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Crook$hanks is back with another monthly mix

Another month, another mix

Just in time for May, Wesleyan DJ and prolific mix-maker Crook$hanks (Adrien DeFontaine ’13) has finally delivered his April mix of songs he’s been bumpin’ all month long. This time around, we have viral queer rap favorite “Ima Read,” a fantastic remix of my boy Drizzy’s “I’m On One” by $hanks-favorite Unicorn Kid, and a whole bunch of other good stuff for you to check out.

Stream below and click the jump for for the tracklisting. Previous mixes here, here, and here. Thank you $hanks God.

Bastille Drops Intimacy- and Sexuality-Themed Track, Irking Some Social Conservatives

Just in time for bar night, Mullman ’12 and Julien Benichou have dropped a deuce on the Wesleyan electronic scene. (Wait, that probably didn’t sound too nice.) Bastille‘s latest, “One Night Love Affair“,  has only the most bass of intentions – to produce dancing wherever it may be played. Credit where it’s due, folks: you’ve probably made out to these guys more than once. Click the huge-ass condom above and score some free tunes!

There’s also a video. I’ll be real for a sec, though – this looks more like a temporary thing than a love affair, IMO. I put my money on the couple below breaking up because they only ever get to see each other at loading docks:

More fucking stuff after the jump.

Crookhanks changes name to Crook$hanks for second monthly mix

Right now, I’m saying “party rapper Crank$haft was sick last night. :(” But after tonight, you’ll be saying, “party rapper Crank$haft was sick last night!” Am I right?!

That’s right, folks – the Croak$hocks mix for the month of February has finally dropped. I haven’t listened to it yet, but people who did have been  quoted saying “This is HUGE”. What can you do about it? Listen! Download! Listen to more Crack$hack, like the January mix!

Like tracks?  Enjoy lists? Do you like to concatenate strings representing things you appreciate? Click through the jump for the output of the above function!

Crook$hanks Releases First of Mix Series

Electronic DJ and producer Crook$hanks (Adrien DeFontaine ’13) has just released the first in a series of monthly electronic music mixes. If you’ve seen Crook DJ various parties around campus, including several spots at Psi U and the Grotto, you have an idea of what to expect. This is not music for laptop speakers.

The mix covers a variety of styles, including baltimore club, ghettotech, house, and rap– appealing to a wide audience of electro lovers. Note: this is not a mix of original material (although there is one Crook$hanks re-edit), but a compilation of artists and songs that Crook$hanks “thinks are cool.”

The mix is dedicated to the artist formerly known as Guido Suave (Ethan Cohen ’13), who inspired Crook to start DJing. Suave has since retired his DJ hat. 

Download the mix at Crook’s soundcloud. If that doesn’t work for some reason, there’s a rapidshare.

Track list after the jump.