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VD Blacks Out / Cleans Up

The Fine Fellows and Gentle Gallatins of Vocal Debauchery write:

Come see us as we unveil the “New VD”* in our final show of the semester. We’re Wesleyan’s favorite and only a cappella / sketch comedy hybrid group, and now we’re prettier,** smarter,*** and we have better grades****.

*Nothing has changed, and don’t confuse us with the New Group

**Applies only to Solomon

***A blatant lie

****In Debauchery 101 Bitchez

  • WHERE?: Butt C Lounge
  • WHEN?: Tomorrow (SATURDAY, December 10th) @ 6pm
  • WHO/WHY/HOW?: Facebook event.
VD is: Kenny Feder ’12Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Ben Tweed ’13Solomon Billinkoff ’14Michael Deck ’14Leada Fuller ’14Emily Jones ’14Matthew Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Lisle Winston ’14Glenn Cantave ’15, and Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15.

VD Presents: The Halloweekend Show

From The Vocal Debauchery Family:

This Halloweekend, we know what’s up.

Girls. Everywhere. In slutty costumes. So much makeup that you don’t know who you’re making out with. You just know that her makeup doesn’t taste that great but neither did the margaritas your roommate tried to make and…

It’s intense. We get it. Take a breather, come see some a cappella and sketch comedy, meet our newbies, laugh, cry, give your livers a rest. For God’s sake, people.

Vocal Debauchery.

  • DATE: Tomorrow (10.29)
  • TIME: 1700 hrs / 5 pm
  • PLACE: Nics Lounge
VD is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Glenn Cantave ’15, Michael Deck ’14Kenny Feder ’12Leada Fuller ’14Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Gabe Gordon ’15Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Ben Tweed ’13, and Lisle W ’14.

VD Auditions!

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Dear Friends, Fans, and Freshmen:

We’re looking to get even more debaucherous, which we can only do with your help! If you can sing, and if you’re funny, hey, let’s be friends! Stop by the Music Studios basement between 7 and 9 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday (we’ll be the room full of people). All you need is a song to sing and a joke or funny story to tell (or another way to make us laugh that involves neither tickling nor nitrous oxide).

Vocal Debauchery.

P.S. If, for any reason, you are unable to make the audition times, please email kfeder(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and we’ll try to make things work.

VD is:
Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Michael Deck ’14, Kenny Feder ’12, Leada Fuller ’14Chelsea Goldsmith ’13, Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Jocelyn Spencer ’13Ben Tweed ’13Lisle W ’14

For the Facebook event page, click here.

  • WHEN?: TONIGHT (Tues., 9/6) and TOMORROW (Wed., 9/7) at 7-9 pm
  • WHERE?: The basement of the music studios.
  • DO I NEED MONEY?: Generally speaking, yes, you should have money on you at all times, but unless you want to bribe your way into the group, it’s not necessary. One should note, however, that the Music Studios basement has been prone to a high incidence of violently playful muggings committed by well-dressed people singing “Spiderwebs,” so one should regardless proceed with the utmost caution.

VD Presents: It’s Not Just Robin Who Sparkles…

Wesleyan’s only sketch-comedy / a cappella group hybrid Vocal Debauchery writes:

Dear Wesleyan:

We hear sequins are making that difficult transition from “night” to “day.” This might be tough for some of you to process; after all, they’re pretty sparkly. So we’re here to help ease the stress, by bringing sequins into that crucial “dusk-ish” time around 6:30 PM. Come join us for this very fashion-forward-y event. Oh and there will also be a cappella, sketch comedy, new members… but that’s not really the point.

Vocal Debauchery.

  • DATE: TODAY, Friday, May 6th
  • TIME: 6:30 – 7:30 pm
  • PLACE: Exley Lobby; Church Street Side (yet to be confirmed)
  • PRICE?: $100/person (babies get in at a reduced price of $97; this deal won’t last long!)

VD A Cappella/Sketch Comedy Spring Auditions

Can you sing? Are you funny?

Do you like plaid? Would you chant about plaid? How do you feel about wolves? Would you kiss your girlfriend in the middle of a concert? How many jokes can you make about the name “Krakaur“? Have you ever been Brian-ed?

Okay, ignore those last few questions…. THE POINT IS vocal debauchery is looking for NEW MEMBERS! Come on out to auditions!!!

Auditions are
this WEDNESDAY March 23 and THURSDAY March 24,
in the CFA Music Studios Basement,
from 6-8 PM!

We don’t bite (unless you want us to…), so don’t be scared, and come show us your stuff.

A Cappella Benefit Concert for Pakistan

Remedy your Sunday evening lassitude by supporting a fantastic cause and listening to some wonderful a capella from Wes’ most talented groups.

  • Date: Sunday November 21st
  • Time: 7-8 PM
  • Place: Crowell Concert Hall

The following comes from Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative Coordinator Jeff Breau ’11:

Saturday is the last chance to buy tickets!

A Cappella Benefit Concert for Pakistan, with performances from:

  • The Spirits
  • Quasimodal
  • Cardinal Sinners
  • Mixolydians
  • Vocal Debauchery

$4 Tickets at Box Office, all proceeds go to Pakistan Flood Victims!

Box Office open from 10-4:30 Friday and Saturday!

Your contributions will support the relief efforts of Oxfam, Islamic Relief, and the Red Cross in Pakistan.

VD Auditions

Chelsea Goldsmith ’13 wants you. She wants you so bad. It’s driving her mad. It’s driving her…

Vocal Debauchery Auditions

Can you sing? Are you funny? We Want YOU!!!

Auditions for every voice part will be held this Thursday 7-9pm and Friday 4:30-6pm in the CFA Music Studios Basement. Come with a song and a jig.

WE NEED GIRLS! (and guys)

Date: Sept. 9 – Sept. 10
Time: Thursday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday 4:30-6
Place: CFA Music Studios Basement

What would you do if I sang out of tune? [updated]

Wow, how are there any Wes students who are NOT in a capella? There’s like 30,000 groups! Here’s one more:

Quasi Celebrates the First Day After Classes End…

Y’know. We’ll sing some songs.

Members of Quasimodal:
Christian Skorik ’09
Syd Berkman ’10
Abby Blake ’10
Scott James ’10
Tim Dodds ’11
Reuben Johnson ’11
Timur Khanachet ’11
Charlie Krem ’12
Julia Michaels ’12
Carolyn Mortell ’12
Emily Hunt ’13
Audrey Kiely ’13

Date: Dec. 15
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: World Music Hall

[Updated 12/14/09 @ 1:50 AM]

Ok, the theme song was the best part of the Wonder Years. Also, it’s asking a very important question of all listeners. What would you do?? You don’t have to stand for terrible singing. But you might have to stand for great singing at the a capella events this week!! (Wow, that was pretty bad, just roll with it. While you’re at it, you can lean wit it rock wit it, too.)

First up:

Onomatopoeia Winter Concert


It’s ONO! Come see what we’ve been up to this semester and celebrate the end of
classes with us!

The lovely members of oNomatopoeia:
Elise Kaye ’10
Sena Ito ’11
Elissa Martel ’10
Mollie McFee ’10
Becca Snelling ’12
Bridget Kaufman ’10
Meggie Twible ’12
Cara Tratner ’12
Rebecca Lange ’13
Gemma Smith ’13
Claire Hunter ’11
Amelia Tatarian ’13
Emily Hunt ’13

Date: Dec. 13
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: World Music Hall

Don’t get out of your seats!:

New Group’s Fantastic Winter Concert!

new group

Come join The New Group, Wesleyan’s sexiest co-ed a cappella group, this Sunday for
our last concert before winter break! Starring Leah Lucid ’10, Julien Burns ’10,
Steve Cooper ’10, Josh Smith ’11, Ben Carman ’11, Nate Mondschein ’12, Howe Pearson
, Bridget Read ’12, Katie Silver ’12, Claire Randall ’12, Michaela Swee ’12, Liza
Goodstein ’13
and Shinekwa Kershaw ’13.

Date: Dec. 13
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: World Music Hall

I love when songs start with “Remix!”:

Vocal Debauchery: THE REMIX

Vocal Debauchery is have its winter concert!!! We have many new members to
introduce, new songs to sing, and a shockingly offensive script about the horrors
(and pregnancies) of high school. Come! You won’t be sorry…

This Year VD is:
Sam Friedman ’13
Chelsea Goldsmith ’13
Jack Coyne ’13
Ben Tweed ’13
Eli Timm ’13
Kenny Feder ’12
Jake Hunt ’12
Brenna Galvin ’11
Rose Agger ’10
Gina Yeomans ’10

Date: Dec. 15
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Exley Lobby-Church Street side