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Postponed, Episode Five: Delayed Gratification

“Detroit Rock City! Detroit Rap City! I saw Eminem, right? I saw him in concert once.”

 For those of you who have followed the web series Postponed—and YouTube suggests there are many of you—feast your eyes on its newest (and fifth) episode. Brainchild of Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Robby Hardesty ’12, and featuring cameos of Wesleyan students and buildings alike, Postponed continues as postgrads Chris and Robby “come to grips with fame and all its trappings.”

More accurately, the episode follows the two protagonists as they chase girls, do sexy calisthenics in their car/house, and deal with a slightly shorter Gordon “Cheese” Pritchard: Chris renders his crush speechless and Robby’s hair makes him look like a drunk Nick Nolte.

Is being forced to remain on campus property the postgrad’s worst nightmare? Why was Will Smith’s mom replaced on The Fresh Prince? Watch episode five and get post-pwn’d. Here’s the link. As always, you can see previous episodes herehere, here, and here.

Wes Pacific, Episode Three: On Hondas, Fashion, Tipping, and More Hondas

“I bought Challah for Hunger. Cuz, like, I’m the hungry one.”

Cast your memory back—way back—to before Postponed became Wesleyan’s web series du jour. Remember when Will “Trill-F” Feinstein ’13 followed A-Batte around campus with a stick of chalk? Remember when he tried to explain the pun “Wes Pacific” to visiting professor Amanda Palmer ’98 (and received only a blank stare in return)? Remember when he filmed Claire Dougherty ’13 giving “claircuts” and Adam Rotstein ’13 being Adam Rotstein ’13 and me getting a flu shot? Remember Wes Pacific?

The slice-of-life-style web series is back with a new episode. One of its best segments consists of interviews with a bunch of hungry students waiting for cafeteria bread during the blackout, if that gives you any indication of chronology. The blackout! Remember the blackout??

At any rate, Feinstein’s Wes Pacific isn’t much like Postponed at all—if that show aims for a parody of life after graduation, Wes Pacific offers a reasonably accurate glimpse into why you shouldn’t leave Wesleyan in the first place. (That was a terrible sentence.) As I wrote back in, err, September, “it’s the first Wes web series that holds a legitimate claim to life at Wes, because that’s literally all it is”—namely, Will trekking around campus, shoving a camera in all the right places, and letting people talk. Why invent characters when they’re all around you?

Postponed, Episode Four: Out Of The Vans and Into The Dumpsters

“Dude, dumpster diving is very serious business in some cultures in some places.”

Aaand we’re back. As promised, lovable bums Chris Correa ’10 and Robby Hardesty ’12 write in with the latest episode of their web series baby, Postponed, this one with a little less sex and drugs and a little more garbage. Beneath all the financial frustration and unemployment despair, there’s also a musical number (whoah!) and a reasonably accurate depiction of a WestCo Open Mic. Look out for a few brief WesKid cameos, including the lovably fraternal sororal Rosy and Roxy ’14.

Failing gainful employment yet again (apparently comparing yourself to Charlie from Charlie’s Angels and a “lighter-skinned Morgan Freeman” doesn’t win you points in job interviews), our heroes turn to dumpster diving to make ends meet (which isn’t really so farfetched among Wesleyan alumni). Eventually they end up entertaining WestCo—sorry, Middletown College crowd in the hopes of winning $100 worth of food money. Who’s excited to graduate?

As always, Postponed consists of Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa acting. You can see past episodes herehere, and here, and a short interview with the creators here

Episode Three: Postponed Gets Crunk

On unemployment, partying, and “crazy monkey sex in the elevator of a freshman dorm.” Almost.

Put down that cover letter: Postponed, the weirdly prolific new alumni (mostly) web series about unemployed life on Wesle—sorry, Middleton’s campus, is back. Those first two episodes arrived brimming with ominously realistic jobless frustration and unbridled despair (actual line: “we’re too inexperienced for any job we give a shit about it; this place owes us something more than just monthly student loans”), so it’ s about time the whole crew lightened up. This time around, lovable vagrants Chris Correa ’10 and Robby Hardesty ’12  go out and party the Wesleyan Middleton way: by downing Dubra from solo cups, broing out with wooden Buddha statues, and fantasizing about getting it on during Biology of Sex lectures. (You’ll have plenty of time to live in a van down by the river while you’re living in a van down by the river, amiright?)

As usual, Postponed—via Future House Pictures—is filled to the brim with recent alums and a few current students, including but not limited to Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and  Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa starring. The crew put out a call for on-campus extras last month, so you might recognize some other faces in the mix, too, if you’re not too distracted by the sex, drugs, and vodka.) (Someone probably told Postponed they aren’t sexy enough, because this episode starts with morning sex in a van and ends with a threat to “stick my sexy love tongue up your sexy, sexy grill, baby.”) (“More like PostBoned,” reviewed some rando on the ACB.)

You can watch the episode here, see past episodes here and here, find a brief interview with the creators here, and click past the jump for a few embeds for the hell of it. The next webisode is coming next week (oh!), so watch fast and die young.

