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Vassar Embezzlement Scandal

Vassar has found itself embroiled in quite the legal morass(…er) — now that you’ve been sufficiently nauseated by that, you might be interested to learn of the comparably reproachable actions of former Vassar employee Arthur Fisher and his wife, Jennifer Fisher, who were arrested last Friday in connection with the embezzlement of approximately $1.9 million from Vassar College.

The good people of Mads Vassar have provided excellent coverage of the developing legal situation so far. For those of you not inclined to venture far afield in the blogosphere, here are the central details of the case:

  • Fisher, a construction project manager at Vassar, ostensibly managed to leech the money from the school’s construction capital budget under the pretense of funding a nonexistent project over the course of his five year tenure, which concluded last December.
  • Financial inconsistencies found during an examination of project reports tipped off administrators to Fisher’s withdrawals (no word has yet been issued on the precise methods used by the defendants to accrue the cash money flo’).
  • A search of the Fishers’ Ossining home turned up five vehicles whose total value hovers around half a million dollars, several Rolexes (appraised at around $50k), and perhaps most disturbingly, a staggering cache of unregistered firearms and forged government identification.

Links to further reportage (Washington Post, Huffington Post, Poughkeepsie Journal, Associated Press) can be found here.

[Photos credited to the Poughkeepsie Journal]

Senior Thesis Auditions

Have At You Now!

An Examination of Violent Encounters
A Senior Thesis Project by Sean Chin ’09

This project will involve 6-8 actors performing fight scenes from the theater. There will be a range of plays and styles of performance as well as a variety of weapon disciplines. Each actor will have the opportunity to work with multiple weapons while playing both heroic and villainous roles in a scene-study-type environment.

The performances will be March 26-8 in the ’92 Theater. Credit will be available for actors through the Theater Department. Actors will be required to spend some of Spring Break on campus in rehearsal.

Auditions will be held this coming Friday from 3-6 and Saturday from 12-4. A sign-up sheet for specific times is located on the Theater Dept notice board in the CFA. Please prepare a 1-2 minute classical monologue and a 1 minute physical demonstration of combat or violence. Floor mats will be available. Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear. In addition, be prepared to learn a small phrase of choreography.

What: Senior Theis Auditions (with weapons!)
When: Friday, 1/30 3-6 PM and Saturday 1/31 12-4 PM
Where: sign up at the Theatre Dept. notice board