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There’s a Blizzard Happening and We Don’t Know How to Deal


The first big snow of the school season happened on Saturday, and today we found out the snow thing is going to be a bigger deal than we thought. As we prepare for a “crippling and potentially historic” New England blizzard this week, students just kind of want to know 1) if classes are going to get cancelled and 2) if airwes can brave the storm. (Probably not/probably not?)

Sweater Weather?

As far as I’m concerned, the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind, it’s in limbo. The leaves are gone, the tempterature can range from 20-50 degrees in one week, and people are walking around in flip flops while wearing winter jackets. Although the first day of winter isn’t until December 21st, it certainly doesn’t look like “Fall” anymore.


Ice Rink To Be Converted Into Swimming Pool Full of Liquor for Kendrick

Just kidding, there’s no alcohol allowed at Spring Fling again. Sorry.

The bad news, as you know by now if you’ve glanced at your inbox in the last few hours, is that Spring Fling has officially been rained out and moved to the ice rink for the second year in a row. According to my forecast, there’s a 65% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, but even if that 35% chance proves true, Andrus is already a Woodstock-like puddle of mud from today’s downfall. Meanwhile, it’s been nothing but 75 and sunny for the last week until today, because of course it has.

The good news is that the rain might actually wash away my fucking pollen allergies for good if Spring Fling gets rained out next year there will hardly be any students who even remember that it was once a thing on Foss in the first place. The other good news is that Spring Fling Committee has managed to up the floor capacity on the rink, given that far more students are probably going to make the trek for this year’s lineup than did last time around:

Liveblog: People-Watching While Stranded in Bradley Airport


Welp, good start to my Spring Break.

Like quite a few Wesleyan students, I was excited to escape the woes of Midterms and head back home— for me, Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. For the record, snow, you are not wanted past February. It is now March. You have overstayed your welcome. Stop messing with my spring.

Because of the sudden, angry downpour of upwards of a foot of snow, my flight has been sufficiently delayed by a few hours. So, lucky for you, I’m using this liveblog as a vehicle for my people-watching. Enjoy, and safe travels!

Photos: Spring Weather Trolls Wesleyan, Unleashes Minor Blizzard

Remember that time it was warm and sunny on Tuesday and you thought spring was here to stay and winter as you know it had finally given up for the season? That was cute.

Despite Spring Break officially beginning in a few short hours, Middletown got hit by another minor blizzard last night (in fact, it’s continuing right now) that exceeded 20 inches in some areas of Connecticut. From Middletown Patch:

Public and parochials schools are closed and colleges have cancelled morning classes and the city is under a parking ban. By midmorning Friday, Middletown had 8 inches of snowfall from this storm that meteorologists say will leave the area sometime after noon.

Slippery streets are making driving treacherous in spots, evidenced by a 10 a.m. minor fender-bender on Main Street, at Liberty Street, between a car and truck.

But “don’t expect the snow to stick around too long,” warns the Middletown Press.

A.J. Verdelle and Nikky Finney Reading Rescheduled

Maxwell Bevilacqua ’12 classifies this one as “URGENT!”:

Because of a storm in the midwest, the March 6 Russell House reading by fiction writer  A.J. Verdelle and poet Nikky Finney has been cancelled, and rescheduled. The new date is Monday, April 15.

New Date: Monday, April 15
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: TBA
Cost: Free

Breaking (Kind of): Another Storm May Be Approaching Sorta Perhaps

No, this one isn’t named Dory.


For those of you who don’t follow our really awesome Facebook page or Twitter feed (Zach, see what I did there?), I’m gonna hit you with some knowledge: there may be another snowstorm hitting our beloved campus this coming weekend.

You heard me right: More snow. Allegedly. More snowboarding. Perhaps. More tripping and falling on ice. Supposedly. More cancelled classes (at the last second, of course). Apparently. More clusterfucked Usdan. Maybe.

What you need to know about this “storm”:

Classes Won’t Meet This Afternoon, Either

Rejoice! You called it, lesanjuan. Bill Holder has the full announcement:

Wesleyan is closed Monday, and classes will not be held this afternoon. Parking on campus remains limited, and a number of buildings are not yet accessible. Only essential personnel should report to work today. We are hopeful that classes will be held tomorrow, but that depends on how much snow removal gets done today. Our crews are working tirelessly, and we are very grateful for their dedication and good work. We will provide an update this evening around 6 pm.

Heavy equipment is in use, so students should continue to exercise considerable caution outdoors. Call Public Safety for help with storm-related matters, (860) 685-2345. For emergencies, call (860) 685-3333.

According to President Roths latest blog post, “I am hopeful that enough classroom buildings will be fully accessible so that we can get underway tomorrow (Tuesday). We will make another announcement at around 6 pm this evening.” Mayor Drew’s plan is to have the roads be passable by midnight just keep on plowing until he can’t plow anymore, so stay tuned.

As an aside, this Snow Day is an excellent opportunity to set to work on your Michael Roth Snow Sculpture Contest submission.

Weather Recap/Update: Nemo Just Keeps Swimming

You knew I was going to make a Nemo pun. At least I didn’t do it in dubstep.


Well peeps, my Floridian senses are no longer tingling; they’re just frozen solid. Oh, and here’s a comprehensive list of what the fuck is going on with the nemopocalypse/blizzardpocalypse/MONSTERBLIZZARDKANYE/#nemo:

  • The university does some email damage control after last night’s Middletown Patch debacle.
  • We keep getting shit tons of emails. And Dean Mike reminds us that, in case you didn’t know, there’s a blizzard coming.
  • Lots of dining options and on-campus events are cancelled. Half-burnt Usdan pizza at 4pm, anyone?
  • Everyone keeps ending every email with “as long as we still have power”.
  • Update on the current Usdan situation from Stephanie Ling ’16: “It’s a clusterfuck.”
  • Buzzfeed dedicates an entire blizzard post to Nemo GIFs. We all knew this was coming.
  • At least blizzard specialists of have a sense of humor; they once named a snowstorm “Gandolf”.
  • The storm is really set to pick up around 8-9pm tonight.
  • Lots of storm pixxxxx.
  • There’s a great abundance of twatting going on.

Terrible Nemo memes after the jump.

Hold Yer Horses, Drunkards: Classes Not Cancelled Yet


Sources have been in contact with Middletown Patch, who just posted an article about blizzard closings and included Wesleyan classes tomorrow. The University has yet to make any announcement regarding the impending blizzard, but the Patch promptly removed Wesleyan from its list and apologized for the confusion.

In the trustworthy words of WSA Finance and Facilities Committee Chair Andrew Trexler ’14, “I’ve been in and out of the President’s Office all day and haven’t heard a peep about canceled classes. Sorry, gang.”

So keep the shot glasses and chasers in the cupboards, you winebibbers—classes are not cancelled yet. Further updates when King Roth the Righteous sends further dispatch to his kingdom. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for the Nemo memes.

Update, 10:16pm: Read after the jump to see the all-campus email the administration just sent out concerning classes tomorrow.