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End of Class Roundup

Since there are a good number of events going on in the next few days, I figured I’d do a quick roundup of all of the ones that have been sent to us so far:

Monday, May 5th:
7:00pm: The Imam and the Pastor film screening
8:00pm: Music at Alpha Delt
8:00pm: Ebony Singers Concert
8:00 pm: No Eggshells\Outside
8:00pm: New Teen Force concert in WestCo Cafe.

Tuesday, May 6th:
7:30pm: First Person film screening
8:00pm: WesWinds spring concert
8:00pm: Usdan Night Festival
8:00pm: Contradance in the World Music Hall
8:00pm: Concert at WestCo (AuralWes link)
8:00 pm: No Eggshells\Outside
8:00pm: Waiting in Line final concert (Facebook link)
9:00pm: Lunchbox show
9:00pm: Vocal Debauchery Presents: A Lifetime Original Movie
10:00pm: Prometheus End of the Year show
10:00 pm – 2 am: Naked Party at Earth House
12:00am: Rocky Horror Picture Show screening/performance

Wednesday, May 7th
Noon: Feet to the Fire Festival

If you have any other events, post ’em in the comments and I’ll get them up here as fast as I can. (Other contributors, feel free to add to this!)

Slightly (very) late, but rounded up nonetheless.

the weekend:

Friday (today, aka all of these things have already happened, but I’m putting them on here anyway):
4 pm: Reclaim Usdan 24-hour paint-in Planning Meeting
4 pm: Art Show at Eclectic (it was cool, I went)
4:30 pm: Reports from the Field: Service Learning and Community Research in Middletown
(until) 6 pm: Yom Hashoah Name Reading
7 pm: The Real Thing
7-9 pm: The Essence of She
9 pm: Reading
10 pm: The Real Thing
10 pm-2 am: Essence of She Afterparty
10 pm: Burlesque
11:45 pm: Burlesque

All day: Free Comic Book Day!
11 am: German Haus Soccer Tournament thing (preliminaries)
11:30 am-3 pm: Making Democracy Work Conference
12 pm -4 pm: May Day at Long Lane
4 pm: The Real Thing
8 pm: The Real Thing
8 pm: Gamelan and Wayang (Indonesian puppet theatre) at WMH
10 pm: Burlesque
11:45 pm: Burlesque

11 am: German Haus Soccer Tournament thing (finals)
1 pm-ish: Weekend Chess
1 pm-3pm: Folk Music at Alpha Delt
4 pm: “A Walk to Remember” Music Festival

WESFEST Weekend Roundup

It’s WesFest, jump-start your weekend:

All Weekend:
Prefrosh everywhere*

Wednesday April 16th:
6 pm: Anti-Anti-Drugs Cops Speak at
PAC 002
7:30 pm: FILM SERIES: I’m Not There

7:30 pm: Argus Speaker Series w/ Journalist Avi Salzman at
PAC 001
8 pm: Chris Pureka, performing at
CFA Cinema
8:30 pm: Bands: The Skaters, Dolphins Into the Future, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Pacific Rat Temple Band at
9:30 pm: Invisible Man Show at
Psi U

Thursday April 17th:
All day:
WesFest events
11 am-3 pm: Free STD Testing at Eclectic
12-4 pm:
Art Exhibits at Davison Art Center Gallery and East Asian Studies Center
2 pm: Chemistry Demo w/ liquid nitrogen ice cream at Exley 150
5 pm: Ishle Yi Park at
Crowell Concert Hall
5 pm: CRC’s Hunting for Housing in a New City at
Usdan 108
5-7 pm: International Food Fair at Psi U
5:30 pm: Delicious Move-In for Peace with Eiko Otake at
Usdan MPR
6 pm: Wes Shutterbugs “Many Worlds” exhibition at
Zelnick Pavilion
6 pm: Waiting In Line’s “Spring Fever” show at Exley Science Center
6:15 pm: Amnesty International meeting at Usdan 136
7 pm: Paranormal Investigator Donna Kent at Broad Street Books
7:30 pm: FILM SERIES: Glory at Sea! followed by Q&A

