room.

Perhaps most commendable is her innovative use of bleak dorm furniture. After situating her wardrobe diagonally in the corner of the room “to give the space more of an open feeling,” Rachel has perched her three-shelf bookcase on its side atop the wardrobe to create three skinny cubbies.
Phenomenal space-saving skills? She’s got ’em. Ability to reach tall things? I sure hope so.

View with a Room: The Psychedelic Fortress of Butt A

Wesleying’s View with a Room series kicks off this semester with Eric Lonergan ’15, who’s managed to craft what is probably the most psychedelic Butts single ever—at least since Nat Leich ’12 tin-foiled the walls of his Butt C single to make it look more like a spaceship. Lonergan’s room might be even better. Complete with a mind-expanding ensemble of psychedelic imagery, some sort of lava lamp, the unmissable Houses of the Holy album cover, and a Dark Side of the Moon-emblazoned instrument case, it mostly makes me want to don my dad’s leather vest and go to an Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert. Here’s Lonergan’s explanation:

I like to keep my environment as psychedelic as possible. All the colors and patterns merging into each other help me maintain my awareness of how everything is and always will be interconnected. I live in Butt A 243.

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srsly guys y arent any of u selfabsurbed enuf 2 take room pix

No, guys, what the heck? Don’t you want everyone to see what your room looks like? Come on. I asked about it weeks ago. Don’t make me that guy who keeps asking to see your room all the time (I promise, that’s it! Nothing weird!). Even if you’re not ready for a Lifehacker feature like “tobobo” ’13 clearly is, you can at least do better than whoever lives in the luxury suite pictured above, right? Right? No? You won’t email staff[at]wesleying[dat]org just for the heck of it? Come on, maybe you’ll go viral or some shit. That could be cool. Take a picture of your friend’s room and submit it without telling them. That couldn’t possibly end badly! Just do it!

Fine, then. I didn’t want to see it anyway. I was just trying to be nice when I asked. God. It’s Saturday, I could be, like, having, like, so much, like, fun, or like, whatever. You know?


View with a Room: show us urs n well show u ours…….

Need an incentive to clean up your room? (I know I do.) Need a reward for having your setup finalized weeks ago? (Great job!) Are you a vain motherfucker? (…)

Us fine folks here at Wesleying take part in a more-or-less regular series we have to like to call “View with a Room” (check that link to see past installments). We ask readers like you — preferably students, though we’ll also inadvertently accept submissions from non-students clever enough to evade our detection — to send in pictures of your rooms, with a few words attached to give some context to the images we’re seeing. All class years are welcome – dorm rooms may seem the obvious default, but if you’re living in an apartment or house and decked out your common area, or youre the girl whose room in our house we share happens to actually be two rooms, and you decided to convert the outer one into an upstairs lounge, show us that, too.

When it comes down to it, this feature series is just another way in which Wesleying strives for the same lofty goal as always: let students speak for themselves about what student life is really like here. Or at least, that’s what we tell ourselves when the tears begin to flow. So please, don’t   let me start bawling in Usdan for the second time this semester. Find a friend who’s into photography, put the pizza boxes and Dubra handles under the bed, and send your view — with a room  — to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. We’d also really love it if you included “View with a Room” in the title, so we can keep things sorted nicely. Click past the jump for a few that have already been on the blog, just in case some kid two years ago literally had exactly the same idea as you.

WESCR1B$ STRIKES BACK: Peeping Tom Edition

Aaaaand we’re back, winding into routine after a strenuous few weeks of instant Netflix and unwritten cover letters. Last semester, Wesleying’s WESCR1B$ feature brought us deep into the state-of-the-art home-entertainment coliseum of the Command Center, the soft-light hominess of Ethan Young ’13’s Lo Rise A5, and the Ikea-style furnishing ingenuity of Elle Markell ’14’s Hewitt roomall without leaving the comfort of this here WordPress dashboard.

This round, things are getting a little more sinistwell, I’ll let 200 Church’s Sophia Massey ’15 speak for hirself. (Also, submit your room!)

WESCR1B$, Part Three: Hewitt Room

Our survey of your WESCR1B$ continues, and Elle Markell ’14 sends in pictures of her Hewitt room, where she efficiently and stylishly uses the room’s space. Elle also appears to own a really boss Frigidaire fridge (with a separate freezer compartment!). I highly recommend it! Elle writes: 

I put the bed on the floor and added a body pillow so that it could double as a couch. The balcony chairs and table are from Ikea, as are the lamps and the bedside table/crate. On the walls are various polaroids and other personal photographs, a Frank Lloyd Wright calendar, and a few band posters.

For WESCR1B$ room inspiration, click here, here, and/or here. Procrastinate (or efficiently schedule your time) by sending pics of your room, hovel, tipi, or couch and fun descriptions of them to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org!

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WESCR1B$, Part Two: Lo Rise A5

While you’re studying for finals and getting free vibrators, find some time to send us pictures of your WE$CR1B! If you call your room “The Command Center ;),” we want to see why!
Ethan Young ’13 sends in lovely pictures of his softly-lit Lo Rise apartment (the above picture is of the tastefully decorated and nicely rug-ed common room). 
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Young’s description of the upstairs (no need to be apologetic for the lighting, your room still looks cozy):