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Film Series: Apocalypse Now

1979. USA. Dir: Francis Ford Coppola. With Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando. 153 min.

“The Horror! The Horror!”

Sheen gets sent upriver n a Joseph Conrad-inspired odyssey through the physical and psychological landscape of the Vietnam War, confronting violence, jingoism, and the base brutality of the human spirit. You can almost smell the napalm…

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Gays, Guns & Gaga: A Talk with Professor Craig Willse, Thursday 9/26


Virgil Taylor ’15 shoots us this message about a talk by Professor Craig Willse of George Mason University, happening tomorrow:

What are the possibilities for queer anti-imperialist, anti-war politics in an age of gay military inclusion and the prosecution of Chelsea Manning? How can forms of counter-cultural identity multiply and thrive when Lady Gaga keeps telling us we were born this way? This talk will argue that contemporary pro-military and pro- war nationalisms rely on naturalizing and universalizing gayness. Drawing from queer Palestinian activism around Israeli pinkwashing, the talk will suggest how partial, specific, and denaturalized forms of identification might challenge the new normalizing of endless, imperial war.

Date: Thursday, September 26
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

From The Argives: September 11, 2001 at Wesleyan

“What can we do as a community in this time of crisis and uncertainty? The most important thing, perhaps, will be to learn from each other.” —President Bennet

Here’s what the Argus looked like the week of September 11, 2001—shocked, singularly focused, teeming with questions and grief. The bold header is striking and clear: “UNIVERSITY STUNNED BY ATTACKS.”

There was the candlelight vigil outside North College Tuesday night, where President Douglas Bennet ’59 spoke (“We are together as a community because we need to sustain each other in a time of loss,” he said) and Dean Mike Whaley opened up the microphone to any student who wished to speak. There was the afternoon forum on Wednesday, featuring words by Professor Khachig Tölölyan among other faculty. There were the “where I was when I heard” anecdotes, the firsthand accounts by alumni survivors, the blood drives, the faculty panel. One article sought to summarize how other colleges were adjusting their schedules—especially those with campuses in New York. At Wesleyan, classes moved forward, with extreme flexibility. “Holding classes will provide us all with an opportunity to gather in small groups,” wrote the University’s administration, “and is preferable to the alternative of our students remaining isolated.”

President Bennet wrote a Wespeak. “We have an unusual opportunity to see past stereotypes, identify and diminish our own prejudices, and experience a complex world through the sensitivities of others,” Bennet urged.

CannonTalk?! with the infamous Douglas Cannon

From Douglas Cannon (yes, the cannon hirself emailed us):

DouglasCannon is back.
DouglasCannon wants to speak to you.
DouglasCannon says, come hither, and I’ve missed you, Wesleyan.

The Douglas Cannon has historically been a powerful symbol in Wesleyan history and has been involved in a variety of historical events and pranks around the country. For a short history, see Noel Garrett’s recent post on the Class of 2015 blog, and for more, see this online exhibit from Olin’s Special Collections and Archives. Douglas is going to be available to speak with Wesleyan students via video chat tonight, so start brainstorming questions you would like to ask a retired military weapon that has been an integral part of the history of your very own university.

Are you wondering, like me, why Douglas has chosen to come forward now? Do you think ze has some kind of role in the future of Wesleyan? Where do you think ze’ll be broadcasting from? Is ze just, like the rest of us, procrastinating starting hir final papers? Start discussing in the comments if you have ideas.

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 pm
Place: Your computer, wherever you are. Get in touch with a particularly animated piece of metal and the lore of Wesleyan!
Will be posted later, as soon as Doug provides hir cyber whereabouts

“Espwesleying, if you don’t mind”: Espwesso Opens Wednesday, Hires Errday

Espwesleying, an underground collaboration ‘twixt Espwesso and Wellesleying, is the second-hottest supergroup on the internet right now (#1). Turns out we’re dropping some new fire (“fiyah”, as you may have heard pronounced by savvy urban youth) this Wednesday night! If y’all haven’t heard, here’s the lowdown from Cache Job Engineer ’13:

Hey there, Brown students! Espwesso will resume normal hours of operation (Sunday-Thursday 9pm-1am) starting this Wednesday, the 7th. Hooray! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the best spot on campus to get free coffee (yes, frosh, that’s right, fucking free coffee. tasty stuff, too) Espwesso is an entirely student-run cafe in the basement of Albritton Center (room 003), that provides free drip coffee to the late-night Wesleyan community (donations are accepted/highly recommended) and gourmet espresso drinks for a small suggested donation. The cafe focuses on exposing the Wesleyan community to high quality specialty coffee through paying special care to coffee sourcing and best practices.

