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Despite Valiant Effort by Wes, Oberlin Wins April Fools Day Forever

Above you’ll find a brand new video interview with Griffin Gallati ’15, fictional ten-year-old astronomy and music major who holds several jobs on campus and is reported to be “one of Wesleyan’s more unique students.” Subtly nestled into Wesleyan’s homepage yesterday, it was a valiant effort—and clearly took an admirable amount of work on the part of whomever Wesleyan pays to feed into student narcissism every weekday with a video camera—but let’s just say Oberlin wins this round, probably forever. Presenting the Oberlin (err, Meowberlin) homepage, as it appeared yesterday, April 1:

Wesward Information Session

From Lisa Sy ’13:

Wesward  is a new online website that was born out of the feeling that anti-oppression, identity, activist and any other active Wesleyan student groups and students need an online hub for communication and collaboration.

We are holding an interest meeting Saturday, 9/22, 2pm in Allbritton 304 for any and all people who would like to work with us! We welcome anyone who wants to work with us in any capacity they can; no technical skills for the online component are necessary at all.

Date: Saturday, September 22
Time: 2 pm
Place: Allbritton 304
Cost: The cost of revolution.

Music Of Places: An Anastasis Germanidis ’13 Production

“Sometimes I feel like interfaces are better than stories. Sometimes the opposite.”

Anastasis “Anne Solo” Germanidis ’13, resident Comp Sci genius, MicroKorg soloist, Wesleyan Transhumanist, and part-time llama whisperer (above), sends in a new creation of coding ingenuity. It’s called Music Of Places and, frankly, it’s everything it says it is: an interactive interface that allows the user to type in a location of hir choice and immediately hear music by an artist native to that location. (The main artist that pops up when you type in Middletown is Edensong, which, according to Wiki, was formed at Wesleyan in 2002. No sign of MGMT, Das Racist, or the other usual suspects, maybe because they’re more often listed as being based in Brooklyn. MGMT eventually popped up when I typed in New York, though.)

Seeking Web Designers

David Goldman ’12 writes in seeking web designers for a new social network here is starting. Eventually you will be pushed out of the operation and forced to take legal action and portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the Hollywood adaptation. But that’s neither here nor there:

Have website design experience? Looking to get involved in a website start-up?

David Goldman ’12 and Adam Ilowite ’12 are looking for website designers to help code and launch their new site in the coming months. More details available in person.

Contact dmgoldman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or ailowite(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to hear more.

Wesleyan’s Website: Past and Present

If you’re a Wesleyan student, you’ve probably seen the new website by now. And you probably have a strong opinion on it—with particular respect to the embarrassing new Admissions site.

But what exactly is our basis for comparison?

The Wayback Machine provides a fascinating glimpse at what the past Wesleyan websites have looked like, including some godawful 90s designs. Here’s a sample.

Wesleyan.edu in December 1997:

Website 1997