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Remembering Claire Randall ’12


The past few days have been laden with sadness for many in the greater Wesleyan community. Over the weekend, news of the passing of Claire Randall ’12 came to us and the rest of the Wesleyan community. Claire lost her life in an act of gun violence last Thursday. Rather than repost details of her death, we wanted to include a few things to remember her by.

Claire grew up in Rhode Island where she attended Mt. Hope High School. She was valedictorian of her high school class and graduated from Wesleyan with a major in Music, focusing in ethnomusicology and jazz studies. At Wes, she was a member of New Group and she starred in a mockumentary web series called WANNABES. During her time at Wes, she was also part of a 14-piece band called Mad Wow. After graduation, she joined alumni artists Jess Best [’14] and Trot Fox as a vocalist. She also worked in New York City for Resonant Motion, a nonprofit that focused on facilitating the creation of music that “has a profound capacity to inspire people towards personal growth, strength and transformation and to and educate people about issues important to their world.”

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of knowing Claire, but I truly wish I had. Here are a few things Claire gave to the world in her short time here:

Laugh Track: New Web-Series Auditions

From the people who brought you “WANNABES” comes a new web-series about the emerging world of viral entertainment. The show features a princess in exile, Mexican stand-offs, corruption in Res-Life, high stakes gambling, dreams dying/coming true (but mostly dying), hubris, training wheels, hammers smashing things, babies having “babies”, and quests.

Be prepared to do a cold read of a scene. Feel free to bring/perform your own monologue or excerpt (although this is not required). See you there!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pat O’Brien, Dan Obzejta, Aaron Peisner, or Garth Taylor.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 13th and 14th
Time: 2-4 PM
Place: Usdan 108 (Taylor Meeting Room)

WANNABES Episode #4: “Only Small Actors…”

School’s done, but the WANNABES crew is still pumping out new episodes!

In this latest (and penultimate) installment of the Wesleyan arts mockumentary:

James Carlson ‘12 begins preparing the cast of his production, “James Carlson Presents: Summer Heights High: the Musical (Part One)” in the Butterfields parking lot, while struggling to maintain morale despite major setbacks like rejection from Second Stage, increasing frustration from assistant director Harrison Jones ’12, the haunting memory of last semester’s (fictional) extravaganza “Obamarama”, and the not-so-secret amphetamine habit of musical director Deborah Tomomichi ’13.

Meanwhile, David Powers ‘13 and Chloe Martin ‘13 develop a physical bond in preparation for their joint role as Celine the Chihuahua, and former dance troupe partners Elizabeth Majors ‘11 and Charlotte Cummings undermine each other with an escalating series of bitchy pranks.

It all comes to a head at Mocon, and then P-Safe gets involved…

Bonus lulz: Elizabeth Majors’ candid Facebook profile pictures.

In case you missed them, check out all the old episodes on Youtube, and stay tuned for the season (series?) finale later this summer, whenever mastermind Garth Taylor ’12 sees fit to unleash it.

New WANNABES Preview

Garth Taylor ’12 and the entire cast and crew of “WANNABES” want to wash away your commencement good-bye blues with a new sneak peek of the upcoming fourth installment of WANNABES. In the next episode, ex-prospective film major turned aspiring theater major, James Carlson ’12, starts making moves to produce his yet unwritten musical. Enjoy the clip!

WANNABES Episode #3: “Best in Show”

Wesleyan arts mockumentary “Wannabes” premieres its 3rd episode, unprecedented for a Wesleyan web series.

James Carlson ’12 begins auditions for his magnum opus, “Summer Heights High: The Musical, ” and the previously separate storylines converge. Meanwhile, things fall apart with Charlotte Cummings ’11 and her dance troupe, and a faulty immune system drives Chloe Martin ’13 away from her hero, David Powers ’13, whose lusty hips begin to fail him.

How does it feel to be the most prolific at something? These people may never know:

Watch old episodes on Youtube.

New WANNABES Episode

The second episode of WANNABES, “ACB…DEFG…” is here, and not a moment too soon. Charlotte Cummings ’11, auditions for Wesleyan’s fictional premier dance troupe, “First Position.” Meanwhile, aspiring filmmaker, James Carlson ’12, makes a life changing decision. Expect new characters, and new lows. Here it is:

Wannabes Wesleyan Mockumentary

What are you doing right now? Self loathing? Crying yourself to sleep? Well dry those tears, Garth Taylor ’12 is airing the first episode of his Wesleyan-based mockumentary, “WANNABES” and hopefully it’ll get your spirits up. Looking at people way more pathetic than you is always fun right? The show is all Wesleyan all the time with plenty of on campus references, and of course, an all Wesleyan cast. The series features Sarah Stein ’12, Dan Obzejta ’12, Aaron Peisner ’12, and Claire Randall ’12 in leading roles with tons of supporting characters of all classes (Even Wes Alumn and assistant dean of admissions, Allie Levey ’09, snuck his way in there.)

So, here’s, WANNABES: