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“Wellesleyan” Tops List of Most Expensive Schools

Earlier this week Business Insider published a list of the 20 Most Expensive Colleges in America. Wesleyan made the cut at #5—$56,006 for tuition, fees, room and board in 2011-2012—topped only by Harvey Mudd, Columbia, NYU, and finally Sarah Lawrence, the tiny Yonkers campus whose total fees have been inching steadily closer to $60k. No surprise when you consider Wesleyan’s rising tuition, uncertain need-blind status (not considered in this ranking, but topically relevant), and other topics of discussion at April’s Affordability Forum. Last spring Wes was #2 on the list.

What should come as a surprising is the photo the magazine placed beneath Wesleyan’s name. Grander than Olin, the building appears nowhere on Wesleyan’s campus (and if it does, it’s been kept even more hidden than the Art Studio tunnels). What gives?

“Wesleyan Blouse”: an actual product

Hay grlz. If the garments pictured below look like something from your ensemble, know that You Are Wesleyan.

wesleyan blouse french

wesleyan blouse

At least according to ModCloth, a “mod retro indie/vintage” online clothing store which is marketing the pink one as “Wesleyan Blouse in French Class“, and the green one as “Wesleyan Blouse in History Class“.

Um. Talk about niche marketing. This is the site’s description:

We think the educated ladies of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University would love to wear this ivy green/rose pink, vintage-inspired blouse! This asymmetrical top from Dainty June features a rainbow of over-sized buttons running down the front, a unique roll over collar with a notch accent, and cute cuffed sleeves. Match with a pencil skirt and oxfords for a look that will have cute study buddies following you around campus!

Cute!! The only semi-plausible reason I could think of why this exists was that some earnest Wes alum works for this company and wanted to shout this place out. But no Wesleyan graduate would be so devoid of irony as to write the above paragraph.

Anyway, I’m not sure what makes these clothes particularly suited to Wesleyan’s educated ladies. Is a Mad-Men-inspired ModCloth designer making an oblique reference to Matthew Weiner‘s alma mater? Is our character once again being confused with Wellesley‘s?

Especially in light of our recent collective identity crisis, I am really confused about what sort of image we project. Clearly Wesleyan has been presented as relatively fashion-forward in the recent past, but what is this?

Each blouse goes for $79.99. Are any of you educated Wesleyan ladies ironic enough/lacking enough in irony to wear one to history class? French class? Finishing school?

Barack Obama & Wellesleyan, part II

You may remember some of the confusion by Fox News and possibly by Barack Obama about Wesleyan vs. Wellesley, way back when there was a lot of buzz about Obama’s commencement address here.

But it seems that confusion continues. Jared Paul ’11 sends in a hilarious (even if a little saddening) anecdote:

An exchange today at Obama’s town hall meeting in Raleigh, NC.

Girl asking question: …I’m a recent Wellesley graduate, and…
Barack: I know your school, I spoke at your commencement! …Er, wait, was that…
Me (shouting): WESLEYAN!
Barack: Wesleyan, yeah, I get those two mixed up.

Just thought I should share that one with y’all.

Urgent: they need your wellesley.edu password!

Katrina Smith-Mannschott ’08 sends in this bit of spam she received. She writes, “Apparently, even spammers have trouble telling Wesleyan and Wellesley apart.” Nice going, wannabe password thieves!
Date: July 15, 2008 17:31:06 GMT+02:00
To: (her username)@wesleyan.edu
Reply-To: verification_team03@yahoo.com.hk

Dear wellesley.edu Subscriber,

We are currently carrying-out a mentainance process to your wellesley.edu account, to complete this process you must reply to this email immediately, and enter your User Name here (**********) And Password here (**********) if you are the rightful owner of this account.

This process we help us to fight against spam mails. Failure to summit your password, will render your email address in-active from our database.

NOTE: You will be send a password reset messenge in next seven (7) working days after undergoing this process for security reasons.

Thank you for using wellesley.edu!

I feel absolutely no guilt about leaving the spammers’ e-mail addresses up there to get spammed themselves.

It Was a Joke, Not a Gaffe

I don’t know why, but I was bothered enough by the attempts to paint Senator Barack Obama as being too stupid to pronounce the name of the school he was speaking at (previously reported here) to throw together a video demonstrating how it was obviously a joke.

The screenshot of the May 22 Wesleying post may be difficult to read, even at full screen. See this link to read it in your browser.

It would have been a much better video if I could have included the footage from Fox News, but it has since been taken offline.

Fox News (In a Sad Attempt) Tries to Burn Obama

In the latest Fox News report, it tried to embarrass Obama for saying “Wellesley-an” in his commencement speech today. They seem to acknowledge it was a joke, and they also add that Senior Class President Rashida Richardson made the same joke in her speech. However, they are pissed that it wasn’t caught on tape (except by our own staff member, Beau “Spazeboy” Anderson), and seem to forget that they actually made the mistake of getting us confused with Hilary Clinton’s alma matter, Wellesley.

Wellesleyan: "The Alma Mater of who? Hillary Clinton"

I saw this reported here yesterday, but I figure that the only thing better than re-blogging something is to re-blog it with video evidence. Unfortunately the embeds don’t work, but the videos should be viewable at the links below.

Update May 26, 2008: Apparently, the site that hosts the video clips linked in this blog post has been shut down.


Wesleying just got this amusing e-mail from Kate Heller ’09:

My dad told me that he was listening to Fox News on satellite radio, and that they reported that Hillary Clinton should be peeved because Barack Obama is replacing Ted Kennedy to speak at her Alma Matter… Wellesley…

Will the world never tell us apart!?!?!

Slightly unrelated

The other day I saw a girl wearing a shirt that said “University of Wellesleyan College”. Someone needs to make more of those shirts.