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Fossil Fuel Divest First Meeting of the Semester

snow joke (wesdivest event image)From the lovely Mira Klein ’17:

Come join Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest (soon to be renamed Students Against Fossil Fuels??? Who knows…help us decide) for our first meeting of the semester. This meeting is especially for ~new people~ because we are all old and want new friends! If you are interested in a) fossil fuel divestment, b) stopping pipeline infrastructure, c) not leaving our future in the hands of fascists, or d) love bothering Michael Roth…come hang out!

Check out these articles if you want to learn more about the cool stuff we have done in the past:

Date: Wednesday, February 8
Time: 9 PM
Place: University Organizing Center (190 High St.)

Unofficial Orientation 2016: How to Keep Wes Green

This will be mostly a repost of Samira‘s two updates of DMZ‘s original 2012 post but with some important updates, so read on, dear freshies.

Is there anything more romantic than a bike ride in place? (October 2012)

Is there anything more romantic than a bike ride in place? (October 2012)

This is part of our 2016 Unofficial Orientation Series. A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here and past years’ series here.

If you came to Wesleyan because of some vague, or obvious, interest in environmentalism, then you’re in luck! If you find the right people, organizations, classes, etc. then you’ll have a great support system for keeping green on campus. If you thought it was impressive that the admissions building has solar panels on top of it (mostly a ploy to get environmentalist students to apply), then you’ll have a great time getting involved with sustainability efforts at Wes.

First of all, Wesleyan has a sustainability coordinator, whose role is to help further Wesleyan’s mission of sustainability, including making things clearer to you. Her name is Jen Kleindienst and you can send her an email at jkleindienst(at)wes. For any and all questions regarding sustainability, you should also check out Wesleyan’s sustainability website. (I’ll be going through the most important details, but I can’t link to everything.)

Fossil Fuel Divest Forces Board of Trustees to Informally Vote on Divestment


Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest held an action directed at the board of trustees Friday evening. Students gathered in the UOC at 6pm to go over the details of the symbolic action, which would force the board of trustees to informally vote on divestment from fossil fuels.

The board, among other university administrators, were gathered in Allbritton for a naming ceremony for Wesleyan’s Jewett Center for Community Partnerships. Just as the ceremony was ending, demonstrators formed a semi-circle around the front of Allbritton with two openings, one marking a “yes” vote and the other a “no” vote. Board members gradually filtered out of Allbritton. Almost every single board member, including chairman of the board Joshua Boger ’73, walked through the “no” gap. Boger can be seen looking smug as hell here:

Race, Class, Climate: Earth Day Teach-In

11124708_869370696456651_3465250268114539312_nWes, Divest! writes in:

Are you confused or intrigued by that sit in that happened last week? Join Wes Divest for a teach-in to celebrate and question earth day. We will talk about the history of the fossil fuel divestment movement, its relation to other divestment movements and with frontline communities. Come think deeper about environmentalism and the systems that dictate how we treat mama earth!

Date: Wednesday, April 22
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: WestCo Lounge

The Climate Mobilization at Wes: A Plan to Save Civilization

Climate Mobilization Rally in San Diego IRL!

Climate Mobilization Rally in San Diego IRL!

It’s Decade Zero for climate change.

We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.

To change everything, we need everyone.

In the past year, the American climate movement has made huge strides. But is it accelerating quickly enough? And what is it building toward?

Our climate crisis is now so dire that it’ll take nothing less than a WWII-scale national mobilization to transition the U.S. to a 100% clean energy economy and adapt to unavoidable disruptions. If we’re serious about securing civilization within our lifetimes (…as we should be!), this is Decade Zero to get it started.

So how do we reach the point when what’s actually necessary becomes politically possible?

Join Ezra Silk ’10 and Ashik Siddique ’10, co-founders of The Climate Mobilization, for a talk about a new national social movement strategy against the challenges ahead.

Snacks and refreshments will be served!

Check out theclimatemobilization.org for more info.

Date: Saturday, April 4
Time: 1 PM
Place: PAC 002
FB Event.

Students Honor Climate Change Victims, Hope for Change

Disclaimer: The writer of this post is not affiliated with Wes, Divest! The opinions expressed in this post are hir own.

On Friday evening, about forty students gathered in the Exley lobby for a vigil in conjunction with Global Divestment Day, a worldwide event aimed at drawing attention to the destructive nature of the fossil fuel industry. Following other events related to Global Divestment Day, including a banner drop at Usdan and a Climate Shabbat at the Bayit, the vigil, hosted by Wes, Divest!, was held not as a political statement again fossil fuels, but to commemorate the many victims of climate change.

Inequality and the Climate Crisis: A panel discussion on fossil fuel divestment

Video by Ani Acopian ’16

An event sponsored by Wes,Divest! and the Committee for Investor Responsibility- a panel discussion of great importance to the future of the planet.  

Fossil fuels do more than threaten the stability of the Earth’s the climate; fossil fuel extraction destroys the communities where oil, coal and gas are removed from the ground. Mountaintop removal coal mining, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas, oil drilling, and pipelining each pose incredible risks to water supplies and to the health of local residents. As the people in these communities suffer, the political and economic sway of fossil fuels companies allow them to continue with their destructive ways.

Students Want Wes to Divest


When the Board of Trustees came last semester, we made a display in front of Usdan with photos of 160 students holding reasons of why Wes should divest. The Board is coming again this semester, and on Friday at 11:50am, we are recreating our action from last semester, but with real people holding signs explaining why they want Wes to divest.


Your attendance is the most powerful way to show your support for Wesleyan’s divestment from fossil fuels. We need student support to let administration know that they can’t wait us out, that we aren’t relenting, and most importantly, that Wesleyan students will NOT be complacent when the destruction of frontline communities, and ultimately our planet, is at stake.

wait, what the heck is wes, divest? go here

When: Friday, February 28th
Time: 11:50 am
Where: Walkway between Usdan and Albritton, in front of North College

Wes, Divest! Kicks Off the Semester


It’s a new semester and the activism is already on a roll.  This important message brought to you by the one and only Angus McLean ’16:

Do you want Wes to practice what it preaches? Join the fight for fossil fuel divestment! Whether you’re a dancer, an econ major, or just someone who is generally concerned about the future stop by and learn how we can make a feasible and formidable difference by responsibly shifting our investments away from the most powerful and dangerous industry on Earth.