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Werner Herzog’s 69th Birthday

Now comes a day I’ve been looking forward to since the end of last semester! Elliott Revin ’12 gives you the ecstatic truth:

Rainer Werner Herzog Schröter “Wim Wenders” Fassbinder is perhaps the most famous filmmaker to rise out of the New German Cinema of the ’70s. This first Monday of classes, Sept. 5, is his 69th birthday. His realization of his “natural right for a camera” as a teenager with the unwitting assistance of Munich Film School; his ecstatic truth filmmaking, as exemplified by films like his collaborations with Klaus Kinski; his freaking creepy renditions of popular children’s books; these are all worthy of celebration. There’s no formal event for this new yearly Wesleyan holiday (henceforth, every first Monday of classes shall forever be known as Werner Herzog’s 69th Birthday), but as a school that prides itself on the prestige of its film department (among other things), we should show our support for Herzog on his 69th birthday in two ways:

1) Watch a Werner Herzog film, wherever you are.
2) Engage in festivities celebrating the man himself, preferably involving mind-altering substances.

Everyone have a great (inaugural) 69th!

Date: Sept. 5, all damn day
Place: All over campus!

2010/2011: Closing Remarks

Spring semester is over, Reunion and Commencement is days past, and I’ve flown 2/3 of the way across the country from Connecticut, so I guess it’s official: the school year is over (for most). And it’s been a pretty crazy one. So this is farewell. Farewell to eager-eyed freshmen getting acquainted to their EastCo dorm rooms, some of us dropping two classes at the beginning of the semester (to pick up three more), and punk concerts in Memorial Chapel. Farewell to Fall Break being too short, exam week too long, and Winter Break even more too longer.

Farewell to the first Snow Day since the last time a cult leader claimed the Rapture was coming. Farewell to snickering to ourselves or the ACB while scrolling through prefrosh facebook groups. Farewell to ruining my hearing forever. Farewell to Wordsmith, Mel and Josh (as a duo [for the moment]), Flora and Fauna, and any/every other outbound artist I’ve neglected to list here.  Farewell to controversy?

Farewell to fuckyeahnouns facebook event pictures (hopefully not for long). Farewell to anonymous commenters (or not, am I right?!). Farewell to WeScam. Farewell to the University hiring people to wash  chalking away from the top of Foss Hill, to the ire of students, alumni, and even random documentary filmmakers (seriously: ask Zach or myself about the documentary filmmakers).

But most of all, farewell to…idk, lol.

I feel now the most tasteful way to send you all off to your jobs, internships, or sudden urges to backpack around Europe is with a random video found by searching “wesleyan goodbye” on YouTube…so here you go. Here’s to doin’ it even nastier next year (Save the Date: Werner Herzog’s 69th Birthday).