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How Sweet: Wendy’s Birthday Treats

For those of you who don’t know, the woman pictured to the right is Wendy– a true Wesleyan treasure! She used to work at Summerfields but nowadays you can find her swiping cards at Usdan. What makes her deserving of her own Wesleying post is how she regularly goes beyond her job description to brighten students’ days.

I meant to write about this last semester (oops!) when I ate lunch at Usdan with my friend on her birthday. Right after swiping my friend’s card, Wendy wished her a happy birthday, which was sweet of her. Even sweeter, she reached behind her and pulled out a little bag of candy as a gift! Being that I ate almost everything in the bag, I can confirm that there was some good stuff in there: Blow Pops, Sweet Tarts, Pixy Styx, etc. Here’s a really crappy picture of the bag and its contents:

Wendy recently resumed contributing to happy birthdays after taking a break late last semester. She also told me (back in February) that she was paying for all of the candy out of her own pocket but that she was maybe going to be reimbursed. Either way, Wendy’s birthday goody bags are a great example of why she is such a beloved member of the Wesleyan family. Even without the candy treats, Wendy always makes me smile with her sincerity and friendliness. Hopefully, this post can bring Wendy some recognition for being such a great part of many people’s Wesleyan experience. If you appreciate her warmth and generosity, show her some love next time you see her!

Pizza Man in biking accident (he’ll be ok)

dsc_0734Mert Champagne, the pizza guy at Usdan, got into a mountain biking accident last month and will be out for awhile.

His sister Debra Gauvin (Debbie), whom you might know from Late Nite and the Classics section of Usdan, says he was on a trip to take photos of the sunset on August 20th at Pennwood Park in nearby Bloomfield, when he got into the accident.

Luckily, he got the photos. He’ll recover soon – in the meantime, there’s a huge card by the counter on the 2nd floor of Usdan that you can sign next time you’re getting a meal.

Here is Wendy with it: