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BandCampWes: O Presidente Deals With the Real By Tapping Into Music Past

Clube De Futebol

It would be wrong of me to say that O Presidente plays music from another time.  That’s simply missing the point.  While the band, comprised of Andrew Zingg ’13, Nathaniel Draper ’12, Tobias Butler ’13, and Thomas Yopes (UC Berkeley ’13), writes music with very particular and sometimes peculiar influences, they’re not really reaching back into the past to steal sounds.  Rather, their debut album Clube De Futebol collapses the past 60 years of music history into 10 succinct songs and adds their own, very 21st century sense of humor right on top.

A quick taste of that humor:  According to lead singer Zingg, the band formed around a failed student group that he and guitarist Draper attempted to start during his freshman year.  Clube de Futebol, originally, was the proposal for “this club that would get SBC funds to pay for a TV and the Fox Soccer channel so we could get together with our friends and watch soccer. The Portuguese spelling was an homage to Brazil’s beautiful way of playing the game.  Needless to say, SBC never agreed to give us any money.  But the name stuck.”  The band name, O Presidente, was a product of the same failed Clube—it was Draper’s official title, in Portuguese of course.

That’s not the last bit of Brazillian influence you’ll hear on this record.  On the 50s throwback “Take My Baby,” the group sings its final verse in—you guessed it—Portuguese.  You’ve got to give these guys credit for continuity.  That song is notable for its American inspiration as well.  Beginning with a classic slide into an upbeat surf-guitar riff, “Take My Baby” is a concise tune with easy-to-place roots.

Sign Up For Brand Spankin’ New Music Publication: ‘Waves’

Mckenzii Webster ‘13 and Kyle Somersall ‘13 have spent the past few weeks cooking up a new student group that will publish a Wesleyan-centric music magazine, Waves. Notice the use of a single “V,” distinguishing it from the 2011 Spring Fling performer.

In Somersall’s own words:

Waves will highlight Wesleyan’s vibrant and eclectic music scene, in addition to touching on musicians and bands coming to campus.

While Aural Wes caters to the internet readers, providing blog length coverage of campus acts and news posts, Waves intends to feature longer form articles.

Those interested in contributing to Waves should attend an information session tomorrow at 41 Wyllys (the Career Center), Room 115 at 5:45pm. Additional queries and quandaries can be directed to mwebster@wes or ksomersall@wes.

Date: Wednesday, September 19th
Time: 5:45pm
Place: 41 Wyllys

In other news, Kitty Pryde/Danny Brown tickets are almost all snatched up! Get ’em fast.


Or, “Make some noise, Connecticut! I gotta catch a muhfuckin’ flight!”


The weather surprised us all, Walkmen and Ghost/Rae delivered the respective goods, and Wavves sort of maybe behaved himself (kinda). Belated congrats to Social Committee and all else involved in making this day not suck: u guys r da best, and this lineup fell into place quite smoothly.

Scroll for photos galore, and maybe even a video (quality may vary)!

First up, Wesleyan’s own Flora & Fauna entertained early-bird Foss Chillers starting at 1:00, nailing a half-hour set of the sort of tightly rehearsed, guitar-heavy garage-pop that won them this gig, including recent single releases “Want U 2 No” and “Continental Parties.” (For the uninitiated, Flora & Fauna  are Matt Bernstein ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, Gabe Gordon ’11, Adam Gunther ’11, and Casey Baird. They’ve been around for a few years. They’re good! If you missed their set, it’s not too late to absolve your sins on the interwebz.)

Wavves on Pitchfork 3D

Get amped for Spring Fling (it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming)—check out opening act Wavves’ spot on Pitchfork.tv‘s new series, Pitchfork 3D. Watch the band thrash around in a pool of trippy visuals and floating farm animals to the tune of infectious single “Post Acid.” Highly recommended for fans of iTunes visualizers and fun with green screens.

Glasses not provided (sorry!). [I’m moving the video after the jump so it stops loading automatically kthnx.]