8 pm: Bands: White Mice, Disappearer, Kentucky Fried Doom, Jock Jams at
WestCo Cafe
8 pm: Vocal Debauchery in the Nics Lounge
8 pm: Look, What I Don’t Understand performance at ’92 Theater
8 pm: Antarctica: Magmatism and Magnetism lecture at Exley 150
8-9 pm: Open Observation Night at the Van Vleck Observatory
9 pm: SOC Fashion Show in the Freeman Hockey Rink

10:30 pm: Schmooze with the Jews at the Bayit
11 pm: Fashion Show AfterParty at Psi U

Friday April 18th:
All day: WesFest Events
11:30 am-1:30 pm: All Campus Barbecue! at Andrus Field
12-1pm: Representations of Race in the Media – lunch & discussion at Usdan 110
12-4 pm:
Art Exhibits at Davison Art Center Gallery and East Asian Studies Center
2 pm: Life or Death in the Forest w/ Outing Club at OutHouse
2 pm: Writer Amy Bloom at Film Center 190
2:30 pm: Let’s Talk About Drugs at WesWell solarium
3 pm: Gamelan Workshop at World Music Hall
3-5pm: Russian Outdoor Event w/ Slavei and The (Balkan) Situations at Russian House (163 High St)
3:30 pm: WesDems vs. WesRepublicans Debate in the Olin Lobby
4 pm: Film: Boys of Baraka at Film Center 150
5 pm: WSA Candidates’ Meeting at
WSA Office
6:30 pm: Film: A Closer Walk at PAC 001
7-10:30 pm: The Leah Randazzo Group at Green Street Arts Center
7:30 pm: FILM SERIES: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

8 pm: Mabuhay at Crowell Concert Hall
8 pm: Spettacolo Italiano variety/talent show at Fisk 302
8 pm: Pirates XXX screening at Film Hall
8 pm: Gag Reflex WesFest Show at WestCo Cafe
9pm: Dance Party and Talking to the Walls Concert at Alpha Delt

9pm: Dance Party w/Romans, Liberty at Eclectic
10 pm: Prometheus WesFest show on
Foss Hill
10 pm: Look, What I Don’t Understand performance at ’92 Theater
11 pm: Mabuhay After Party at X House
11:45 pmt: Desperate Measures Precum Show at WestCo Cafe

Saturday April 19th:
All day:
WesFest Events
10 am- 4 pm: Wes women’s Ultimate hosts sectionals behind Freeman
11 am-4 pm: Earth House Tag Sale at Earth House
12-2 pm: Barbecue/DJ Party at CFA Green
12 pm: Wes Spring Sustainable Development Panel at PAC 004
12 pm: Annual Interfaith Banquet at Usdan – Daniel Commons
12-4 pm: Art Exhibits at Davison Art Center Gallery
1-4 pm: Be a Farmer! at Long Lane Farm
2-10 pm: He Who Must Not Be Named Day at
WestCo Courtyard:The lifestyle festival organized every WesFest by WestCo is back this year, with a special name “He Who Must Not Be Named” Day. Welcome spring with sweet, sweet music, great food and weather, arts and handicrafts, together with general craziness and outdoor mayhem.
3-6 pm: “Arab Women and Political Violence” film screening at Turath House
4 pm: KICK AIDS 3v3 Benefit Soccer Tournament at Jackson Field
6 pm: Film: The Great Silence: Rape in the Congo at PAC 001
6 pm: First Passover Seder at
Beckham Hall
7:30 pm: FILM SERIES: 42nd Street
8 pm: Look, What I Don’t Understand performance at ’92 Theater
9pm: Violens, Rumspringa, Bottle Up and Go, Bear Hands at Eclectic

Sunday 4/20:
All day: Um, 4/20 anywhere, mostly on Foss Hill
10 am- 2:30 pm:
Wes women’s Ultimate hosts sectionals behind Freeman (championship game at 12:15)
2:40 pm: The Bea’les present “Abbey Road” on Foss Hill

6 pm: Prohibition Party at the Well-Being House backyard

Get your shit done early so your future disoriented self doesn’t have to deal with the trivialities of your life later when all it wants to do is enjoy enlightenment or something. Happy weekend, boredom is a nonissue.

*Prefrosh and other visitors, if you’re looking for specific WesFest prefrosh-oriented events, check out the “Westfest Events” listed for Thursday-Saturday.

Comment if we neglected a happening.