Also, Espwesso is hiring! We have an opening for a new barback/barista trainee (Workstudy ONLY, sorry guys). This is a training position that prepares you to work as a barista at Espwesso the following semester. Baristas at Espwesso are responsible for making drinks, taking suggested per-drink donations, and cleaning and maintaining the cafe space. As a barback, you will…

Junger Pays Tribute to Fallen Colleague


Junger (left), and Hetherington (right)

Many of you will know Sebastian Junger ’84 as the author of The Perfect Storm and War, and as half of the directing duo behind the visionary war documentary “Restrepo”. Junger’s partner in that endeavor, the photojournalist Tim Hetherington, boasted an equally decorated and prolific career in conflict journalism until his death this past Wednesday. Hetherington and fellow photographer Chris Hondros were killed in a firefight in Misrata, Libya, after being struck by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade.

Junger recently composed a heartfelt letter to his late friend and collaborator, to be released in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, where he is a contributing editor. You can scope it here (or check out this vid from ABC); under the yawning pressure of final papers and exams, it might behoove us to reflect on the magnitude of the sacrifice required of those who aspire to the realization of something greater than themselves.

Make Our Spring Break Your Spring Break

Still looking for something to do this spring break? Want to help in the anti-war protests? Does the compelling urge to lobby keep you up at night? (Need somewhere to crash this break?) If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Yael Chanoff ’11 has the program for you!:

Our Spring Break is a youth-led spring break trip, started by former Wesleyan student Ashley Casale ’11[?], which brings hundreds of people from around the country to Washington DC during their spring breaks. We stand against all illegal war and occupation. We want the billions of dollars the United States on war redirected towards the education, jobs, housing, health care, green energy, and other programs that we desperately need at home.

By day, we lobby congress, do outreach and direct action, and by night we hold trainings, open mics, film screenings, and concerts, all working together to inspire each other, learn from each other and promote our goals.

Housing and transportation is free, and you can come join us at any time between March 8-22 (Wes spring break.)

Interested? There will be an informational meeting at 4:00, Monday February 23 in the 200 Church lounge.

There will be cookies.

For those curious about the former student mentioned in this, Ashley is one of two students who got some attention last year for their cross-country march. The Argus article on that accomplishment is here.

What: Meeting about Our Spring Break
When: Monday, February 23 @ 4:00
Where: 200 Church Lounge

[edit – 2/21/09 @ 1:03 pm – the difference between an alum and former student has been clarified][edit – 2/22/09 @ 11:23 pm – the difference between the 24th and the 23th has been clarified]

Gaza Antiwar Panel in Middletown

If you’re on campus tomorrow afternoon, a panel discussion and strategy session is being held at the Church of the Holy Trinity, about how to build the antiwar movement in the Obama era and help end the conflict in Gaza.

A Panel Discussion and Strategy Session with . . .

  • Chris Grohs, CT Iraq Veterans Against the War
  • Mike Winterfield, Working Families Party Steering Committee Member, West Hartford Citizens for Peace Justice Board Member
  • Youness Bakr, Palestine American Congress, organizer of recent Gaza actions
  • Marissa Blaszko, CCSU student antiwar activist, recently returned from the UFPJ convention
  • Tahnee Stair, ANSWER Coalition (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism)
  • Chris Gauvreau, National Assembly to End the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq

The U.S. Congress is backing the invasion of Gaza to the hilt. Obama’s political appointments make it clear, the Status of Forces Agreement not withstanding, that a real end to the occupation of Iraq is not assured. Violence is on the upswing in Iraq and few displaced Iraqi civilians are ready to go home. In addition, plans to send a minimum of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan are not being challenged by anyone in the US government. US bombings of Pakistan are threatening an even greater destabilization of the region. How can we build a movement to force the US government out of this quagmire? How can we force Congress to spend the money on human needs and not war, occupation, and the bailouts of the corrupt financiers? What antiwar activity is planned for Spring 2009 and how can we engage the not-yet-mobilized part of the population? Come discuss with activists committed to mass mobilizations & door-to-door work this spring.

Refreshments will be served. Humanitarian Fundraiser for Gaza at 5:30.

Date: Sunday, January 18
Time: 2 pm-3:30 pm
Place: Church of the Holy Trinity, 134 Main St.