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Enrolled Alums Film Comedy Sketch, Possible Web Series

You might remember comedy veteran Josh Margolin ’11 as one of the creators of “Enrolled,” Wesleyan’s first ever web series. Now he’s back at it again, this time joined by Julian Silver ’12 and Charlie Alderman ’11. The three recently released “boychicks” (yes, with a lowercase ‘b’), a comedic sketch about a few broke 20-somethings as they scheme to obtain free drinks. (Sound familiar?) Though it is currently a stand-alone sketch, Margolin says they plan on shooting more and hope to expand it into a web series.

In the clip, “The boychicks attempt to get their drink on… without spending any money. ” Watch it above.

Episode Three: Postponed Gets Crunk

On unemployment, partying, and “crazy monkey sex in the elevator of a freshman dorm.” Almost.

Put down that cover letter: Postponed, the weirdly prolific new alumni (mostly) web series about unemployed life on Wesle—sorry, Middleton’s campus, is back. Those first two episodes arrived brimming with ominously realistic jobless frustration and unbridled despair (actual line: “we’re too inexperienced for any job we give a shit about it; this place owes us something more than just monthly student loans”), so it’ s about time the whole crew lightened up. This time around, lovable vagrants Chris Correa ’10 and Robby Hardesty ’12  go out and party the Wesleyan Middleton way: by downing Dubra from solo cups, broing out with wooden Buddha statues, and fantasizing about getting it on during Biology of Sex lectures. (You’ll have plenty of time to live in a van down by the river while you’re living in a van down by the river, amiright?)

As usual, Postponed—via Future House Pictures—is filled to the brim with recent alums and a few current students, including but not limited to Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and  Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa starring. The crew put out a call for on-campus extras last month, so you might recognize some other faces in the mix, too, if you’re not too distracted by the sex, drugs, and vodka.) (Someone probably told Postponed they aren’t sexy enough, because this episode starts with morning sex in a van and ends with a threat to “stick my sexy love tongue up your sexy, sexy grill, baby.”) (“More like PostBoned,” reviewed some rando on the ACB.)

You can watch the episode here, see past episodes here and here, find a brief interview with the creators here, and click past the jump for a few embeds for the hell of it. The next webisode is coming next week (oh!), so watch fast and die young.

Wes Pacific, Episode Two: “Why The Huge Pause?”

“It sure as hell wasn’t, like, tabouleh. Cuz you don’t need the stove to cook tabouleh.”

And we’re back.

Back from the four-day weekend colloquially known as “Fall Break,” and back with a new episode of Wes Pacific, the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated webseries brainchild of Will Feinstein ’13. This time around, Will gets a flu shot (check it out, Will’s mom), Sexty-Five Pearl gets a closeup (still going strong), literally all of High Rise gets a rude 2:40 AM awakening, and Bobby Burvant ’13 and Adam “Rot-Bot” Rotstein ’13 get “Clairecuts.” Rot-Bot also tells a joke about a bear, and Hector knows “Monster” really well. All in a day’s work! (Dylan and Derek, take note.)

Watch the episode above or on YouTube, like Wes Pacific on Facebook, and check the first episode here. Next episode (probably) coming (maybe) soon (I think?).

PS: great news. It feels like Monday, but it’s actually Wednesday!

Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific

Last week I posted about Wes Pacific, a new web series by Will Feinstein ’13, and the explosion of Wesleyan-based web series over the past two years. Naturally, the cycle is far from complete.

Derek Frank ’15 and Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15 write in about a new video project yearning to get off the ground: Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific, which mostly consists of Derek and Dylan watching Wes Pacific while eating Tostitos tortilla chips in what appears to be a Butts single. You’ve been warned.

Worth noting: YouTube videos of people watching YouTube videos have a long and storied, if admittedly baffling, history at this point, dating back as least to when the Roots sat down in front of 2 Girls 1 Cup. More recently, I came across the ‘tube channel of one Martin Kohout, a somber-faced German artist who has uploaded no less than 817 videos of himself watching other prominent YouTube videos. Below you’ll see Kohout’s reaction to Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” video.

Watch “The Internationals,” a New Wesleyan Webseries!

Michael Steves ’13 is creating a new Wesleyan webseries called “The Internationals.” More about it in his own words:

Watch the new Wesleyan webseries, “The Internationals”, a comedy about the freshman year of a hall of international students! In the first of thirteen episodes, the hallmates meet each other and play a name game. Meanwhile, Willie Hayward of Fairbanks, Alaska attempts to leave the international hall on which he has accidentally been placed.

For a cast list and more, read past the jump:

Middlebury Public Safety

So you guys know Middlebury College, right? It’s that one that almost sounds like Middletown, which is the city we’re next to, so it’s kinda sorta related, right?

Look, we don’t need an excuse, all right? We’re Wesleying, it’s a webseries called “Public Safety” by junior Chris De La Cruz at said college, and most importantly, it’s funny. So watch it.

Here’s the pilot:

And here’s where you can see the rest of the episodes.