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Pizza Man in biking accident (he’ll be ok)

dsc_0734Mert Champagne, the pizza guy at Usdan, got into a mountain biking accident last month and will be out for awhile.

His sister Debra Gauvin (Debbie), whom you might know from Late Nite and the Classics section of Usdan, says he was on a trip to take photos of the sunset on August 20th at Pennwood Park in nearby Bloomfield, when he got into the accident.

Luckily, he got the photos. He’ll recover soon – in the meantime, there’s a huge card by the counter on the 2nd floor of Usdan that you can sign next time you’re getting a meal.

Here is Wendy with it:


Wendy, Late Night, Bon Appetit

Apparently making a points spreadsheet gives me a ticket to join the Wesleying staff. Anyways, let’s get to it.

I just got word from one of the women working at late night that Wendy, of Summerfields fame, lost her position as cashier at Usdan today.

This doesn’t mean she’s been fired, just that someone else with more seniority wanted her job, and bumped her. Technically, this is all following union rules about seniority, and how jobs are assigned, but it seems like things are generally going pretty shitty for Wesleyan dining workers these days. I don’t know if Wendy’s going to get another cashier job, or what’s going to happen, but let’s raise some hell! Call people! Email people! Email Michael Roth! Tell them that what Bon Appetit is doing is really shitty, and we’re not going to stand for it!

List of (my) complaints (so far):

  • Lines.
  • Traffic Flow. (this one’s not totally BA’s fault, because they didn’t design the building, but it’s still godawful)
  • Limited drink options. (they claim that they’re in the process of getting newer and better machines)
  • Late night. This one gets a whole section.
  • There are about half as many options as at Summerfields. Fries and Sweet Potato Fries are the only vegetarian options.
  • There’s no place to sit down while you wait for your order, because if you go into the main seating area, the doors close behind you and you can’t hear your order.
  • There’s no way to re-enter to get refills on your drink or forgotten condiments or anything
  • There’s no menu. Seriously, guys.
  • It’s sort of ridiculous that you have to bring your order directly to the cook, although they claim that they’re going to get a printer for the kitchen like they had at Summerfields, so that you don’t have to do this anymore.

EDIT: additions to the list

  • Ice cream machines: they really should be with the desserts, not in the already over-crowded drink area. I mentioned this to one of the managers, and he said that they couldn’t move it because it required a high-amp electrical plug and a water line. Granted, these are not trivial things to move, but the building’s still under construction, I imagine that it wouldn’t be impossible to do.
  • Drinks: Why do they have the cups arranged so that you have to walk past the drinks, get a cup, turn around, get your drink, and turn around again to leave?

The same woman I talked to about Wendy (she used to wear a hat with a fan on it at Summerfields late night) said that we should all write comment cards urging them to move late night back to Summerfields. The comment card boards are across the hall from the lunchtime cash registers.

People to complain to:


Delmar Crim
Resident District Manager for Bon Appetit

Dean Rick Culliton
Dean of Campus Programs/

University Center Director


Dean Mike Whaley
Dean of Student Services

Interim Dean of the College