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Wesleyan Votes and So Should You

Breaking: Weshop is giving away free cookies to anyone who voted today. Hurry the fuck up.

Wesleying staffers went down to the polls today to vote, where we met this Wes kid this one, this one, and this one. Voting could feel patriotic, empowering, historically significant, insignificant, a hassle, exciting, responsible and important. Go find out!  Our exit poll data hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not 14% of students are putting their money where their mouth is and voting Giant Joint, but we’ll keep you posted when we find out.

Middletown polls are open until 8. Unlike Red & Black, we won’t give you a free coffee if you send us a picture of you holding your “I Voted” sticker,  but we might just post it. In the meantime, results will be pouring in tonight, and there are screening parties planned in Usdan and Woodhead Lounge. We’ll be liveblogging the action. For a taste of what tonight might look like, here’s this. Click past the jump for interviews with Wesleyan voters.

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Middletown Election Ballot: Here’s What’s Up

Hey guys, the election! If you’re off-campus or an alum and still don’t know where to vote tomorrow, check out Find Your Fucking Polling Place. Just type in your address; it’ll tell you where the fuck you can vote and who the fuck you can vote for, including third-party presidential candidates. It’s that simple.

Voting in Middletown? Cool. Most Wesleyan students will be voting at the Senior Center across from Broad Street Books, which is conveniently only a few blocks from Usdan. Your sample ballot looks like this. If you live in La Casa, Interfaith/Light House, or Full/Writing House, you’re an exception. Your polling place is Macdonough School, where you will have the same ballot as other students, except that your state representative candidates will be different (one of them is a former Wes student), for reasons probably only Elvin Lim understands. Click here to see it. If you need a ride, there will be shuttles going to the polls every ten minutes between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. from the Wyllys Avenue Usdan entrance.

I was going to fill the rest of this post with either an inane rundown of my favorite Mike Gravelrelated YouTube videos or an analysis of the Wesleying election poll, which gives Giant Joint more than twice as many votes as Romney, but then Gabriela De Golia ’13 sent in this fairly extensive Guide to the Middletown Ballot for Dummies, which includes senate candidates, local elections, and Middletown ballot questions. (As a disclosure, De Golia is former Vice President of WesDems—this isn’t necessarily a purely objective overview.) Click past the jump for De Golia’s summaries.

As always, this is a crucial election, because if your guy doesn’t win, then the other guy might.

Last CT Voter Registration Deadline Extended Until Thursday

If you haven’t yet registered to vote or don’t think you will be able to vote by absentee ballot in your home state, the Middletown registrar of voters has extended the final registration deadline because of Hurricane Sandy. You can now register to vote in person until this Thursday at 8 p.m. This means you will have to bring a completed registration form to the Office of the Registrar before that deadline.

To register to vote if you haven’t already:

  • Fill out a registration form: instructions on how to do so correctly can be found here.
  • Bring it to the Registrar of Voters before 8PM this Thursday — it is located behind Main St. Mall at 245 deKoven Drive, in City Hall.
  • Additional information regarding the elections from the Registrar’s website can be found here.

Tuesday is Last Day to Register to Vote in CT via Mail

One last reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to do Connecticut’s mail-in voter reregistration, i.e. the last day to have someone else deliver a registration form for you to the Registrar of Voters Office!

If you want to register in CT but don’t know where City Hall is, drop your registration form in one of the dropboxes in Usdan’s WSA office or the first floor mail window by 12PM and a Wesleyan administrator or WSA member will deliver the forms for you.

To download a registration form, go here. For complete instructions on how to fill out a registration form, read this Wesleying post.

Rock the vote, everyone!

Students Abroad: Don’t Forget to Vote

All those studying abroad, listen up! You can still vote in the November 2012 elections, even if you’re not in the US for this semester. You just need to get on top of your absentee ballot application ASAP. In order to help you with that, here is a message filled with great resources that Wesleying received from a fellow student last week:

Youth Vote Overseas is a site designed to inspire and assist young American voters. They offer a variety of services and voter assistance online. Students can follow them on Twitter here and “Like” them on Facebook here.

Another great resource is the Federal Voter Assistance Program, which can be found online here. The site includes links to online applications for the Federal Post Card Application as well as the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot, a backup ballot available if a citizen outside the United States does not receive the regular absentee ballot from their state after having made a timely application.

For additional election-related resources, visit the “Election 2012” campaign page on NAFSA’s Connecting Our World site here.

If you need any additional help, post a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

Student Disenfranchisement Report: Updates and Tips

The number of disenfranchised could be in the millions. Don’t be among them.

If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 and hoping to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, pay close attention: you could very well be disenfranchised (that is, turned away at the polls) if you do not get the appropriate identification documents in order. A recent Huffington Post article basically says it all:

In the last two years, Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed dozens of bills that erect new barriers to voting, all targeting Democratic-leaning groups, many specifically aimed at students. The GOP’s stated rationale is to fight voter fraud. But voter fraud—and especially in-person fraud which many of these measures address—is essentially nonexistent

That about sums everything up, but in case you haven’t yet heard about any of this, here’s the scoop: for the past couple years, states all across the country have been implementing new voter ID laws to supposedly mitigate voter fraud. Fact of the matter is, voter fraud happens at a staggering negligible amount of less than 0.001% of all votes cast during elections.

Joint Beats Batte

In a battle of the ages, Giant Joint beat Anwar Batte ’13 in a neck-to-neck write-in race for 2013 Rep.  After a week-long election, it was Joint that smoked Batte with 38 votes to his 37.

There were only two actual candidates vying for six 2013 class-rep seats, Jesse Ross-Silverman ’13 (Votes: 108) and Arya Alizadeh ’13 (Votes: 76).  Ross-Silverman and and Alizadeh understandably garnered more votes by being on the ballot.  A WSA election requires a minimum of twenty-five votes to be elected, which both Joint and Batte met.

This star-reporter reached out to the candidates, but received no comment from Joint.  Meanwhile, Batte had this to say:

I couldn’t be happier about Giant Joint’s victory. Giant Joint, as a raceless, genderless, and potentially classless object, shines a critical light on the intersecting oppressions that still exist today by transcending them all. Any attempt to prevent Giant Joint from serving hir full term on the WSA next semester is an attempt to prevent social justice.

Joint’s election will be invalidated because ze is not an enrolled member of the Class of 2013.

Congratulations to all winners of all races.  A complete list of the newly elected representatives is available after the jump.

WSA Voting Ends Today

Put off voting ‘cuz you wanted to learn more about the candidates?  Just forgot?

Not to worry, voting is still open! Vote now though, because elections close at midnight tonight. Vote in class year elections, vote for/against constitutional changes, vote in the survey.  Vote if you want to be heard.

Why vote?

  • The WSA did an awesome job this year!
  • The WSA did an awful job this year!
  • You’re happy about the introduction of minors.
  • You’re sad about the art library.
  • You loved Bandfire.
  • You don’t know anything about Middletown.
  • You can text Late Night now! Mmmmmmm.
  • That alarm.  In Usdan.  Killing you.
  • The Internet is so much faster!
  • ePortfolio sucks.
  • that newsletter is awesome, brah.
  • the career center isn’t helping me…
  • UsDen rocks my sober socks.
  • You still can’t chalk.
  • Your group got moniez and had funziez!
  • Your group wanted more moniez so it could have more funziez!

Whatever your issue, opinion, concern, question, worldview, try voting.  Also, don’t forget our handy-dandy Suggestions Page!