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Report: Running For Board of Trustees Sort Of Like Running for the WSA, But For Old People

Reveal yourself, Trustee-Candidates-Who-Didn’t-Make-It-Onto-The-Ballot. We know you’re out there.

Andrew Bleeker ’07 was one of 40 nominees for the Board of Trustees—and is now one of six candidates on the ballot for the Board of Trustees.

You know what it’s like to run for the WSA (it’s okay, we were all freshmen once), but do you know what it’s like to run for the Board of Trustees, Wesleyan’s most elite secret society?

According to a recent post on WesConnect, six alumni are in the process of finding out, each vying for a chance to spend sunny weekends in September, November, and May perched up in the Daniel Family Commons sipping Dom Pérignon, Making Important Decisions About Relle Important Stuff, and occasionally asking Public Safety to kick out uninvited student activists. (Or maybe they’re just running for the opportunity to kick it with West Wing star and Wesleyan trustee Bradley Whitford ’81.) The candidates on the ballot, as they present themselves on WesConnect, include:

Vote For Your Favorite Hackathon App

Last night I profiled the first ever Senior Week Hackathon. Today, after presumably “catching up” on some “shut-eye,” Julian Applebaum ’13 writes in to remind you about voting:

The community vote for the Senior Week Hackathon is open. The three apps people built are:

The link to vote is here. It’s also on weshack.com, the Hackathon’s official website. It’s only available to people with a Wesleyan email address.

So yeah. Here’s the link again. Read about the Hackathon here.

Last Chance to Vote


Do you have a fear of missing out (FOMO)? Then don’t miss out on this election!

Elections for WSA President, WSA Vice President, and Senior Class Officers will close TONIGHT at 11:59:59PM.  Please vote immediately at wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting if you have not already done so.

The winners of these elections will claim to represent the interests of the Wesleyan student body or a significant segment of it, whether or not you vote.  Therefore, it is crucial that you vote so that your voice accounted for.  Administrators, outsiders, and fellow students will take the words of these students to represent the views of the student body as a whole.  These representatives will have critical direct and indirect input on everything from the handling of the Tour de Franzia to need-blind admissions to SBC allocations.  If you care about pretty much any student issue, you should vote.

Please note that you can vote in these elections even if you are studying abroad or a current senior (Class of 2013).  Seniors should note that although they won’t be here next year, they should feel invested in Wesleyan’s future.  Perceptions of their alma mater will continue to follow you after graduation.

Volunteer to Help with GOTV

Hanging chads be damned, Michael Linden ’15 and Gabriela De Golia ’13 have more opportunities for you to help get out the vote:

Volunteer to help with last GOTV pushes on Monday and Tuesday

If you are interested in helping to direct students to the polls, call fellow classmates to tell them where they have to go in order to vote, put up posters on election day, be a GOTV cheerleader (JK… but not really), or anything else GOTV related on Monday and Tuesday, email mlinden[at]wes and/or gdegolia[at]wes.

There is plenty to do to help get as many people out to vote this Tuesday, and any help would be appreciated.

Most importantly though: GET OUT AND VOTE.

Last CT Voter Registration Deadline Extended Until Thursday

If you haven’t yet registered to vote or don’t think you will be able to vote by absentee ballot in your home state, the Middletown registrar of voters has extended the final registration deadline because of Hurricane Sandy. You can now register to vote in person until this Thursday at 8 p.m. This means you will have to bring a completed registration form to the Office of the Registrar before that deadline.

To register to vote if you haven’t already:

  • Fill out a registration form: instructions on how to do so correctly can be found here.
  • Bring it to the Registrar of Voters before 8PM this Thursday — it is located behind Main St. Mall at 245 deKoven Drive, in City Hall.
  • Additional information regarding the elections from the Registrar’s website can be found here.

Voter Registration: Deadline Next Tuesday, WSA Will Deliver Forms

For those of you who missed it, the WSA sent out an extensive email earlier today reminding people that the mail-in deadline to register to vote in Connecticut is this coming Tuesday, October 23rd, along with instructions on how to register to vote. Copied below the jump is the email in full.

On a more personalized note: no joke, everyone, GET OUT AND VOTE. There is more at stake in this election than just the presidential seat (think Senate, House, and future Supreme Court appointees), so whether you vote in Connecticut or your home state, your vote will matter. That being said, be an informed voter when you arrive at the polls on November 6th.

WSA Emails = TL;DR: if you haven’t registered anywhere else yet, or are still waiting on your absentee ballot, seriously consider registering to vote in Connecticut before the October 23rd mail-in deadline (or the October 30th walk-in deadline, at the latest).

Now, for instructions on how to properly get yourself registered to vote:

It “Seams” the Poll’s Been Fixed: Vote for Sci Li Chairs

Let's try this voting thing again...

When we posted about the new chairs in Sci Li earlier this week, you readers were quick and eager to submit your votes via text or online. So eager, in fact, that you surpassed the polling system’s submission limit of 40 votes. Congrats! But do not despair: a new polling system has been installed, which means new numbers to text and codes to enter online.

The *new* codes for each amaze-tastic model are:

Swift: 17764
Puzzle: 17765
Reno: 17766

Text these codes to the (new!) number 650-515-3033 or enter them at the (new!) link here.

It’s unclear whether the votes from the previous system will be counted towards the final results or not, so if you still want your opinion to be heard, vote today! The deadline to submit your vote is midnight on Friday, October 12th.

View a bar graph of the results here.

Sci Li Would “Chairish” Your Vote: Seating Upgrades

If you’ve ever studied in Sci Li, you’re no doubt familiar with the “club chairs” that line the perimeter of the first floor. I use this term loosely because if you search “club chairs” on Google images, you will find something far fancier and “sit-by-the-fire-worthy” than what you may have pulled too many late-nighters in. The current wood-and-navy models sport a myriad of rips, mystery stains, and seat cushions like black holes.

To the delight of many, the library is now planning to replace the old chairs and is looking for student input to decide which of three options is preferred. For the next few weeks, stop by the entrance of Sci Li and see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the three potential new models for yourself.

Click past the jump for a run-down of the pros and cons of the competing models.