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Wes Alums Concoct Music Video Extravaganza: “Peonies” by Sarah Dooley

Full of pop culture references, science experiments, and an upbeat indie-pop sound, the music video for Sarah Dooley’s first single, “Peonies,” definitely has Wesleyan written all over it.

Wes alums Conor Byrne ’11, Tyler Byrne ’09, and Robert Alvarez ’11 joined forces with the New York-based singer-songstress to create a “musical short film” that would both encompass the energy of Dooley’s music and tell a musical story. To accrue the funds for the project, the group started a kickstarter campaign, which met and exceeded their $5,000 goal—undoubtedly due to Sarah’s palpable charisma and sense of humor, as seen in the video she posted on the fundraising site.

After weeks of fleshing out the details, filming took place in the summer of 2012 in New York City with the help of even more Wesleyan alumni, including Aude Cuenod ’09, Andrew Gladstone ’11, Mat Larkin ’11, and senior Augustin Vita ’13. The video was inspired by a combination of studio-era Hollywood musicals, “weird science,” and the elusive concept of true love, culminating in a visually appealing and compelling end result, which was posted on Vimeo approximately a week ago.

For more about the video, Sarah Dooley, and the Byrne Brothers, read after the jump.

Gangnam Style Comes to the Vegan Section

Guys. Think of Gangnam Style. Now think of the Usdan vegan section. Now think of Gangnam Style. Now think of the Usdan vegan section. Now imagine both at the same time. With a bunch of Bon Appetit staffers dancing.

Thanks to the noble efforts of Jacob Santos ’14, now you can. I have no further comments, but I’m glad this exists.

Because of privacy settings, I can’t embed the video in question, so watch it for yourself here.

Bernstein ’10 Continues Music Video Career

“Bad Island” writer and multi-band mastermind Ben Bernstein ’10, sometimes known as B C B, sends in yet another homespun music video from the Wes/Brooklyn industrial complex. This one’s for “The Bad Man,” a mesmerizing and bizarre track by freak-folky Bennington College artist Trevor Wilson, who records with a vocal ensemble. Filmed in Crown Heights and BedStuy, the video employs a handful of fittingly creepy images, including facial closeups and a charismatic rabbit. Bernstein, who directed, writes:

“The Bad Man” is a song by Trevor Wilson about getting your identity taken. These Bennington folks make cool music. I felt that this song was about being so upset that it just kind of becomes beautiful… that a human can feel anything that much.

Brian Papish ’10 was DP and Andrew Gladstone ’11 also shot some of it. Hope you guys enjoy it/aren’t vegetarian.

The humans in the video are all Bennington students or alums, though Bernstein adds: “Filming a hunting-heat seeking python while holding a warm light was a lotta fun.” For more of Bernstein’s recent work, see “PRISM.”

Seretan ’10 Drops Video, “What Would You Do if You Were Me?”

Earlier this semester we posted about New Space, a fantastic new indie-rock-meets-ambient recording by Duchampion alumnus and all-around genius emeritus Ben Seretan ’10, who skipped the Superbowl and hung out in his friend’s Greenpoint studio to record the five tracks. “The whole thing was recorded with nothing more than guitars, amps, and delay pedals,” I raved at the time, “which is especially a feat given how freaking full and textured it sounds, like a loving tribute to the sheer layers of sound the instrument can produce.” (Am I a fanboy or am I a fanboy?)

Today, Seretan sends word of a new video he completed for “What Would You Do If You Were Me?,” his whopping nine-minute opener. As you can see from the embed above, it’s green and hazy and fuzzy and blue in all the right places—a mostly perfect visual counterpart to Seretan’s textured, slow-burning guitar compositions. It’s an all around Wes party, too: the video was directed and produced by Angus McCullough ’10, with mad help from Sam Jones ’10 and Josh Koenig ’09. Check out their finished result here, or scroll on for a very brief explanatory interview with Seretan himself.

“Stoppe-Mowtion” Swiss Army Knife Loves Post-Punk, Hates Shoelaces

You guys’ll never believe what A Jean-Hole Hating  student ’14 sent me earlier today. It seems homeslice Raphael Linden ’15 has figured out how to make inanimate objects move on their own! What the hell?! Apparently, playing them some New Order does the trick:

Seriously, if anyone can figure out what the hell is making these things move, please tell me. This could be a major breakthrough in film – imagine a whole bunch of artists making short and feature-length works where inanimate objects just move! Freaky!!!

Bernstein ’10 Directs, Produces Hip Hop Video

PRISM from Ben Bernstein on Vimeo.

Ben Bernstein ’10, better known round this blog as the esteemed (and dearly missed) B C B, has made a successful foray into the cutthroat world of hip hop video production!

You might remember Bernstein for “Bad Island,” his senior thesis slash opera, or his work with the bands Cous Cous and Decora. More recently, Bernstein completed a video for up-and-coming-but-not-quite-googlable rapper Jared (“I was so compelled hearing how adventurous this rap is that I wanted to make the video”), and it’s got more WesKids than Jamaica’s got mangos. More specifically: Gianna Palmer ’10 co-stars, Brian Papish ’10 worked on cinematography, and Bernstein directed and produced. The video was entirely shot in some “weird little outdoor park” in Crown Heights; it contains a lot of chess, and I’m pretty sure Jared mentions tubgirl in the lyrics. Make of that what you will.

“Keep up the good fight,” Bernstein adds. “We salute you down in Brooklyn!”

“First Mate”: A Valentine’s Day Cinemessage from Byrne ’11

First Mate from Conor Byrne on Vimeo.

Tyler Byrne ’09, not to be confused with Conor Byrne ’11, sends in word about “First Mate,”  a brand new short film starring Amanda Facelle ’09 and directed and written by Conor Byrne ’11, not to be confused with Tyler Byrne ’09, who produced it. Confused yet? Wait until you watch a “lovestruck beach-house gardener” vying for the affections of an “oblivious trophy wife” in Byrne’s colorful short. It’s cold and grey outside, so consider watching it twice.

Meanwhile, a veritable smorgasbord of other recent alumni worked on the project, including:

  • Writer/Director: Conor Byrne ’11
  • Producer: Tyler Byrne ’09
  • Cinematographer: Justin Zweifach ’11
  • Production Designer: Robert Alvarez ’11
  • Art Director: Augustin Vita ’13
  • Crew: Nick Singer ’11 and Ezra Nachman ’11
  • Starring Amanda Facelle ’09

Check it out on Vimeo, or scope the embed above.