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WESU: DJ Training Info Session

From the lovely, but apparently anti-baby, Ben Goldberg ’17:

Want to be part of one of the oldest student radio stations in Connecticut? Join WESU, Wesleyan University’s community radio station, open to both students and community members. You can host a show about music, politics, art, film, activism, and more!

If you’re interested in joining the station, we will be hosting an info session this Thursday, September 24th, at 7:15pm in PAC002!

All are welcome (except for babies, they are unfortunately no longer allowed).

Date: Thursday, September 24
Time: 7:15-8:00pm
Place: PAC 002

DJ Kilbourne ’14 Makes a Splash (get it?) with The Club Giant Squid Mixtape

Kilbourne cover

This has been floating around for a few weeks now, but we thought we should get it up here too.

Ashe Kilbourne ’14, the DJ who goes by the name “Kilbourne,” dropped The Club Giant Squid mixtape recently as an exclusive release on ClubTapes.com, a subsidiary of LiveMixtapes.com. So far, Kilbourne, who produces mostly Philly Club music, has racked up almost five thousand hits on the site, and also comments like “COOL HAIR” and “turnt.”

The Club Giant Squid includes a sweet remix of “Fantastic Baby” and also Kilbourne’s hyper take on Diplo and Nicky Da B’s “Express Yourself.” You’ll also find some Skrillex samples if ya pay attention. The whole thing kinda bangs.  It’s a fun listen.

Kilbourne also played two showcases at SXSW (South by South WES, ha!) two weeks ago, where they played with Zebra Katz of “Ima Read” fame. So that’s also pretty cool.

After the jump, check out the video for Kilbourne’s remix of “Fantastic Baby,” as well as the teaser for the mixtape. Check out the whole thing HERE.

Lee ’13 aka IGBEE Drops a Hot New Trap Song

It's a ballerina.

Last we heard from Brewster Lee ’13, the DJ who’s been going by IGBEE and used to be going by Paradise Stomp, he had dropped the very chill and very good SYZYGY EP. But now IGBEE is giving us “Twirl,” a trappy song for people who like stuff like TNGHT and some samples that sound like they’re from old Mario games. It’s tagged as “WOOZY” on soundcloud, so if you dig WOOZY things, you’ll dig this too.

It’s pretty sweet. Stream it below.

For more IGBEE, read his feature on Waves (the Wes music site that doesn’t get enough attention), and definitely peep his other recent track, “V^LLEYS,” for some haunting murkiness.

BandCampWes: IGBEE drops his SYZYGY EP

Brewster Lee ’13, formerly known as the DJ Paradise Stomp (maybe ya caught him at Titanium a few times, eh?), has just put out his first release under his new IGBEE moniker. Flying under the hashtags #SPACEFRILLS and #NEONLOVE, the EP is connected with the Truth and Not Knowing Collective, which features other artists such as Chaz VanQueen, Obey City, Miss Vanilla, and Bastille (one half of which is Michael Ullman ’12).

The SYZYGY EP, pronounced “SIZ-AH-JEE” according to the BandCamp page, has three tracks. I’ll let the man himself introduce them to you because he did make them, after all:

The first track (Stereo Bliss) is from last year and is the song featured in this video. The second track (B SLIQ) is made up entirely (minus the 808 Kick Drum) of  natural “field recorded” noises in the Middletown area (MIDDLETOWN? COOL!). The third is a remix of an already beautiful song by the legendary Regina Belle.

There you have it, folks. I just gave this thing a listen while doing some work, which is something YOU too could do! Or bang it while you hang out with your chill friends and do chill things. Or even with your not so chill friends and it’ll be a cool vibe! For serious, it’s nice. Stream/download it out below or here. Also check out the video for “Stereo Bliss” after the jump.

DJ Crook$hanks Gives Mix Addicts their Fix with New August Mix

You’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting. We’ve all been waiting. But thankfully, our trembling arms that pine so hard that intravenous needle full of our drug of choice (DJ mixes) can rest easily as we get our fix and feel this overwhelming euphoria flowing through our veins while casually avoiding an overdose.

DJ Crook$hanks’ August Mix has dropped. And it features album artwork that a reverse Google image search has led me to believe depicts a young Terry Melcher and his mother Doris Day.