Postponed Drops Second Webisode, Seeks Extras

“In the Hipster Revolution, the poor become the rich. And the rich—they’re the poor!”

A few weeks ago we posted the debut webisode of Postponed, a titillating new Wes-based web series about unemployed life on the sketchiest outskirts of Wesleyan’s campus, produced by a ragged group of mostly recent alums who may or may not know a thing or two about the subject in question. Among the notables: Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and  Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa starring. The campus in question is referred to as Middleton, but who’s kidding?

“This narrative will hit home with many from our cadre of recent graduates who are unemployed or who have friends experiencing it,” explained the creators. No [expletive]ing [expletive]! Episode one was arguably a bit more despairing than funny, brimming with bleak tirades on living in a trailer, lashing out at your alma mater, and still hitting on freshman girls. The follow-up branches out a bit, exploring Relevant Subjects in Today’s Youth Culture, including but not limited to: free hugs, becoming a hipster, eating in WesWings, lying about employment (or lackthereof), lying about employment while eating in WesWings and becoming a hipster, and Ulysses. Keep watching, because the best confrontation arrives about nine minutes in.

Postponed Web Series Drops Debut Episode

Episode One: Robby and Chris make themselves at home(less) on Wesleyan’s campus.

Last week we posted about “Postponed,” a brand new web series about—and, I think, primarily by—unemployed recent Wesleyan graduates. True to promise, Future House Pictures dropped the debut episode yesterday, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and true to promise, it’s a scathing, unnervingly bitter rumination on living in a trailer, trying to get a job at Best Buy, and growing a filthy mustache. It’s frankly more disconcerting than funny, and the subtext seems to be that if you don’t identify with this now, just wait two or three years. Who’s ready to laugh?

The whole episode seems to have been filmed in the Vine St. parking lot, where Chris Correa ’10 and Robby Hardesty ’12 furiously debate the pros and cons of hitting on “Freshmen 11” girls, and the web series cleverly takes its title from a term referring to the most recent generation of college graduates “who cannot enter adulthood due to over/underqualification in an unhealthy economy.” As Hardesty Correa despairs in the episode, “We’re too overqualified for any minimum-wage job. We’re too inexperienced for any job we give a shit about it. This place owes us something more than just monthly student loans.” 

Postponed Web Series to Debut Valentine’s Day

No, no, that’s the name of the web series.

It’s a weirdly active month for recent-alumni-doing-sketch-comedy here on Wesleying. Last week we posted about The Skinny Goodmans, an LA-based sketch comedy group founded by Wes comedy hotshots Josh Margolin ’11 and Benjamin Smolen ’10. If you’ve been following for a while, you may have recognized Margolin from his 2009 involvement with “Enrolled,” which—way back when—held the prestigious honor of being Wesleyan’s first web series. (Wannabes, The Internationals, and Laugh Track all followed shortly—as well as the ongoing Wes Pacific last semester. Looks like Wesleyan web series are getting a resurgence after a sizable break.)

Turns out “Enrolled” creator Chris Correa ’10 has his own web series in the works, with help from a generous heaping of ’10 and ’11 alums and one or two current seniors. Filmed on location in Middletown, “Postponed” is set to debut Valentine’s Day. It’s sort of like “Enrolled” (Correa and Robby Hardesty ’12 reprise their roles), except it’s about unemployment instead of college. Well, uh, that’s odd.

Wes Pacific Makes Wes Debut

Amanda Palmer: “You know what’s amazingly meta about your incredibly confusing pun title? That it’s not specific.”

Remember when Wesleyan web series were all the rage? I do.

There was Enrolled—the first—in 2009, a college sitcom-style series written by Chris Correa ’10, Robby Hardesty ’11, and Josh Margolin ’11 and revolving around the lives of a group of friends at Wesleyan. Then Wannabes the following semester, a mockumentary-style show by Garth Taylor ’12, whose plot I seem to remember involving aspiring Wesleyan arts performers. There was The Internationals a year later, a Michael Steves ’13 production “about the freshman year of a hall of international students” . . .  closely followed by Laugh Track, also by Garth Taylor ’12, a painfully meta series about a group of college comedy writers writing sketches for their online series.

And now for something completely different (actually): Wes Pacific, a Will Feinstein ’13 production, makes its Wesleyan debut.

Laugh Track: New Web-Series Auditions

From the people who brought you “WANNABES” comes a new web-series about the emerging world of viral entertainment. The show features a princess in exile, Mexican stand-offs, corruption in Res-Life, high stakes gambling, dreams dying/coming true (but mostly dying), hubris, training wheels, hammers smashing things, babies having “babies”, and quests.

Be prepared to do a cold read of a scene. Feel free to bring/perform your own monologue or excerpt (although this is not required). See you there!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pat O’Brien, Dan Obzejta, Aaron Peisner, or Garth Taylor.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 13th and 14th
Time: 2-4 PM
Place: Usdan 108 (Taylor Meeting Room)