Weekend R-r-r-r-oundup

Sup foolios, Weekend Update is back:

Date: Friday, February 22
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Goldsmith Family Cinema
$4 admission

Time Travelers’ Conventions

Date: Friday, February 22
Time: 10:00 PM +
Location: Alpha Delta Phi

When: Friday, February 22nd
* Services: 6:15
* Dinner:7:30
* After Dinner chanting and learning: 8:15
* Lock-In!! 10 pm-10 am
Where: The Bayit (157 Church)

Note: The Kirtan Rabbi and co. have canceled for tonight because of the snow, but services will still be held in the Bayit, 6:15 and the Kirtan Rabbi will make his Wesleyan debut next weekend!

Date: Friday, February 22
Time: 8pm
Location: Nic Lounge

They & The Children
Kentucky Fried Doom
Red vs. Black
Date: Friday, February 22nd
Time: 9pm- when the crusty punks shower
Place: WestCo Cafe

Where: Psi U
When: Friday 10pm-2am
What: Sick electronica, bumpin’ and thumpin’, electro house and progressive house music
How: $3 for 1 or $5 for 2 @ the door. All proceeds are being donated to a local soup kitchens.

Friday, Feb 22nd
8pm – midnight
Beckham Hall
$5/pair or $3/tix

Friday (feb 22)
Film Hall (nic 6 basement)

Eclectic, first band at 10:00, FREE


Saturday, Feb 23
’92 Theater

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2008
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Nic Lounge

Reckless Sons
War Canoes
Broken Postal Scene
Date: Saturday, February 23
Time: 9:30pm
Location: Westco Cafe

Saturday feb. 23
Starting at 10
@ Open House

When: Saturday Feb. 23
Time: 4 pm
Where: Usdan Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor)


Sunday (feb 24)
Film Hall (nic 6 basement)

Sunday the 24th
@ open house
11 a.m. till 2pm

Yeah, pretty sure there’s more going on this weekend, but Facebook is down. I’ll update it later. In the meantime, practice your dance moves for the Rave. I thought this guy was from Eclectic; turns out he’s just French.

First Weekend Update

So um. Presenting The Weekend Update. (If your event is not here, if you didn’t tell us, how will we know?)

Thursday, September 6
Waiting in Line Auditions
Bands at Eclectic
Usdan Open Mic Night
Lunchbox Auditions
The Holy Mountain
CFA Job Fair
Bands at Westco
Senior Jazz and Dessert

Friday, September 7
Waiting in Line Auditions
Usdan Dedication
Lunchbox Auditions
Middle School Dance Party
Gag Reflex Auditions

Saturday, September 8
PANGEA Welcome Back Party
Game Night at X-House
Blades of Glory
Tea and Snacks @ Chinese House
Gag Reflex Auditions

It’s the Weeeeekend Update

Thursday, Febrizzle 8
Make Valentines for the Elderly
Skittles Art Exhibit Opening Reception
Tutoring Info Session
Inequality in Education Discussion

Friday, Febrizzle 9
Amiri Baraka
Program House Fair
Islamic Revivalism from America to Europe
Green Streets Friday Night Jam
X-House Dance Party
Joe John and Holly’s Rocking Good Time

Saturday, Febrizzle 10
Almost Naked Party
Return of the Wumpus
Contra Dance
Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert

A Pathetic Weekend Update

Reminder: We only fail to report the weekend’s events because we were not told of the weekend’s events. This is a two-way street, dudes, and while we may personally know about certain events, we are not privy to write about them on public forum unless you tell us we can. (I know, despite the enormous, marvelous, toilsome, thankless effort one might think maintaining this blog is, we do, in fact, have lives of our own.) We don’t want to get anyone in trouble.*

Just drop us a line at wesleying@gmail. Hell, you want to talk for whatever reason, just drop us a line. We love you.

Thursday, February 1
Old Joy
Cardinal Sinners Audition

Friday, February 2
Case for Impeachment
Mabuhay Tryouts
AAA Cafe
Bubble Tea

Saturday, February 3
Swing Time
Flash Swing Dance
Mabuhay Tryouts
James Bond Party

Sunday, February 4
French Hall Brunch
Ujamaa General Meeting
Mighty Ducks Marathon
Fashion Show Meeting
Terp Audition
Super Bowl
Burlesque Show Call
Earth House Activities Fair

* With that said, High Street will probably be jumping if you’re in desperate need for a party.