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View With a Room, Part One: The Command Center

We want to see where you live. No, seriously. We do. Last week we posted a call for WESCR1B$ submissions: straight-up pixxxs of your interior decorating messterpieces, your wall-to-wall carpeting and silk poppies and homemade bird mobiles and bizarre uses of duct tape. You don’t need to have a blog or nothing like that. Digital camera and internet access work fine.

The pic above displays Peter Chu ’14’s room in the Butts, appropriately christened “The Command Center.” If the poster of Vincent and Jules doesn’t shout the message: Chu isn’t joking around. I kind of get the sense that this room needs to be seen, heard, and vibrated to be understood, but for now, Chu’s description will have to do:

The Command Center: equipped with a custom computer (hand-built by me), a  1080p 32 inch tv, an X Box 360, and a 5.1 surround sound speaker system that can be heard from WesWings (I live in the Butts). This is what you miss out on in an Occupy Wall Street tent.

Praise to Chu! Sincere sympathies to his next door neighbor(s).

Want to send in your room (house, microhouse, tent, apartment, whatever) for a post? Email photos (and some descriptions) to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Include where you live, or how you live, or why you live in the email. We’ll take care of the rest. (For past posts, click here and here and here and here.

View with a Room: WESCR1B$

Do you decorate with ponies?

What does YOUR room say about YOU? We really want to see your rooms! There’s probably some cool stuff in them! Are you especially proud of the way you arranged furniture? Do you have nice tapestries? Is there a hammock on your balcony? Does your minimalist attitude inspire your eerily bare walls?  Send us pictures of them, please. The last time we did this, we saw rooms decked out with carpeting and wallpaper and faux-ethnic decor. Now that you’ve had a few months to settle in, we’d like to compile pictures of your rooms for other people to see!

This particular room belongs to a WestCo duct tape aficionado. The majority of wall art is made of duct tape. Weird and creative things are encouraged in this feature! Normal (which is still cool) things are encouraged too! We would love to see how our fellow Wespeople are living, without having to lurk outside your bedroom window.

Send pictures from Houses, Microhouses, Apartments, Dorm rooms, Occupy tents,  misc. shelters to  Staff(at)Wesleying(dot)org with some captions (or I might have to over analyze the juxtaposition of your Mad Men and The Adventures of Tintin posters).


View with a Room: Awesome Rooms That You Didn’t Know Were Awesome

Last week’s first View with a Room post got me thinking about the vast amount of unacknowledged history attached to so many of the dorms on campus—in particular, the legendary alums that may or may not have once lived in your room. Then I noticed the easy availability of old Wesleyan directories in Olin, floor 3A. (Maybe it’s not so pointless after all, eh?) Thus, after a bit of archival digging, I present a partial guide to rooms at Wesleyan once inhabited by various favorite alumni. If you live in one of these rooms today, brag in the comments section; your room is a piece of history!

View with a Room: First Installment

Looks like I was right…you do have cool rooms! Keep sending us pictures (and remember, you can also commission us to take high quality (…) photos of your place if you so desire). Here are some views of a classy, coffee-themed abode belonging to Alex Bernson ’11:

I maximized space in my room by pushing my bed and everything else to the edges. I geek out hard on espresso machines, so that’s kind of my version of muscle car posters. I cut out a lot of the other images from old books, calendars, magazines and maps from goodwill.

View with a Room

While Middletown may not be Florence, and the view from your room might be some guy upchucking on a particularly festive Saturday night, I bet you have some pretty cool stuff in your room. And by now, you’ve had time to properly arrange it all (or, in my case, get a nice big pile of clothes/books/papers/everything started in the corner).

Way back when we did things like this (and this), and well, I’m thinking we should do it again. So send pictures of your room, apartment, house, closet…whatever you’ve got to staff(at)wesleying.org. Include captions, or leave me to make some up. If you can’t take some pictures yourself, we’ll send out a trained staff photographer to capture your creativity.* Got a crafty side? We want to see that. Have you exactly reproduced one of those showrooms in Ikea? We want that, too (kindof). To whet your appetite, here’s my room from freshman year:


Although at first I thought that brown stuff on the wall was corkboard (cool), it was actually….wallpaper. But hey, could be worse!

Also, since I’ve been digging through the archives, check out this post on block posters and the rasterbater (for those of you who have wall space to fill…)
And just for kicks, see this designsponge post about making a bedside table out of books (because really, what else are you going to do with your copy of The Fossil Trail?)

*me and my digital camera