All loving joking aside, this month’s mix from the prolific Wesleyan DJ and in-every-band musician, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, arrived a few days ago and is filled with many things I haven’t heard of but also names I recognize like Ginuwine and Boys Noise. It’s already received comments like, “dope,” “Solid!!!,” and “great work by Crook$hanks this August Mix is so good.” Blast this one at your next party, freshmen.

Stream below, and check out each one of Crook$hanks’ past mixes from the year herehereherehereherehere, and here. Tracklisting after the jump.

Kilbourne ’14 Contributes DJ Mix to DIS Magazine

Look closely and there's a wedding going on.

Today in Wesleyan DJ news, or recently I guess, our own Jason Kilbourne ’14, who DJs under the moniker Kilbourne and is playing this awesomely titled event tonight in Bed-Stuy with LE1F and more, has contributed a new mix to DIS Magazine’s disco series (which has featured past mixes from acts like Salem, NGUZUNGUZU, Venus X, Pictureplane, and Teengirl Fantasy).

Kilbourne, who interned at Mad Decent this summer and is a swell person, writes that the mix is about “taking bath salts I guess, specifically at a wedding, musically it’s about the overlap between Philly Club Music and Hardstyle/Hardcore/Jumpstyle/Etc. or NrG music.”

Some more info from Kilbourne, who knows more about dance music genres than you do (or I do), after the jump:

DJ Crook$hanks Emails Me His New Mix JUST IN TIME

A little young to be driving, DON'T YOU THINK SO!?!?!?!?!

Hi kids. How’s that summer treating you? Me too, me too.

Anyway, Wesleyan “in every band” musician and hardworking DJ, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, also known as Crook$hanks has been putting out a mix every month this year, each consisting of songs he’s been rully vibin’ to around the time of the releases.

Today’s the end of July, and some of us feared that Crook$hanks had slipped from his release regiment. Were we supposed to go an entire month without dancin’ and groovin’ to a new $hanks mix? This morning at 1:30 AM, Wesleying’s own Zach texted me with his own concerns: “If you don’t post the Crook$hanks mix today, something really bad is gonna happen.”

Luckily, Mr. $hanks emailed me the new mix and all the info at 9:58 tonight!

DJ Crook$hanks Gets June Mix Up Just In Time

Rounding out the first half of his yearlong (?) monthly mix series, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, aka the Wes DJ Crook$hanks, has just released his latest monthly mix. This one is called “The June Mix” for some reason.

As usual, the mix includes the stuff he’s been feelin’ this past month. As usual, I haven’t heard of almost any of these, but that’s why these mixes exist, right?

But check this out! This month the mix includes two Crook$hanks originals, including the recently dropped “Jackhouse” track, “Swaggerjacked.” So that’s pretty cool.

Play this stuff while you think about vintagey pictures of girls in trunks of cars. That’s what the whole thing is evoking for me. Can’t figure out why.

Stream below and check out the old mixes herehereherehere, and here (that’s six so far!). Tracklisting after the jump.

Crook$hanks’ May Mix Came Out… In May, We Promise

A few days late on this one, but ubiquitous Wes musician and recent pop star Adrien DeFontaine ’13, aka prolific DJ Crook$hanks, has released his latest in a series of monthly mixes consisting of jamz he’s been digging lately. You can bump this all summer while you think about its cool album art with the amusement park at night.

The new one’s got a remix of Usher’s Climax that original producer Diplo worked on, so that’s something!

Stream below and check out the old mixes here, here, here, and here. Tracklisting after the jump.

Rock and R&B, Entry One: “Stereo Bliss”

Our first Rock and R&B (MUSC108) project submission comes from #NAPSTER (Brewster Lee ’13 and Pat Newman ’14), who filmed a music video for “Stereo Bliss” by Paradise Stomp, Lee’s own DJ project. According to Aural Wes, Paradise Stomp’s musical interests include MTV Jams, Pink Floyd founding vocalist Syd Barrett, and “body moving, foot stomping, obnoxiously loud beats seasoned with a tinge of paradise.” Go figure.

The video, which features a whole lot of bright colors and sullen smoking in a Butts single, was filmed by Newman and edited by Newman and Lowell Wood ’12. It stars Gus Gregor ’14.

For memorable previous MUSC108 projects, check out “Waka Flocka Sheep,” “King of Rock and R&B,” and “What’s the Difference.” Send us more projects! Email them to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with a bit of explanatory info.