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Inaugural WACT Meeting

Karry Matlack ’16 brings information about one of Wesleyan’s newest clubs: 

That’s WACT! What’s WACT? We are. We are a group of liberal Christian (Protestant, Catholic, etc.) Wes kids who are trying to make liberal Christianity more accessible on campus by starting a new club. We meet once a week and get free drinks a Pi café.

Our goal is to create a space to exchange ideas and chat about life and God. Some of the initial topics we plan to discuss are misconceptions people have about what it means to be Christian at Wesleyan, what it means to have faith and spirituality in life, and the connections between Christian thought and social justice. Because we are a new club, we are open to any suggestions or ideas. This is really about making it what you want it to be.

So come by Pi café Thursday night at 7:30 if you want to discuss. Or if you just want to hang with some cool people and sip
free chai. Wesleyan Association of Christian Thinkers – WACT.  WACT – Where the liberal Christians are at.

Date: Thursday, October 4
Time: 7:30
Place: Pi Café
Cost: None.  Free chai, y’all!