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Resonance Journal is Looking for New Editorial Staff

1959908_10202979225230181_5003307237410289396_nFrom Sali Choi ’15:

Interested in being a part of the reviewing and editing process, designing spreads, blogging, working with website design, or East Asian/Southeast-Asian culture in general? Then you should come to our first meeting! (We are going to be discussing our Spring 2015 issue.)

Date: Thursday, October 16
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 113

Group of Huge Nerds Holds Slumber Party in Exley 137: Meet the Senior Week Hackathon

Breaking: Wes has Computer Science majors, and sometimes they stay up all night, making friends for life.


The tables and floor of Exley 137 are piled high with gluttonous food remnants—pretzel bags, sandwich displays, Dunkin Donuts bags, half-eaten pizza, chips and salsa, dozens of condiments and wrappers and sauces—but the eleven occupants of the room are far too busy staring at computer screens, coding feverishly behind glazed eyes, to take much notice. Tensions are high. Every once in a while someone grunts or high fives or messes something up and swears at a teammate. Evan Carmi ’13 is pacing furiously, staring at scripts and barking orders at his teammates, who remain surprisingly calm. I take a look at the screen, but it may as well be in Korean. (I don’t speak Korean.)

Meet the participants of the first ever Senior Week Hackathon, a heated, unimaginably sexy 36-hour coding competition organized by Carmi, Julian Applebaum ’13, and Anastasios Germanidis ’13. The participants, most of them Comp Sci majors, have been awake for the better part of 36 hours, camped out in this single, sweat-stained classroom on the main floor of Exley, and in a little less than an hour they will emerge into the world with the shiny, digital results of their tech-savvy soil. Basically, it is a slumber party for nerds. Naturally, they have been tweeting up a storm every step of the way (and enjoying free “swag” from their various sponsors). 

New Wesleying: Redesign 2013

New Wesleying YAH!

We’ve wanted to redesign Wesleying for a while and finally got around to it this Winter break. Here it is! The new site is live! Rejoice! It’s 2013!

Our aim was to have a user-friendly, sleeker design with better-organized content. It’s still a work in progress, but a step toward having a more mobile, social, and visual site.

There’s now a navigation bar to make it easier to separate between featured and event posts; it’s also where you’ll find our submission forms and a revamped “links” page. The sidebar is cleaner and still features the weekly-ish poll, shoutbox, and popular posts list. We’ve added a social media widget so you can follow Wesleying all over the interwebz. Most noticeably, the newest featured posts are highlighted at the top of the page so you can view them more easily.

We expect to roll out some minor changes in the next few weeks, but this is basically the new site. Enjoy it, embrace it, explore it, and as Wesleying’s resident computer beauty expert Evan Carmi ’13 has stated, “Change is hard. Suck it up!”

If you have any questions, thoughts, or constructive criticism, feel free to send them to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. It’s an ongoing process and we appreciate your opinions.

If you’re interested in the geekery behind the redesign, read more after the jump. 

Seeking Web Designers

David Goldman ’12 writes in seeking web designers for a new social network here is starting. Eventually you will be pushed out of the operation and forced to take legal action and portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the Hollywood adaptation. But that’s neither here nor there:

Have website design experience? Looking to get involved in a website start-up?

David Goldman ’12 and Adam Ilowite ’12 are looking for website designers to help code and launch their new site in the coming months. More details available in person.

Contact dmgoldman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or ailowite(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to hear more.

Web designer needed for Senior Class website

Web designers, take note – from Senior President Jonna Humphries ’10:

Want to make some extra cash? Help design the Senior Class Website.

Yes, that means you’ll be helping with Senior Cocktails.

Email seniorclass@wes if you’ve got some web design skill. This opportunity is open to all class years.

Wesleyan Website Redesign

If you haven’t heard yet, the Wesleyan website is getting a redesign, and they’re looking to get lots of feedback from students. In addition to meeting with a student focus group (which I am part of), they’ve set up a blog where you can comment on the old site and where they’ll put updates and other things.

As far as the actual update goes, the homepage will come first, with the understanding that the rest of the site will need to follow. Some of the main things we discussed when the focus group met were the search engine, overall site organization, and the need for maintaining cohesive and updated sub-pages. If you have comments on those or other issues specifically please go comment on the redesign blog and not here so that the people who need to be reading your comments actually can.

May 2 Collective website now online

Katie Shelly ’09 has created a website for the May 2 Collective, creators of the outdoor art show that you may have seen on Foss Hill near the end of the semester:

the may 2 collective—- was a free-form collective of about 15 or so wesleyan students formed at the beginning of last semester—-our objective was to plan and install an outdoor art show as a group on may 2 2008—–we were a mix of people, majoring in everything from drawing to neuroscience to sociology—–it rained on may 2 so the show was actually carried out on may 6, the last day of classes—–but we kept our original name: the may 2 collective

our show had everything from taxidermy to flying skateboards to a thesis-turned-naval fleet…

you can check out images of the show digito-retro-actively at our new website

As a fellow Help Desker, and after working so hard to create the May 2 Collective site, Katie wrote a tip-sheet explaining how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to create and host your own website on your Wesleyan webspace. The tip-sheet has been posted on the Help Desk website:

A HOT TIPPPP for young aspiring DIY weswebdesigners::::::
it took some detective work with ITS to figure out how to make dreamweaver compatible with wesfiles to publish this site. i made a howto tipsheet for the ITS blog to share what we learned

for those of you interested in making use of your wesleyan-granted URL [username.web.wesleyan.edu] or if you want to make a website for your WSA-recognized student group [groupname.web.wesleyan.edu] dreamweaver is a great, flexible, program to do this. there are real easy-to-understand tutorials on how to use the program on the adobe website, and dreamweaver is available for student use on all wesleyan lab computers. if you run into any questions, you can always email me with the subject line WEBSITE HELP! or find me during the school year at my job at the ITS Helpdesk….

happy website-making, wesleyan!!!!