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Wish you were in Mexico?

Well, here’s the next best thing. WeSquash (good one, Shona) is in the midst of a weeklong trip to Puerto Vallarta (through the 14th), and both teams have collaborated on a daily online trip log, including pictures. Check it out here.

New Wes blog: Wesleyazn

Schuyler Swenson ’09 sends in info about her new blog, Wesleyazn:

Wesleyazn is a new blog I’ve started that I hope will be used as a source for information about Asian American politics, art, pop culture, music, literature, current events, etc. and a place for discussion about the Asian American community and events at Wesleyan. If you’d like to be a contributor, please send an email to wesleyazn@gmail.

We’ve added it to our blogroll in the sidebar “Wes 2.0”; check it out!

College OTR: Wesleyan

We just added a new blog to our blogroll: College On The Record – Wesleyan. For the summer, Jean Pockrus ’08 is its chief contributor, and I’ve gotta say – it’s already got some really interesting and informative posts. From the more silly (a chronicle of a road trip to Nebraska, home of Nebraska Wesleyan) to the more serious (what’s it like being genderqueer in the real world after Wesleyan? sometimes dangerous), it’s targeted as much to recent alums as to current students.

I think the post “My Transgender Life After Wesleyan: Transphobia” is particularly important to read. Here’s an excerpt, but I encourage you to go to College OTR and read the whole thing:

Yesterday I was violently, physically attacked by a group of transphobic teenagers, three girls probably between the ages of 15 and 17 years old, in downtown Philadelphia. I was waiting for a bus on the corner as the three girls were walking across the street, staring at me and saying aloud to each other, “Is that a boy or a girl?” Then they began addressing me, “Are you a boy or a girl?” while looking down on me and laughing.

I did what I usually do in these transphobic situations when I’m taunted or stared at. I stared back. I stared back at the girls and said plainly, “It’s rude to stare at people.” (I also usually answer: “No, I’m not a boy or a girl,” to that familiar question, “Are you a boy or a girl?” But I didn’t say anything else this time.) One of their friends who was walking with them, a young man who looked about twenty, shouted, “Oh! That bitch said ‘respect her.'” I thought the group was just going to continue walking on and leave me alone, but a few moments later one of the girls took a few sauntering steps towards me, smiling a little, and then pulled her arm back fast and punched me hard in the left side of my face.

I want to reach out to transgender and gender non-conforming activist groups in Philly and let them know about what happened to me on the street that day. Both physical violence and verbal assault against LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people are under-reported. Right now, I don’t know who to tell about this. It’s a very isolating experience in many ways, but it makes me want to work harder to create a better world for LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people. We need to have a way to measure the climate for LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people and we need ways to educate each other and our larger communities about incidents of assault and harassment.

I plan to post more about LGBQ, transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming life during and after college in the future on www.collegeotr.com/wesleyan. I want to use my experiences to bring these issues to light.


Tala Bouzarjomehri and Jillian White ’08 have started a lifestyle blog, Sophista-Funk, devoted to creative things:

Sophista-funk is for the person that dares to be different. Lover of art, music, design and fashion, the sophista-funk carves her own space in the world. She is inspired and inspiring, seeking out fun and creativity wherever she sees fit- cause in the end, its all about personal style, baby.”

Check it out, link added to “Wes 2.0 sidebar.


We’ve been asked to remind people that the Peer Career Advisors in the CRC have a blog to help you all learn about “job postings, upcoming deadlines, workshops, info sessions, career tips, and other CRC-related news.”

Also, the CRC is accepting applications for PCA’s for next year–if you’re interested, head over to the CRC blog for details about applying.

Cool Tools for Web Engineering

*Pokes head in* Hi! I’ve been super crazy busy this week doing scary grown-up things and for perhaps one of the first times in my young adult life intentionally severed from the interweb tubes. But I am back and here to fill impressionable young minds with pseudo-educational crap.

Xue found this wonderfully useful website that strives to build simplistic tutorials for common web 2.0 tools like flash, xml, photoshop, etc. Curious?

And if you are really, really bored this summer and become wildly proficient in the ways of web 2.0, you should consider working on Wesleying. For fun and for non-profit!


Caitlin Quigley ’08 is headlining OKCupid‘s front page.
(It’s a rotating splash page so hit refresh until you see Caitlin.)

Introducing Student Podcast

John Cusick ’07 writes in:

I recently started a a podcast on the topic of writing anything from short stories to manifestos. It also features regular clips from the Waterpipe Theater, a radio drama show I do on WESU with Rory Bradley ’07, Andrea Silenzi ’07, Evan Simko-Bednarski ’07, and whole host of other cool people. The podcast is called Sans Serif.

You can listen to Sans Serif here.