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Argus: Testing…1, 2, 3

Argus gibberishThe Argus has been accused of publishing gibberish before, but this is new:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam ut imperdiet metus. Maecenas quis leo elit, id faucibus elit. Nam tellus quam, porttitor eget varius vitae, volutpat ac metus. Donec nulla lectus, elementum eu suscipit nec, bibendum non sem. Phasellus luctus sagittis velit sed vehicula.

It’s also interesting to note that though the article seems to have been posted on November 24th (thank you WordPress-like URLs), the top left corner indicates that it was a part of the “JAN. 1ST, 1970 — VOL. , NO. 0” issue.

The best part may be the related content: in addition to a previous test, “Wesleyan Profs Help NASA Map Venus” (2009) and “Get HIV Tests at Davison” (2007) appear to be the best matches.

[The Wesleyan Argus]