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The world’s most expensive vodka

You sure won’t find this at your average Fountain party.

Diva gem-filtered Premium Vodka just may be the most expensive brand of vodka in the world. An “exceptionally smooth, wheat-based, ultra-premium spirit of style and substance, Diva is triple-distilled and filtered through Nordic birch charcoal, then filtered through a dense column of gems including diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, for a final polish before bottling.”

No two bottles are alike, with a removable column of crystals which tumble out on removal of the top stopper but are safely in the bottle during pouring. The gems may be used as a drink garnish and decoration. The 48 crystals in each bottle, selected by a Hatton Garden specialist, include cubic zircona, Scottish smoky topaz, pink tourmaline, sky blue topaz, London blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and Peridot.

The crystals in each botle are hand-prepared by people in the Shetland Isles, Scotland. Each person filling the crystals has a favourite colour and puts this at the bottom of each column, so each bottle is trackable to the individual.

You’d better start saving for Senior Week! A bottle with diamonds will set you back a cool $1 million.

Thanks to Jia Yee ’09 for the tip.