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srsly guys y arent any of u selfabsurbed enuf 2 take room pix

No, guys, what the heck? Don’t you want everyone to see what your room looks like? Come on. I asked about it weeks ago. Don’t make me that guy who keeps asking to see your room all the time (I promise, that’s it! Nothing weird!). Even if you’re not ready for a Lifehacker feature like “tobobo” ’13 clearly is, you can at least do better than whoever lives in the luxury suite pictured above, right? Right? No? You won’t emailĀ staff[at]wesleying[dat]org just for the heck of it? Come on, maybe you’ll go viral or some shit. That could be cool. Take a picture of your friend’s room and submit it without telling them. That couldn’t possibly end badly! Just do it!

Fine, then. I didn’t want to see it anyway. I was just trying to be nice when I asked. God. It’s Saturday, I could be, like, having, like, so much, like, fun, or like, whatever. You know?