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After After Paquerette: Rethinking Spaces, Waste, and Anal Sanctity


This article is about something that happened before Thanksgiving break.

Right now, it is fairly difficult for me to take my mind back to such a time, before I feasted in a celebration of excess and resisted the corporately-constructed consumptive temptations of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These past two weeks have seemed like the sad cold leftovers of fall semester, as I use my limited mental energy to cling to the relevance of my coursework and yeah, finals.

Either way, I’m happy and I’m managing. And thus, I have mustered up the time to write this, which I still think is very relevant in this period of the semester that seems so critical, yet so weirdly unnecessary (why did we have break, only to come back for two weeks, and have break again?).

Way back in November, a large mysterious sign appeared in Usdan, covered in trash. It appeared to be an advertisement for a fraternity of sorts, namely Delta Lambda Pu or DLP for short. Apart from a single email, the advertisement contained no information about the frat.

Write-in #1: Is Wes really that weird?

Welcome. Feel free to take off your pants and jacket.

I’m writing to humbly request that you answer me this one question by filling out THIS FORM.



Now, look, I’m not trying to cramp your style. I wouldn’t want to block your recalling of witnessed weirdness at Wes with examples like this or this or this or this or this. I’m not going to tell you exactly how to define “weird”. And I’m certainly not going to link to a certain Twitter account regarding this subject.

Watch out for the follow-up. We’ll probably discuss weirdness at Wes but, more importantly, it’ll include blurbs chosen from your submissions.

WeirdWes Twitter Account Documents Weird, Wes

Today, while scouring the mighty Twitterverse for inane comments about Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio Wesleyans to pointlessly retweet, I came across WeirdWes, or @WesThings, a new account offering wry observations on everything that is strange, mundane, and both on campus. It seems to be lightly mocking the University account, which uses the #Wesleyan hashtag on the daily for updates like “Got milk? All-natural dairy products, farmed and distributed by two #Wesleyan alumni, are MOOving in.” So far, it’s off to a fine start, with 11 followers and less than half that many tweets: