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Who Cares If It Snows? A Weekend Roundup

It ain’t much, but it’s something! Image c/o Wesleyan University

So, it snowed for the first time last night.  I’m assuming this means that winter has started, which is a little scary, but the events of this weekend are making it easier to process. There are many awesome things going on, including cultural shows, dancing shows and performing bands.

Here’s a roundup of some of the things happening:

Weekend Roundup!

This is hopefully one of the last of these we’ll ever need to do. I’ve tried to post everything that’s currently in the inbox that’s happening before Sunday–if I’ve missed something, let us know in the comments and I or someone else will hopefully be able to get to it.

THURSDAY, February 5th:

12pm: CRC How to Network Workshop
7pm: Breakthrough Collaborative internship info session
9pm: Pineapple Express Showing
9pm: Fefu and her Friends @ Center for AFAM Studies

FRIDAY, February 6th:

8pm: Fefu and her Friends @ Center for AFAM Studies
8:30pm: Seven Bands at Eclectic
9pm: 90’s Nostalgia Party
10:30pm: DJ Showcase at ADP

SATURDAY, February 7th:

11am: Green Street Volunteer Orientation
1pm: Saucy Stories Workshop
2pm: Mabuhay Round 1 Auditions
5:30pm: Fefu and her Friends @ Center for AFAM Studies
6pm: Lunar New Year Celebration
9pm: Fefu and her Friends @ Center for AFAM Studies
9pm: BondFest @ Alpha Delt
9 pm: Punchline Comedy Performs at the ’92

SUNDAY, February 8th:

2pm: Mabuhay Round 1 Auditions
2pm: Active Board Games @ Alpha Delt
5:30pm: Fefu and her Friends @ Center for AFAM Studies

If you’ve got an event for the weekend roundup, post a link in the comments or send it to staff@wesleying.org and we’ll add it as fast as we can.

Weekend Round-Up

Because we love you…

Friday, September 20
7pm – Ashpet @ South Church St
8pm- Green Street Limelight: Latino Voices

8pm – Breaking Ground Dance Series: Orpheus and Eurydice
8pm – Happy Days @ ’92 Theater
8pm – Heathers, w/ producer Denise De Novi speaking afterward @ Film Center
10pm – Megafun and the Shade @ Earth House
10pm – Explosion @ Psi U
10pm – Outdoor Dance Party @ Alpha Delt

Saturday, September 20
1pm – F___CK BBQ @ behind the Bayit
1pm – WesLAN Party
2pm & 8pm – Happy Days @ ’92 Theater
2-3:30pm and 4-5:30pm – Precision Troupe Auditions @ 156 High
7pm – Ashpet @ South Church St
8pm – Metropolis @ the Film Center
9pm – Jazz in the Grotto @ Alpha Delt
10pm – Sex Party @ Eclectic

Sunday, September 21
1pm – Terp Auditions @ Fayerweather
2pm – Isis Dance Troupe Auditions
2pm – Senior BBQ (rescheduled)

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It’s baaack… the Weekend Roundup!

If you’ve got an event that hasn’t been advertised on Wesleying, put it in the comments. Please include the name of the event, along with its date and time, and preferably a link. We’ll add it to the list.

Thursday, Sept. 11

Friday, Sept. 12

Saturday, Sept. 13

Sunday, Sept. 14