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Hewitt Students Fix Water Fountain… With Gardening Hose

For those who live on the third floor of Hewitt 8, a water fountain is not something to be taken for granted. For over a year, the residents’ water fountain has been out of commission, with no plan in sight as to when it will be fixed. Despite numerous attempts and a phone campaign led by Sivan Battat ’15 earlier this year, no progress has been made.

Enter Hewitt 8 Plumbing Co. ’15, an unofficial duo who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We had a Swiss army knife and a hammer, and figured the issue was worth a little bit of exploration, states one of the sophomores. “So we unscrewed a few things, took in some asbestos, and figured out if you turn a few nozzles and poke at the right angles, you can stabilize the [water] motor which is definitely important I imagine.”

The real problem, however, was a matter of connecting the filter, the motor, and a funny little thing called the ‘shutoff’ to a non-existent metal fountain (officially known as a bubbler).